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I do not serve. I am a Titan.


—Kronika to Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 11.


The mother of Cetrion and Shinnok, Kronika is the Keeper of Time and a primordial being known as a Titan. As Keeper of Time she has shaped the Sands of Time, in a dimension between realms guiding the destinies and fates of all as she sees fit. Each timeline she creates serves to help her learn and evolve her plans as she seeks perfection.

But recent events have led to an imbalance when Raiden, corrupted by Shinnok's evil after cleansing the Jinsei of Earthrealm, beheaded the fallen Elder God and irrevocably tipped the balance in the Forces of Good's favor. Displeased and angered by Dark Raiden's actions, Kronika uses her power to manipulate time and call on allies from the past and present, promising, fame, glory, power, or a new life in a New Era, where Raiden does not exist; promises she has no intent on keeping, as her true motive is Shinnok's revival so that he and Cetrion would clash as good and evil, inevitably dooming the realms to another endless loop of war.

Mortal Kombat 11

Part 1: Mortal Kombat 11

Kronika arrives at the Jinsei Chamber momentarily after Raiden leaves. She stops the blood draining out of Shinnok's severed head, and is disgusted with Raiden upsetting the balance of time.

With Liu Kang and Kitana's palace destroyed and their Netherrealm minions crippled by the Special Forces, Kronika appears before them, rebuilding their palace by reversing time. This causes the present Raiden to be removed from existence, creating an anomaly of the younger versions of both good and evil, and thus reviving old foes that has been killed by the forces of good in the current timeline, but that does not bring Shinnok, Shang Tsung or Quan Chi back from the past.

Meanwhile at the Kytinn hive, she, along with Geras and the mysterious figure, allied with Shao Kahn and his loyalists as well as members of the Black Dragon, D'Vorah and Kollector. Despite the dispute with each other, she incorporated her forces in an attempt to re-balance and reshape the world in perfect condition.

At the Jinsei Chamber, she insisted Geras that the younger Shaolin Monks must live, otherwise their revenant counterparts will cease to exist. By stopping time, Geras passed the Jinsei to Kronika, so that she will be able to fulfil her goal in shaping the world. At the corridor entrance of her keep, she told Sektor, Shao Kahn and Kitana to rally her forces to ensure that the Sands of Time must stay intact, so that she can re-sculpt time. For Shao Kahn, he will reclaim the Throne of Outworld once he has killed Kotal Kahn. Sektor's plan is to reprogram the Cyber Lin Kuei and to ensure that the machines are in perfect fighting conditions.

A now retired Special Forces Officer, Jax Briggs, sat on a couch watching his television, awaitng for his daughter's reply. Kronika approached to him and said that he will have a good and better future if he promised her that he will have grandchildren. Jax then accepted her allegiance.

Back at the Keep, the present Liu Kang told Kronika of the failures that both Shao Kahn and the Black Dragon members are defeated, while scalping the hourglass. She once crafted the souls for Shang Tsung to gather enough souls at Shang Tsung's Island. Cetrion and present-day Jax returned from his deserted island, giving the soul crown to her. Pleased with her actions, she wore the crown to reform the timeline. Jax, however, is not satisfied for what he has done, unlike his previous iteration in which he had saved his daughter from death.

Kronika then arrived at the Fire Gardens to insult Raiden about his devious actions that he has committed. She convinces Raiden that she will take young Liu Kang as her prisoner. Back at her keep, Kronika warned the others that Raiden's forces prepare an all-out assault soon, if he is willing to save Liu Kang and not repeat the same mistakes that they did in the previous timeline. She summoned her minions - revenant Kung Lao, Jade and Kitana - to command the Netherrealm army in the final defense against the Earthrealm and Outworld forces, especially Liu Kang, who has merged with the Thunder God's physical body. In desperation, Kronika casts a temporal reversion back to the start, causing a widespread distortion on the invaders as well as her own army, except for the Fire God Liu Kang, which Raiden merged with the revenant self, is immune to this spell. Her revenant minions attacked the Fire God, but it is of no use. The demigod Liu Kang is resilient and he still persists. She convinces Cetrion to defeat him. Lost to Liu Kang, Kronika has one final bargain for Cetrion: her essence will be transferred to Kronika. By becoming all-powerful, she rewrites history to the prehistoric age.

