Master Jai was a minor character who appeared in Mortal Kombat: Conquest series in the episode entitled “Immortal kombat”. He was portrayed by Ben Lin.


Master Jai was a monk who served in the Temple of the Order of Light. After one of the monk killed by dark powers of sorcery Kung Lao and him investigated about the murderer. They figured out the water was potioned in Kung Lao's sack and the monk drank from it.

They then realized that Siro and Taja have the water sack and were probably drinking the remainder of the potion that caused the monk to age into oblivion–and will do the same to them.

Master Jai told Kung Lao of a woman, Omegis, a sorceress who has defeated mortality and can reverse Shang Tsung’s potion. Unfortunately, warned, Omegis is a friend to no one and only serves her own desires.

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