Magda was a minor character who appeared in Mortal Kombat: Conquest series in episodes entitled “Quan Chi” and “Twisted Truth”. She was portrayed by Dorian John.


Magda was a barmaid in one of Zhu Zin's bar and the lover of Siro. After Quan Chi gave to Siro a potion which masked all of his good qualities and enormously magnified his shortcomings. Siro became an obnoxious drunk who browbeated with Magda. After they broke the spell. He asked Magda forgiveness and than their continued their romance.

One night, a traveller named: Tomas came to Zhu Zin and her colleague died shortly after. Few day later se also killed in the night. Everybody was suspicious of Tomas, but later Kung Lao realized that it was Reptile who killed Magda and her colleague.

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