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Kronika's Keep is a new setting that made its debut in Mortal Kombat 11.


The Keep is the housing area of the powerful Hourglass and where Kronika resides and where Geras was created, serving as their base of operations. Located in the Netherrealm, the Keep is generally out of reach as it lies beyond the Sea of Blood. Only Kharon's ferries can pass this vast ocean. Outside, it resembles a large tower with architecture inconsistent with that of the Netherrealm with a very sleek white and gold design and a large orb in its midsection. Its interiors include hallways and small rooms with the main room being a wide open space, surrounded by unique, undulating and flowing structures.


Kronika's Keep features three stage interactions, all of which can only be used once, from the left to the right of the arena.

  • To the far left of the arena is a Time Orb. This is a throwable interactable that works identical to the amplified version of Geras' Temporal Advantage, freezing the opponent in time and setting them up for a free hit. This interactable can only be used in the corner of the arena next to the Orb, not outside. If a stun or specific attacks are used before throwing the Orb at the opponent, the opponent will not be stunned and instead be knocked away by the Orb's impact. However, oppositely, stuns and specific attacks can be used after the Orb makes contact with the opponent, allowing for even more attacks after.
  • A deceased Oni lays in the center of the arena. Its head can be thrown at the opponent.
  • A lance protruding from the ground in right corner of the arena, where the user sweeps the opponent then impales them through the face. Similar to the Time Orb, this can only be used in the corner of the arena and not outside.
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