The final battle commences as the fight between the two clash on. Determining the outcome of the battle:

  • If Liu Kang wins both rounds straight, The Shaolin Monk shatters Kronika's body, finally killing her. A now mortal Raiden appoints Liu Kang as Earthrealm's protector and advisor. As Raiden tells Liu Kang that he must bring the Hourglass to the Dawn of Time and sculpt a new and better history, Liu Kang replied to Raiden by saying that he cannot control handle the task alone. As Raiden tells him that he would need a partner to help him, Liu Kang chooses Kitana. Raiden then said that their destines have always been intertwined. Liu Kang then brings back Kitana to assist him in the sculpting of time.
  • If Liu Kang wins with Kronika winning at least one round, The Shaolin Monk shatters Kronika's body, finally killing her. A now mortal Raiden approaches and congratulates Liu Kang and says that he has proven worthy to take Raiden's place as Earthrealm's new protector once it is restored. Because Kronika was able to rewind time too far back, Liu Kang is unable to bring Kitana with him in the sculpting of history, Raiden offers to advise and guide Liu Kang for as long as his mortality lasts (This is the canon ending).
  • If Kronika wins both rounds, she beheads Liu Kang, killing him and allowing her to finalize the New Era.

Part 2: Aftermath

As Kronika continues to use the Hourglass, she was alerted by Geras and Frost, who informed her about Shang Tsung, Fujin, and Nightwolf. She's in disbelief about their escape from the Void, even though it's inescapable. With these rumors, she tasked Geras and Frost to capture them.

Realizing her enemies' plans to intercept the Crown, Kronika dispatches Cetrion to Shang Tsung's Island to retrieve the Crown, but Cetrion is confronted by Nightwolf and Sindel who manage to defeat her. Along with Fujin, Shang Tsung heavily wounds Cetrion, who returns to Kronika. Having underestimated Shang Tsung's ingenuity, Kronika realizes that the only way her enemies would have succeeded was if Kronika herself was defeated in the future. She worries about how powerful Shang Tsung is becoming, and wonders if his allies realize how dangerous he really is, making her confront them personally.

Kronika arrives at the Fire Gardens, confronting Raiden, Fujin, and Shang Tsung. She soon reveals that the reason why Shang Tsung knows so much about her crown is because he designed it. As she tries to wipe Fujin from existence, the latter wears the Crown, resisting her powers.

As the Special Forces and Shaolin storm the beachhead of Kronika's Keep, she asks Cetrion to transfer her essence to increase her power for the upcoming battle at hand. Shang Tsung, now empowered by her Crown and having siphoned part of the souls from Raiden and Fujin, storms the Hourglass with Sindel and Shao Kahn, both of whom had captured and manipulated the Outworld Army sent to support the Special Forces and Shaolin. In defiance, Kronika sends the Revenants Kung Lao, Jade and Kitana to defend the Hourglass from the three, but are quickly killed by them. Shang Tsung then briefly incapacitates Kronika with an energy blast. As Shao Kahn and Sindel become eager to obtain Kronika's power, Shang Tsung double crosses them, revealing that he plans on taking her power for himself and offers Shao Kahn and Sindel to serve him as his minions. Enraged, Shao Kahn and Sindel fight Shang Tsung together while Kronika watches. A victorious Shang Tsung drains their souls, making him strong enough to combat Kronika, who refuses to serve Shang Tsung in "his" New Era after he offers. She battles Shang Tsung, but is overwhelmed by his increased power from the Crown. Kronika, now bloodied and weakened, continues to refuse Shang Tsung's offer to serve him. Shang Tsung then uses his powers to absorb Kronika's, and she fades away in a cloud of dust and sand.

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