Komodai was a male Saurian who invaded Earthrealm. He was very similar to the character Reptile.


It is not known where he originated from except that he was accompanied by a team of fellow Saurians that broke through a dimensional portal into Earthrealm where they fought the Earthrealm warriors. He would fight against the Special Forces Agent Jax Briggs but was defeated, though he managed to use his acid to damage his robotic arms.

Sonya Blade before Komodai, moments before he defeated and captured her.

Komodai would retreat back through the dimensional barrier but swore to avenge himself. He returned to Earth and captured Sonya Blade in order to fight Jax once again; he and she may have conversed before Jax showed up, because she imparted to Jax the knowledge that Komodai's "in the gator family and that Jax could out-think him". Despite his plan and hostage, he was defeated once again which ended his threat to Earthrealm. He was sent back through the dimensional barrier to whichever realm he came from.

Behind the scenes

Komodai unmasked

Komodai was created as a replacement for Reptile, who had perished in his battle with Liu Kang in the first movie as Defenders of the Realm takes place within continuity of the film. Komodai also seems to have a sense of honor, as he bows before his first battle with Jax.


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