Sub-Zero performing a Krushing Blow

A Krushing Blow is a special variation of a certain attack that benefits the user in various ways. Krushing Blows have key requirements in order to activate. They were introduced in Mortal Kombat 11.


When a Krushing Blow is successfully performed, the attack is zoomed in on with a special animation of bones breaking and organs being hit, akin to an X-Ray. The effect is triggered through requirements listed for various moves, combos or special attacks.

Different Krushing Blows have different effects, such as damage-over-time, popping up the opponent to start a kombo, or increasing the effect of the type of move while also increasing the overall damage as compared to the original. The damage of the Krushing Blow varies based on type, some producing slightly more damage compared to the original attack, and others doubling or even tripling the attack's original damage. Each Krushing Blow can only be performed once a match, each having their own unique requirements.

Every character shares a universal Krushing Blow, an uppercut which launches the opponent. This activates when used as a Punish or Kounter to High Attacks.

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