Mortal Kombat X

After Mileena had possession of Shinnok's amulet, she leveled entire villages using its power. Facing certain death if she stayed, Li Mei led her people to Earthrealm to seek asylum.

Li Mei was then brought in by Sonya Blade and Raiden for questioning. She told them about Mileena's new power and lack of control over it, which Raiden suspected was Shinnok's amulet. Sonya then sent her daughter, Cassie Cage and her team to talk to Kotal Kahn to get confirmation of this information.

After a few wise cracks from Johnny Cage, Li Mei mentions how he reminds her of an Earthrealmer who had a red eye who traveled with her. Sonya and Johnny immediately recognize the man as Kano and order a sweep of the camp. Once he was found and defeated, Li Mei was informed of his defeat.

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