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Without the Crown, there can be no New Era.


—Kronika to Cetrion in Mortal Kombat 11

Render of the Crown

Kronika's Crown is an ancient relic and focal point of immense temporal magic created and wielded by the Keeper of Time, the Titan Kronika. It is one of her most valuable tools, as it serves to nourish her with all the souls ever gathered by the wicked sorcerer Shang Tsung, and is the key to controlling her Hourglass.


Mortal Kombat 11

Kronika holding her crown.

Her crown functions as a control mechanism of her Hourglass, and is powered by the countless thousands upon thousands of souls consumed by Shang Tsung, each soul bolstering Kronika's already impressive temporal abilities. Though no doubt one of her most necessary and important items for her timeline shaping craft, Kronika does not directly wear or utilize the crown until she is nearly ready to undo the current timeline and begin crafting a New Era. Instead, she leaves the crown on Shang Tsung's Island, where it absorbs all the souls ever consumed by the sorcerer in his own private Well of Souls.

In the events of Mortal Kombat 11, Kronika dispatches the shadow Wraith Noob Saibot to protect the crown as it absorbs Shang Tsung's souls, and after he is defeated by Jacqui Briggs and the past Jax Briggs, the present version of Jax comes to collect the crown, having been promised a life in the New Era where he was never a revenant and suffered deep traumas as a slave of Quan Chi. After a fight between the past and present versions of Jax, the present version is defeated, so Kronika dispatches her daughter, the Elder God Cetrion to retrieve the crown.

While Jacqui and the past Jax themselves lacked the power to defeat the Elder Goddess, one of them utilizes Kronika's own crown to draw strength from its immense magic to even the playing field. This allows them to defeat Cetrion, but she forces the past Jax to turn the crown over to his present counterpart by holding Jacqui hostage.

Kronika wears the crown once it is delivered to her, and begins preparations to undo the current timeline. When the thunder god Raiden's forces besiege her Keep, and Raiden makes the mortal Liu Kang into a Fire God by imbuing him with his divine power, Kronika wears the crown during her final battle against Fire God Liu Kang at the dawn of time. When she is defeated, her body and the crown turn to glass, which is shattered by Liu Kang, destroying the Titan and her crown.


This would not be the end of the crown however. A time displaced Shang Tsung appears just as Fire God Liu Kang and the now mortal Raiden are preparing to create a New Era. The sorcerer claims without the crown, Liu Kang cannot control the Hourglass, and devises a plan to send himself, the past version of Nightwolf, and Raiden's fellow god, Fujin, back to an earlier point in time to retrieve the crown before it was destroyed. After the crown is retrieved from the well of souls in Shang Tsung's Island and delivered to Raiden, Kronika arrives and reveals that the crown was of Shang Tsung's design.