Kombat Kodes are special code combination inputs first introduced in Mortal Kombat 3 and discontinued after Mortal Kombat Gold, returning in Mortal Kombat (2011). These codes have to be entered at the Versus screen within a limited amount of time before the match starts. They come in the form of six digit codes with ten unique symbols each representing a numerical value, and the kodes require three inputs from each player. If a kode is entered successfully, a message will be displayed at the beginning of the round to notify the effect. Kombat Kodes have varying effects, primarily in gameplay, which range from health handicaps to secret character battles amongst many.

Mortal Kombat 3

Symbol Number
06.gif 0
07.gif 1
08.gif 2
09.gif 3
10.gif 4
11.gif 5
12.gif 6
13.gif 7
14.gif 8
15.gif 9

Mortal Kombat 3 Kombat Kodes

Name Code Description
No Power Bars 987-123 Health bars are not displayed
Blocking Disabled 020-020 Players cannot block
Throwing Disabled 100-100 Players cannot throw each other
Unlimited Run 466-466 Run Gauge never depletes, allowing indefinite running
Randper Kombat 460-460 Players randomly morph into other characters at indeterminate intervals
Dark Kombat 688-422 Screen is blacked out
Galaga 642-468 The victor of the round will play a version of the Midway/Namco game, Galaga. The game ends afterwards for both players
Psycho Kombat 985-125 Game randomly blacks out, characters change randomly and powerbars flicker in and out of sight.
Player 1 Quarter Energy 707-000 Player 1 is handicapped, starting out with 25% life.
Player 2 Quarter 000-707 Player 2 is handicapped, starting out with 25% life
Player 1 Half Energy 033-000 Player 1 is handicapped, starting out with 50% life
Player 2 Half Energy 000-033 Player 2 is handicapped, starting out with 50% life
Sweeping Disabled 239-494 Sweep kicks are disabled
Heavy damage for both players 978-243 Both players take twice the damage
Timer disabled 972-279 Infinite time enabled
Winner fights Motaro 969-141 Victor of the round will fight the sub-boss Motaro
Winner fights Shao Kahn 033-564 Victor of the round will fight the final boss, Shao Kahn
Winner fights Noob Saibot 769-342 Victor of the round will fight the secret fighter, Noob Saibot
Winner fights Smoke 205-205 Victor of the round will face the secret, unlockable fighter, Smoke
*Nintendo Power Exclusive 432-234 Timer is turned off and health is drastically increased for both characters.

* Exclusive to the SNES version of the game.

Kodes introduced in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Name Code Description
Revision nth 999-999 Indicates the revision you are playing
Throwing Encouraged 010-010 Complimentary messages are displayed whenever performing a throw
No Throwing 100-100 *
No Blocking 020-020 *
No Power Bars 987-123 *
Silent Kombat 300-300 Music is disabled
Quick Uppercut Recovery 788-322 Allows players to perform uppercuts in quick succession
Player 1 Half Energy 033-000 *
Player 2 Half Energy 000-033 *
Player 1 Quarter Energy 707-000 *
Player 2 Quarter Energy 000-707 *
Sans Power 044-440 Both players start with only a sliver of health and one round play only
Dark Fighting 688-422 *
Randper Kombat 444-444 *
Psycho Kombat 985-125 *
Unlimited Run 466-466 *
Galaga 642-468 **
Kombat Zone - Bell Tower 091-190 Players will fight at the Bell Tower
Kombat Zone - The Bridge 077-022 Players will fight at The Bridge
Kombat Zone - Scislac Busirez 933-933 Players will fight at the hidden arena, Scislac Busirez
Kombat Zone - The Graveyard 666-333 Players will fight at The Graveyard
Kombat Zone - Jades Desert 330-033 Players will fight at Jades Desert
Kombat Zone - Kahn's Kave 004-700 Players will fight at Kahn's Kave
Kombat Zone - Kahn's Tower 880-220 Players will fight at Kahn's Tower
Kombat Zone - Kombat Temple 600-040 Players will fight at Kombat Temple
Kombat Zone - Noob's Dorfen 050-050 Players will fight at the hidden arena, Noob's Dorfen
Kombat Zone - Pit III 820-028 Players will fight at Pit III
Kombat Zone - River Kombat 002-003 Players will fight at River Kombat
Kombat Zone - The Roof 343-343 Players will fight at The Roof
Kombat Zone - Scorpion's Lair 666-444 Players will fight at Scorpion's Lair
Kombat Zone - Soul Chamber 123-901 Players will fight at Soul Chamber
Kombat Zone - Street 079-035 Players will fight at Street
Kombat Zone - Subway 880-088 Players will fight at Subway
Message 717-313 Rain can be found at the Graveyard
Message 448-844 Don't jump at me - MXV
Developer Message 122-221 Skunky!! - E.F.
Developer Message 004-400 Watcha gun do ? - E.B.
Promotional Message 550-550 Go see Mortal Kombat the live tour!
Reference Message 282-282 No Fear
Message 123-926 No Knowledge That Is Not Power
Reference Message 987-666 Hold Flippers during casino run
Winner fights Motaro 969-141 *
Winner Fights Noob Saibot 769-342 *
Winner Fights Shao Kahn 033-564 *
Winner Fights Human Smoke 205-205 Victor of the round fights the secret fighter, Human Smoke
Explosive Kombat 227-227 Character explodes upon losing***
Explosive Kombat and Throwing Disabled 022-220 Same as above but with Throwing Disabled added

