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Jedidiah "Jed" Sawyer, better known as Leatherface, is a cannibalistic Human serial killer known for his appearances in the cult-classic slasher film series The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A chainsaw-wielding cannibal, Leatherface's appearance as a hulking, faceless, power tool using killer helped establish many elements of the slasher genre while becoming one of the many iconic slasher villains in the horror genre.

Leatherface made his debut as a playable guest character in Mortal Kombat X through DLC as part of the Kombat Pack 2. Leatherface later reappears as a playable character in Mortal Kombat Mobile.

About Leatherface

Leatherface is the primary antagonist of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror film series in both the original and reboot/reimagined films. The character was inspired by real life murderer and body snatcher Ed Gein who would fashion trophies and keepsakes out of human flesh and bones.

Leatherface's name originates from his use of masks made from the skins of his and his family’s victims. While the reasoning behind this was unknown in the original films, in the reimagined films, the reasoning is due to facial deformities he experienced at a young age, therefore prompting him to make the masks. Later in the eighth film, Leatherface, which is set in the canonical continuity, this is due to sustaining injuries to his face by a corrupt police officer.

Leatherface's birth name and origins have fluctuated over the course of series. In the original series, his name is Bubba Sawyer, his parents being Anne Sawyer and his grandfather, who would frequently rape his mother, spawning his many siblings, including his eldest brother Drayton. In the canonical series, he is again born into an incestuous and murderous family, named Jedidiah Sawyer, with his mother being Verna Sawyer and his father being Drayton, this time changing him to his uncle. The incest idea was abandoned in the rebooted films, and instead has Leatherface being adopted by a murderous family instead. His name in this continuity is Thomas Brown Hewitt, with his backstory being completely changed. The cannibalism concept is still present in this continuity.

In almost every depiction, Leatherface uses a chainsaw and mallet to dispatch his victims with great effect, dismembering or bludgeoning his victims before they can get away. In the canonical series, his choice of using a chainsaw was because of his mother Verna and a mallet simply because of being a butcher for the family. The rebooted series shows his choice of the chainsaw being out of revenge of the slaughterhouse owner that left him for dead after his biological mother died giving birth to him, using it after killing the owner. His use of the mallet comes from working at the same slaughterhouse his mother died in.

Leatherface has also been featured in comic books. These feature a continuity of the 2003 films and even crossovers with other fellow horror icons such as Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Leatherface's crossover with Jason was their first encounter before their encounter in Mortal Kombat X but they have not yet encountered each other in the realm of film.


Leatherface's appearance takes visual inspiration from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, with his variation's attire being dependent on the variation being used at the time.

In Leatherface's Killer Variation, Leatherface wears a plaid shirt with a dark blue tie and an apron being worn on top of the shirt. Leatherface's mask is pale in color and only his mouth can be seen underneath the mask. This appearance is based off his outfit from his first appearance in the original 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

In Leatherface's Pretty Lady Variation, Leatherface wears a blue suit with minor splashes of blood. Leatherface's mask is pale white coated in lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow with his eyes and mouth being visible underneath, an appearance directly taken from the ending of the original 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

In Leatherface's Butcher Variation, this appearance is taken directly from the 2003 remake The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leatherface wears a red shirt with blood visible on the shoulders with a dark blue tie and a butcher's apron being worn on top of the shirt. Leatherface's mask looks visibly rotten with tears all over the mask, Leatherface's eyes and mouth can be seen underneath.

Leatherface cannot be unmasked, even during Fatalities that cause his face to fall off, the mask remains on. Through hacking, it is possible to view Leatherface without his mask on, with his face being slightly different between his three variations. All three resemble a slightly overweight middle aged, bald man with rotting teeth along with a completely missing nose, an appearance that takes inspiration from the 2003 reboot series. For the Killer and Pretty Lady variation, his skin is pale with light scarring or skin deformities while in the Butcher, his skin is dirtier and appears to have similar scarring or deformities along with black spots around his eye sockets and grey irises. With the exception of Goro, the Predator, and Tremor, Leatherface is prominently taller than the other Mortal Kombat X characters, equaling Jason Voorhees in height.


