Yin Yang

The Yin Yang, logo of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu or Normal Kung Fu is a fighting style originating from Shaolin. Today there are over thousands of styles in Chinese Kung Fu.


Kung Fu is subdivided in hard/outer and soft/inner styles:

Hard styles (Outer Styles): All Kung Fu styles in which there is hard blocking, breaking, punching and kicking are mainly hard styles, there is not much of throwing or grappling in it, for example: Nan Quan, Sanda, San-Shou.

Soft styles (Inner styles): These styles use throwing kind of grappling and evading. Some of these soft styles even do not lecture fighting itself, they lecture people on how to get stronger and healthier in mental ways and about living without violence, for example: Tai Chi, Qi Kung.


In Kung Fu nearly every weapon is used, like in Shaolin. The most popular weapons are the Broadsword, the Tai Chi Sword, the Bamboo Staff or the Iron Lance.

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