*Kombat Kode from a previous game **Xbox 360 port transports you to the UKK instead

***Works in 2-On-2 Kombat only

Mortal Kombat (2011)

Symbol Number
MKode00.png 0
MKode01.png 1
MKode02.png 2
MKode03.png 3
MKode04.png 4
MKode05.png 5
MKode06.png 6
MKode07.png 7
MKode08.png 8
MKode09.png 9

Kodes Located in the Krypt

Name Code Description
Armless Kombat 911-911

Kombatants will have no arms. Kombatants also cannot block or use X-Rays.

Blocking Disabled 020-020 Kombatants cannot block.
Breakers Disabled 090-090 Combo Breakers are disabled.
Dark Kombat 022-022 The arena will darken periodically.
Disable Foreground Objects 001-001 Objects in the foreground of the arena are gone.
Double Dash 391-193 The dashing distance is enhanced.
Dream Kombat 222-555 The match is held in a dream state; similar to Challenge 93 against Ruutuu.
Enhanced Moves Disabled 051-150 Enhanced moves cannot be used.
Explosive Kombat 227-227 Tag Matches Only; Killed kombatants explode.
Health Recovery 012-012 Health recovers periodically.
Headless Kombat 808-808 Kombatants will have no heads. Kombatants also cannot use X-Rays.
Hyper Fighting 091-091 Fight speed is increased, sounds also become higher pitched.
Invisible Kombat 770-770 Kombatants periodically become invisible and reappear
Jumping Disabled 831-831 Jumping is disabled.
Kombos Disabled 931-931 Kombos are disabled.
No Blood 900-900 Blood will not appear.
Power Bars Disabled 404-404 The power bars are hidden from view.
Psycho Kombat 707-707 Combines Dark Kombat, Unlimited Super Meter, and Quick Uppercut Recovery.
Quick Uppercut Recovery 303-303 Recovery time after an uppercut is faster.
Rainbow Kombat 234-234 The color of blood will become various colors; rainbow.
Sans Power 044-440 Kombatants have very little health; one hit is neccesary to achieve victory.
Silent Kombat 300-300 All sounds are disabled.
Specials Disabled 731-731 Special moves are disabled.
Super Recovery 123-123 Super meter refills faster.
Throwing Encouraged 010-010 Encouraging messages are displayed after throws.
Throwing Disabled 100-100 Throwing is disabled.
Tournament Mode 111-111 No distractions in the background (meteorites, train, etc), foreground objects nor 1/3 bar gain on first hit.
Unlimited Super Meter 466-466 Super meter will becomes infinite.
Vampire Kombat 424-424 The kombatant that attacks their opponent will gain the opponent's health.
X-Rays Disabled 242-242 X-Ray Moves are disabled.
Zombie Kombat 666-666 Kombatants will appear to become "zombies". Kombatants also cannot perform -alities.

Other Kodes

Name Code Description
Klassic Music 101-101 Turns on the stage’s klassic music
Player One, Half Health 110-000 Player One has half of their health
Player Two, Half Health 000-110 Player Two has half of their health
Player One, Quarter Health 220-000 Player One starts with a quarter of their health
Player Two, Quarter Health 000-220 Player Two starts with a quarter of their health
Random Phrase One[1] 717-313 “Don’t defend in a temple corrupted with shadow.”
Random Phrase Two 448-844 “The krypt walls hold secrets.”
Random Phrase Three 122-221 “What lurks at the bottom of The Pit?”
Random Phrase Four 009-009 “?SUNOB YTSAOT”
Random Phrase Five 550–055 “Who hides in the forest?”
Random Phrase Six 031–130 “Motaro Transformation?”
Random Phrase Seven 282–282 “She waits for you at the top of the tower…”
Random Phrase Eight 123–926 “Thanks for karing!”

Random Phrases One, Two, Three, Five, and Seven provide clues to hidden kontent in Mortal Kombat (2011).


  • The jingle played in the Versus screen in Mortal Kombat 3 and later versions is actually a remix of the finisher theme in MKII while Mortal Kombat 4's is a remix of 3.
  • The prequel animated feature to the first movie The Journey Begins, teased a Kombat Kode which was later seen post-credits that viewers could use for MK3 which uses Question Mark (4), and four Shokan (6) succeeding it. However, the combination does not exist in revision or home port of the game as it uses an unknown symbol for the fourth digit which may either be a number 11 (even though the numbers only go from 0 to 9) or the Roman numeral for 2. The only code closest to this is Unlimited Run (466-466).


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