  • Mortal Kombat X: The Sawyer clan of Newt, Texas was unusual for sure. And they weren't always the nicest. So it came as no surprise when Leatherface's brothers told him he couldn't come home again until he brought back the best chili meat he could find. But how would Leatherface know it was the best unless he tried everything? He took his chainsaw and his favorite "masks" and headed off. Leatherface ended up in a lot of strange places. Not long ago he walked through a glowing, spinning purple doorway and found himself in a crazy city called "Zonkera" or something. There was now plenty of strange meat to try. So far, Kytinn was his favorite.

Combat Characteristics

Powers and Abilities

Although Leatherface possesses no superhuman powers or abilities, he does seem to have incredible strength, being able to effortlessly swing and toss a chainsaw around with the littlest of ease. Due to being a butcher, he also utilizes a mallet, able to stun and bludgeon his opponents with little to no effort. Despite the supernatural nature of it, Leatherface's chainsaw returns to him when he throws or loses it, however this is simply a gameplay mechanic.

Signature Moves

  • Psycho Kutter: Leatherface grabs his chainsaw and swings it overhead into the opponent's shoulder, then removes it. The attack is capable of striking airborne opponents, whether this being from a combo or the opponent jumping at Leatherface. (MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Psycho Slasher, which armors Leatherface and has him impaling the chainsaw into the opponent's chest after removing it from their shoulder for increased damage.
  • Spinning Saw: Using his chainsaw, Leatherface spins around maniacally, hitting the opponent twice and knocking them away. (MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Spin-Sanity, which adds a third strike with the chainsaw, an uppercut, that launches the opponent in the air for a juggle and deals increased damage. When blocked by the opponent, this attack creates pushback, however Leatherface is still vulnerable if the opponent blocks the attack.
  • High Saw: Leatherface uses his chainsaw to strike his opponent's upper body area or strike them out of the air, acting as an anti-air attack. This can offer a brief extension of combos or when used in the corner offers greater extensions. (MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called High Grinder, which deals more damage, can be performed faster, and has Leatherface recover from the attack faster. Leatherface can also continue combos if the attack successfully hits in some instances when on the ground in addition to juggling opponents in the air. The enhanced version gives a greater opportunity to juggle the opponent as opposed to the original version.
  • Chain Sparks: Leatherface stakes his chainsaw into the ground, creating sparks that blinds the opponent, stunning them and setting them up for a free hit. When stunning an airborne, or juggled opponent, it re-stands the opponent. (MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Ground Sparks, which deals no extra damage, but has Leatherface grind his chainsaw a bit longer before he moves his chainsaw forward. Leatherface has the option to cancel the attack before he slides forward or can choose to slide forward earlier.
  • Low Saw: Leatherface charges at his opponent by striking them in the legs with his chainsaw, knocking them off their feet. (MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Low Grinder, which gives Leatherface armor, deals increased damage and knocks the opponent to the ground.
  • Berserker Stance: Leatherface grabs his chainsaw and revs it up in a ready position. Follow-up attacks can be used based on a button input: (MKX - Killer Variation)
    • When Leatherface either pulls out the chainsaw or starts up one of the follow-up attacks, his chainsaw can destroy and/or cancel most incoming projectiles, should they come in contact with the chainsaw.
      • Exit Berserker: While in Berserker Stance, Leatherface has the option to simply put his chainsaw away, exiting the stance. This can also be used while in his other stances.
      • Running Frenzy: Leatherface runs at his opponent with his chainsaw over his head. He then plants the chainsaw into his opponent's shoulder should the attack connect, and drives it down deeper into the hip area. This attack is unblockable and can also be canceled before it hits. This attack has a rare chance of striking airborne opponents. Leatherface is completely vulnerable while running with his chainsaw.
        • Leatherface can enhance the attack as he saws his opponent, digging it deeper into the opponent for even more damage.
      • Psycho Rush: Leatherface runs at his opponent, his chainsaw ready to stake his opponent. After impaling his opponent, he lifts them up, chainsaw still functioning, then removes the chainsaw. Leatherface can travel full-screen distance with this attack. This attack can also act as an anti-air in some instances and can be canceled at anytime before it connects with the opponent. The attack creates a considerable amount of pushback if it is blocked by the opponent.
        • Leatherface can enhance the attack while impaling the opponent, which has him bounce the opponent and impale them again, and after he removes his chainsaw, he bounces the opponent one final time, dealing increased damage and allowing for extended combos.
