Living Towers is a new mode introduced in Mortal Kombat X. It requires an online connection in order to play.

About the Living Towers

The Living Towers are similar to the "Challenge Tower" from Mortal Kombat (2011). It features challenges that the player is able to play through for rewards. Each challenge can include modifiers that change the gameplay.

However, unlike Mortal Kombat (2011)'s Challenge Tower mode, the Living Towers' challenges change after a certain amount of time. There are three separate towers, all with unique challenges awaiting.

  • "Hourly" Tower - a tower that changes every hour.
  • "Daily" Tower - a tower that changes every day.
  • "Premier" Tower - In this tower, a new theme is given and changed to it every six days or so. Finishing it will unlock icons and backgrounds usually based off of the theme.

Players are able to earn points by completing said challenges. Players are also able to complete additional objectives that are set for the tower they are playing on. There are three different types of side-objectives: Bronze (easy), Silver (medium), and Gold (hard). The harder the difficulty the more experience the player gets.

The rewards players earn by playing Living Towers are coins, Modifiers for gameplay, and icons and such to customize your kombat kard.


Modifiers change the gameplay in challenges featured in the Living Towers. There are many different modifiers that challenges can have. See Kustom Kombat for more information on modifiers.


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