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The Lower Mines is a location and an arena in Outworld.


This location within some mines (possibly the Cobalt Mines of Shokan) was used to help gather ore in the forging of weapons for Outworld. The cliffside arena lies on the outer edge of the Golden Desert. Centuries ago, giant caverns were dug into the mountainside where statues were placed. A new community came here after the deep water well sprung, creating an oasis.

The Lower Mines are pretty much exactly what they sound like. The first starts underground in what resembles a cave/mine.

To the kombatants' left is a huge mechanical dragon-like beast's head with rows upon rows of sharp teeth; its mouth opens and closes as the fighters battle it out. A Death Trap occurs if the opponent is knocked into this mechanical head.

To the left and right of the dragon head are wooden structures used to help the miners; numerous walkways can be seen going up and down the walls.

Also on the left is a wooden fence. If the player or the opponent is knocked into this fence, it will break, then the person will fall to the lower portion of the mines. This area of the mines resembles the upper area, except there are two more Death Traps down here.

Directly behind the fighter who took the fall is a gigantic steel rock crusher; the player or the opponent can be knocked into this for a Death Trap that smashes them. The area fought in is surrounded by a small black fence, behind which a massive furnace can be seen. Behind the character who jumps down after the other was hit through the fence is a steep drop-off to a fire pit. Behind this fire pit are conveyor belts moving rocks, eventually depositing them into this fire pit.

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