      • No Escape: Leatherface spins his chainsaw overhead, moving forwards as he does so, striking the opponent three times whether the attack is blocked or not. This attack can also re-stand the opponent, however this only occurs if the final strike connects. The attack creates considerable chip damage when blocked. This attack cannot be cancelled once it is started.
        • Leatherface can enhance this attack, which has him grind the back of the opponents head before plunging it into their stomach for over double the damage. Leatherface recovers much faster than the opponent when the attack is enhanced. The attack can only be enhanced if the third strike connects and if the opponent blocks the attack, Leatherface will only deliver the third strike but will create pushback. Leatherface is also safe if the opponent blocks the attack when it is enhanced.
  • Gut Slice: Leatherface grabs his chainsaw and immediately impales the opponent in the side and continues to cut his opponent vertically across the waist. This replaces Spinning Saw for the Butcher Variation. (MKX - Butcher Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Gut Gash, which has armor and has Leatherface cut the opponent deeper and longer, dealing increased damage.
  • Mallet Strike: Leatherface leaps at the opponent with his mallet in hand, striking their head and knocking them down. When blocked, this attack creates massive pushback. Leatherface is also safe when the attack is blocked. Leatherface is vulnerable when charging, but the window for attacking is small. (MKX - Butcher Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Mallet Slam, which does more damage and launches the opponent into the air, allowing for a juggle. The attack no longer produces pushback when enhanced, nor is Leatherface safe when the attack is blocked at the expense of the increased damage and juggle bonus.
  • Skull Smash: Leatherface grabs his opponent and uses his mallet to strike their head, causing them to stumble backwards. This can be used to re-stand the opponent. (MKX - Butcher Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Skull Fracture, granting armor and has Leatherface hitting his opponent's head an additional time, knocking them down rather than re-standing them and dealing double the original damage. When enhanced, the attack will connect on standing opponents during a combo.
  • Blood Bath: Leatherface lunges his chainsaw forward and impales his opponent with his chainsaw, where he picks the opponent up on the chainsaw and starts it up, causing damage to the opponent before ripping it out, forcing the opponent to the ground. Leatherface is capable of lunging forward halfway across the arena. (MKX - Butcher Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Slaughter House, in which Leatherface is armored, and pulls his opponent deeper into the chainsaw when they are impaled, screaming in their face as the chainsaw is dug deeper into their body before finally kicking them away, dealing increased damage.
  • Saw Toss: Leatherface grabs and throws his chainsaw vertically at his opponent. This attack can also be used in the air, called Air Saw Toss, respectively. This attack can miss ducking opponents. (MKX - Pretty Lady Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Saw Throw, which has Leatherface throw his chainsaw over his head instead of vertically, which strikes the opponent twice for increased damage and increases its hitbox. It also allows, for a very brief moment, a juggle; otherwise it knocks the opponent away. When used in the corner of an arena, the opponent will only be struck by a single hit from the flying chainsaw, reducing both the damage and juggle effect of the attack.
  • Up Saw Toss: Leatherface grabs and throws his chainsaw diagonally upward, striking the opponent's face. It can also be thrown to strike airborne opponents. It can also offer a very brief extension for combos in some instances. (MKX - Pretty Lady Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Up Saw Throw, which has Leatherface throw his chainsaw over his head, striking the opponent twice to deal increased damage and launching the opponent upward with the chainsaw, juggling the opponent. Leatherface is also extremely safe when the attack is blocked. When used in the corner of an arena, the opponent will only be struck by a single hit from the flying chainsaw, reducing both the damage and juggle effect of the attack. Up Saw Throw will not connect on standing female characters during a combo due to their hitbox, unless they are already airborne.
  • Low Saw Toss: Leatherface grabs and throws his chainsaw vertically at the opponent at a low angle, striking their shins, causing them to stumble backwards. When Leatherface hunches over to throw the chainsaw, he is capable of dodging incoming projectiles. (MKX - Pretty Lady Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Low Saw Throw, which deals increased damage and knocks the opponent off their feet.
  • Air Down Saw Toss: While in the air, Leatherface grabs and throws his chainsaw in a downward, diagonal fashion towards his opponent, striking their body. (MKX - Pretty Lady Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Air Down Saw Throw, which deals increased damage and knocks the opponent off their feet. The attack knocks back the opponent full-screen distance.


