Master Hwang was a minor character who appeared in Mortal Kombat: Conquest series in the episode entitled “Immortal kombat”. He was prtrayed by Atilano Bernardo David.


Master Hwang was an old monk who served in the Temple of the Order of Light. Kung Lao took Siro and Taja to the temple for some meditation and reflection. What Siro and Taja discover after some reflection is that this isn’t for them and they decide to leave Kung Lao and head back to the trading post.

As they were leaving the post, and Master Hwang notices a water sack hanging on a post, and assuming it’s theirs runs after Taja and Siro to gave them the sack. The monk drank some of the water before he gave it to them. The sack, as it turns out, is Kung Lao’s, but his friends took it anyway.

Than Hwang returned to the Temple and died shortly thereafter. As the other monks were preparing his body for burial, it continued to age and disintegrate until there is nothing left except a pile of dust. It was clear to the other monks that the dark powers of sorcery were at work.

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