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Liu Kang's Tomb made its premiere in Mortal Kombat Deception. The tomb is located in a nearby wood next to the Wu Shi Academy in Earthrealm.


This tomb is where the noble Shaolin warrior Liu Kang is preserved after he was killed by the Deadly Alliance. The masters of the Wu Shi Academy had his body carefully preserved and hidden deep in the nearby forest, away from the forces of evil. Academy students come to Liu Kang's Tomb periodically for retreats and meditations on their lessons. Four medallions showing his four Mortal Kombat victories are displayed above the eternal flame of his memory.

The tomb was later desecrated by a corrupted Raiden, who had become angry at how Earthrealm has fallen into danger so many times. He robbed Liu Kang's body and resurrected it as his personal enforcer. The Shaolin Monks who come to his tomb are later mercilessly slaughtered by his body.

This arena is just a straight up, normal round arena with no death traps or lower levels, that features a weapon called Quadspade that can be picked up.


  • The theme of the stage was confirmed to be a "funeral song" for Liu Kang, which was created by Dan Forden. This caused him to make this song because he was saddened of Liu Kang's death, during the aftermath of Deadly Alliance.
  • The four Mortal Kombat medals are the number of Liu Kang's victories over the first four Mortal Kombat games, despite the fact that only the first two games actually involved tournaments, while the latter two were against Earthrealm invasions by Shao Kahn and Shinnok.
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