  • Blood 'n' Guts: Leatherface hits the opponent first with the end of his chainsaw, then impales them in the chest, breaking several ribs and the sternum. While the opponent is still on the chainsaw, Leatherface uses his mallet and strikes it onto the back of the opponent's skull, completely destroying it. Finally, Leatherface stomps onto the back of the opponent's body, driving their body deeper into the chainsaw, breaking the spine. He then pulls it out effortlessly. (MKX)

Other Moves

  • Throw: Leatherface grabs his chainsaw and drives it into the opponent's chest before yanking it out and slicing their throat with it, causing them to fall backwards. (MKX)
  • Mallet: While in the Butcher Variation, Leatherface gains unique combos utilizing his mallet. Additionally, some of his basic attacks and combos will be altered from their original to incorporate his mallet. (MKX - Butcher Variation)
  • Knockout: Leatherface simply smacks the opponent in the head with his mallet, leaving them dazed. This move acts as a soft stun, allowing for continued combos for a brief moment after it connects. Using this attack twice on a standing opponent will end the current combo unless a special attack is used. This replaces the Knockout version of the attack used in his other variations while in the Butcher variation. (MKX - Butcher Variation)
  • Gut Bash: Leatherface strikes his opponent in the stomach with his mallet. This basic attack will re-stand his opponent while juggling them. Leatherface can also perform follow-up attacks after using this basic attack; (MKX - Butcher Variation)
    • Torturous Ways: Leatherface trips his opponent with a second mallet strike, knocking them off their feet.
    • Spilling Blood: Leatherface uppercuts the opponent with a second mallet strike that knocks them in the air for extended combos.
  • Unnamed Sweep: Leatherface trips his opponent with a sweep of his leg. This sweep can only be performed if Leatherface's chainsaw is not available to use. (MKX - Pretty Lady Variation)


  • Seeing Double: Leatherface impales the opponent through the abdomen with his chainsaw and starts it up. Leatherface proceeds to lift the opponent up with said chainsaw causing it to cut through the opponent. When the opponent is cut through, the opponent's upper half splits in half. (MKX)
  • Hook And Sinker: Leatherface bashes the opponent in the head with his mallet, causing the opponent to fall down, then hooks their mouth with a nearby hook. When hanged, Leatherface cuts across the opponent's abdomen with his chainsaw, causing the lower half of their body to fall to the ground and the upper half to hang from the hook. (MKX)


  • Country-Fried: Leatherface performs his Throw, destroying the opponent's abdominal area when he plunges his chainsaw in their chest before decapitating them with his chainsaw. (MKX)
  • Butcher Block: Leatherface performs his X-Ray, killing the opponent instantly when he strikes them with his mallet. The opponent's corpse lays on the still running chainsaw as Leatherface performs his Brutality Victory Pose. (MKX)
  • Half Slab: Leatherface performs a Berserk Stance then performs a Running Frenzy that cuts his opponent vertically in half from the head to the waist. (MKX - Killer Variation)
  • The Tenderizer: Leatherface performs either a Skull Smash or Skull Fracture, striking the opponent with so much force their eye balls fly out the front of their face. Leatherface continues to mercilessly beat the opponent over the head with his mallet, forcing them to the ground where they beg him to stop, only for him to deliver two more strikes, finally killing them. (MKX - Butcher Variation)
  • Trimming The Fat: Leatherface performs a Saw Toss that lodges his chainsaw through the opponent's chest as they fall to their knees. (MKX - Pretty Lady Variation)


  • Mortal Kombat X: "Leatherface had cut down the old man in the strange outfit. Maybe now that he was dead, the pretty yellow haired gum chewing girl would notice Leatherface. Putting on his fanciest "mask", Leatherface found the army camp where the pretty girl could be found most days. He had to cut through a few guards and more than a few of her friends to get to her, but it was worth it. He pulled out the old man's face, which he'd saved for the girl as a present. The girl didn't want the present. And she wasn't being nice. So Leatherface chopped her into tiny pieces for Drayton to use in his chili. He then took off his mask and set to work on the girl's face. If she wasn't going to be his girlfriend, she could be his in other ways."



  • Leatherface is the third slasher film guest character to be featured in the Mortal Kombat series and overall, he is the fourth horror movie guest character featured in the series.
  • Leatherface is one of the few guest characters in the series to be alive rather than undead and the only slasher guest character thus far to be alive as opposed to being Revenants.
  • Leatherface is the first purely human guest character featured in the series after The Joker and Rambo. He is also the first human guest character to not have been returned from the dead in one way or another, the others again being the Joker and Rambo.
  • Similar to Freddy Krueger in Mortal Kombat (2011), Leatherface does not speak, but only yells and screams when he attacks and/or is attacked by an opponent.
  • Leatherface's real name has changed throughout the films, one name is considered canon and the others are non-canon. The non-canon names include Bubba Sawyer and Thomas Brown Hewitt, with the canon name being Jedidiah Sawyer at the time of Mortal Kombat X's release.
    • Although Leatherface's first name isn't mentioned, there are multiple references to Leatherface's last name "Sawyer", such as in Leatherface's bio, the mention of Drayton Sawyer in Leatherface's Arcade ending, and during interactions with Sub-Zero and Shinnok.
      • Additionally, Drayton, Nubbins, and Grandpa Sawyer appear in Mortal Kombat Mobile as one of his Support Cards.
    • With release of the 2022 film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it is unknown what Leatherface's real name is, as film maker Fede Álvarez stated that while the film is a sequel to the original 1974 film, it does not entirely ignore the other films in the series, thus leaving his canonical name up to question.
  • Leatherface's Victory Pose when defeating an opponent without a Fatality or Brutality consists of the character revving up his chainsaw and swinging it around maniacally. This is a reference to the ending of the original film, with Leatherface furiously flailing his chainsaw after failing to recapture Sally. Fans have since dubbed Leatherface's mannerism as the "chainsaw dance".
  • Leatherface's second Fatality may be a reference to Kenny's death in Texas Chainsaw. Leatherface placed him on a meat hook and proceeded to walk away. When Kenny attempted to grab him, Leatherface responded by cutting him across the abdomen with his chainsaw.
  • Leatherface's Killer and Pretty Lady outfits are both from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre film, with the Killer one being in the first half, and the Pretty Lady outfit near the ending. The Butcher outfit is from the 2003 remake.
  • The name of Leatherface's Hook and Sinker Fatality is a pun on the phrase "hook, line and sinker".

Mortal Kombat X

  • Leatherface is one of two guest characters in MKX to visibly kill Shinnok in his ending, the first was the Predator.
  • Leatherface has the highest damaging unblockable attack in MKX, dealing 14% and can be enhanced to 22%, if Bo' Rai Cho's X-Ray is excluded.
  • Leatherface is the only character with button inputs of 1/X/Square and 2/Y/Triangle only in his main combo list. Kick attack combos are completely absent with the exception of his basic attacks.
  • Leatherface is one of two characters whose appearance is entirely changed based on which variation is selected. The other is Triborg.
    • While all the other characters receive a minor appearance change to identify which variation is being used, Leatherface's entire appearance is altered, even to the point where the outfit of his variations could be considered additional character skins.
  • Raiden and Shinnok are the only characters to refer to him as "Leatherface".
    • Alternate dialogue has Shinnok refer to him as "Mr. Sawyer" as well.
      • Shinnok is the only character to refer to Leatherface by two different names.
      • Additionally, Leatherface is the first and only guest character in which Shinnok refers to by two different names.
    • Sub-Zero is also aware of Leatherface's heritage, stating "The Sawyer Clan will fall."
    • Bo' Rai Cho will comically say that his "Face is like Leather."
  • While previewing Leatherface in the Kollection or in the selection screen, selecting his variationless form turns his shirt black and his mask and apron yellow, but when his variationless form is selected for a fight, during the match it will show the appearance as his Killer variation. Why this is is currently unknown.
  • While he stands shorter in the selection menu, during a match, Leatherface is oddly the same height as Jason Voorhees. For an unknown reason, however, his Butcher Variation is shorter while in a match (See Errors).
  • Leatherface is one of five characters whose voice will not be mimicked by the Predator, instead, the Predator will do its signature laugh. The other four are Jason, Triborg, Alien and the Predator in a mirror match.
  • Leatherface is one of the few characters to retain a majority of his special moves and combos in his variationless form. His Killer variation is identical to his variationless form, gaining one special move.
  • Leatherface is one of two characters with three or more Victory Poses after a Brutality, the other is Triborg.
  • Leatherface is one of the few characters whose fighting style is altered by the addition or removal of a weapon.
  • Leatherface is one of two characters with a soft stun attack. The first is Jason Voorhees.

Mortal Kombat Mobile

  • Before the introduction of Sub-Classes, Leatherface's Nightmare Card was originally called Pretty Lady, based on the same variation from Mortal Kombat X, however, the card never utilizes his chainsaw in the same manner as the variation from MKX.
    • Additionally, the card was originally a Gold Card and was obtained through Challenges.
  • While not undead, Leatherface is affiliated with the Netherrealm. This is likely due to him being a horror movie character as none of the other classes would fit him.
  • Leatherface's Rusty Chainsaw is one of the few weapons that reduce the cost of Special 2 attacks.


  • Similar to the Predator and its Wrist Blades, Leatherface's mallet will incorrectly swap sides when changing stances while playing his Butcher Variation.
  • When Leatherface performs his Hook And Sinker Fatality in any Variation except his Butcher Variation, his mallet appears out of thin air.
    • Additionally, after striking the opponent in the head during the Fatality, the mallet vanishes from his hands. This also happens in his Butcher variation.
      • The mallet disappears completely when performing it in his Butcher variation.
  • Leatherface is overweight, yet when he is skinned alive from the Predator's Skinned Alive Brutality, his body appears as the standard male body type. This also happens with Bo' Rai Cho.
  • Leatherface's arm clips into his mallet during gameplay while playing his Butcher Variation.
  • Leatherface is shorter than some characters when selecting him in the selection menu before a match. However during gameplay, Leatherface is significantly taller than a majority of the characters on the roster. Why this is currently unknown.
    • Due to this, as stated above (See Trivia), Leatherface is shorter than Jason Voorhees in the selection menu, but equals him in height during a match, making him one of the tallest characters on the roster.
  • When Leatherface performs his X-Ray Brutality in an online match, there is a chance that it will desynchronize the match in progress, ending the match prematurely.
  • There is an extremely rare glitch that Leatherface will have the appearance of his Killer Variation while the Butcher Variation is selected. How this occurs is currently unknown.
  • Despite each of his Variations having its own appearance, during a mirror match, one of the players will be forced to use his alternate color, regardless if the same Variation is chosen or not.
    • Example: Player 1 is Killer, but Player 2 is Pretty Lady and is with the alternate character color despite the completely different appearances.
  • Despite Leatherface's Mallet Strike being safe on block and have positive frames (+2), there is a chance the opponent can do a regular combo after blocking Mallet Strike despite the frame data.
  • Leatherface's teeth are incorrect when an X-Ray is used on him that damages his skull as he has missing and rotting teeth. However, this is simply a gameplay mechanic.
  • During an online match, Leatherface's Trimming the Fat Brutality has a half a second to register, making it seem like the chainsaw disappears for a split second before being impaled into the opponent's chest.
  • Leatherface can perform his The Tenderizer Brutality with the enhanced version even though the requirements in-game state that the regular version is required. This can only occur if the opponent's health is reduced to 0 when Leatherface connects the first mallet strike.
  • During Leatherface's win screen after a match, when he performs his Chainsaw Dance, the chain for the chainsaw can glitch and form a square around one of the sides of the blade.
  • Leatherface's chainsaw clips into his apron while the victim is hanging during his Hook And Sinker Fatality.
  • There is a rare chance that, after performing Leatherface's The Tenderizer Brutality, his Brutality Victory Pose will glitch, where he will perform the alternate head pound pose instead of staring directly forward. This also results in his mallet floating inside his hand and clipping through his fist as he pounds his head.



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