Kill me, Kotal, and you lose profit.


—-Kollector to Kotal Kahn

Kollector is a character who debuted in Mortal Kombat 11.

About Kollector

Kollector is the uncaring and rapacious tribute collector of Shao Kahn. Despite being subservient to his master, he is consumed by greed, caring only for his own wealth and status and will kill anyone who dares challenge it. Though he was born into poverty, he was raised through the ranks and was eventually able to reach the position he holds now.

His race, the Naknada, were slaves to the Kahn, building the Coliseum among other things. As with other Naknadas, Kollector is named after his profession, in this case he used to be Shao Kahn's loyal taxkeeper and tribute collector.


Kollector has six arms; four regular arms coming from his shoulders, and a pair of smaller arms coming from his back that support his backpack, as well as a slender but toned build. His outfit is adorned with items that appear to flaunt his wealth. He has blue colored skin and has orange glowing eyes.

Combat Characteristics

Powers and Abilities

Even though he has a skinny stature, Kollector is still able to lift an entire person with only two arms, proving him to be quite strong. Since he has the need to collect every item and trinket, he has acquired lots of weapons throughout his lifespan, which he uses in combat. The satchel that he carries acts as a "Hammerworld", being able to store items much larger than the satchel itself, including his arsenal of weapons and riches that he has horded. This even includes an entire person as seen in one of his outros. He is also keen in magic, being able to teleport, charge his weapons with blue fire and shoot green flames.

Signature moves

  • Demonic Mace: Kollector charges his mace with magic and lets it fly straight towards the opponent. Can be charged which deals more damage or cancelled. (MK11)
    • This move does a krushing blow when it is fully charged, dealing 30% of damage.
  • Shotel Fury: Kollector spins around with his shotels in hand, slashing the opponent multiple times before sinking one in their chest, which he takes out while simultaneously kicking the opponent to the ground. (MK11)
    • Amplifying this move allows Kollector to grab the shotel stuck in the opponent to stab and lift them up before slamming them down, dealing increased damage.
  • Damned Bola: Kollector slings his bola towards the opponent and if it hits, he turns the bola into blue flames, knocking the opponent down. Can be delayed or cancelled. If Kollector is interrupted before he can do his second hit, the opponent is snared and can be opened up for combos.(MK11)
    • Amplifying this move removes Kollector's second hit, which ensnares the opponent, allowing for combos.
  • Relic Absorb: Kollector holds his mystic beacon in front of him, destroying any projectiles that hit him. (MK11)
    • Amplifying this move allows Kollector to turn an opponent's projectile into a slow moving blue fireball of his own which can deal a lot of damage, which dissipates after a short while.
  • Demonic Clutches: Kollector lifts the opponent by their waist with his lower arms, stabs them three times with his upper arms, them slams them to the ground. This move is a command grab. (MK11)
    • This move has a krushing blow when done on an when the opponent uses a Getup Roll, dealing more damage as well as popping them up, allowing for extended combos.
  • Fatal Blow - A Slight Donation: Firstly, Kollector sends a burst of flame from his beacon which blinds the opponent. Then he swings his mace to hit their stomach, followed by a hit across their face using his beacon, turning them around. He takes out daggers with four of his arms to stab them multiple times, then sinks them in and yanks them all out at the same time. Afterwards, he uses one hand to ram a knife through their skull and then slices the opponents throat, after which the opponent falls to the ground. (MK11)

Other Moves

  • Throw (Forward): Kollector bashes the opponent over the head with his beacon, jabs the mace into their stomach, then extends it to blast them away with his mystic beacon. (MK11)
  • Throw (Backward): Kollector hits the opponent three times over their head with his mace, which makes them kneel, then takes out his sickle and hooks them, dragging them behind him. (MK11)


  • For The Kollection: Kollector kicks the opponent to the ground and then jumps on top of them. He then savagely tears his opponent's body apart and collects the organs and limbs he's fond of (their heart and head). He finishes his sickening attack with a blow to the now headless opponent's torso, spilling out a large quantity of blood. (MK11)
  • Head Lantern: Kollector lifts his opponent with his upper arms while his lower arms bisect them with his sickles. He drops their torso to the ground and teleports behind them, using his mace to hit the back of their head hard enough to pop out their eyeballs. (MK11)


  • The Klassic: Kollector uppercuts the opponent's head off with their spine attached. It is available to all other characters. (MK11)
    • The player mustn't block throughout the finishing round.
    • A button must be held.
  • Dark Magic: Kollector performs his Chaotic Magic combo, only for the green flames to incinerate the opponent, reducing them to a pile of bones. (MK11)
  • Slice Slice Slice: Kollector performs his Demonic Clutches, but the second stab yanks the opponent's head off and the third stab catches the falling head and impales it to their chest with the Kollector's knife stuck in it. (MK11)


Mortal Kombat 11

  • "Kill me, Kotal, and you lose profit." (To Kotal Kahn)
  • "Shao Kahn approved! His word was law!" (To Kotal Kahn)
  • "We can't trust her, excellency. Kotal Kahn did, and she betrayed him to Shinnok." (To Shao Kahn about D'Vorah)
  • "You tried merging Earthrealm into Outworld. The Elder Gods intervened, and Raiden killed you. That's when Mileena became Kahn." (To Shao Kahn about the situation)
  • "I have risen to my station Jade."
  • "Before Shao Kahn raised me up, Outworlders despised the Naknada."
  • "Now they fear us!"
  • "Tell me that is not progress!"
  • "Ungrateful shrew. Born to privilege which you throw away."
  • "You have not known cold or hunger. If you had, you would value the gifts Shao Kahn gave you."


  • Kollector is the first playable character with more than two arms who isn't a Shokan.
    • He is also the first playable character to have six arms.
  • When fighting Erron Black, Kollector may mention that Erron killed his brother.
  • Kollector is a loyal servant to Shao Kahn, having fled his service after Kotal Kahn took the throne.
  • Kollector's design is likely an inspiration from Kali, the hindu goddess of destruction. They both share a lot in common, from the way they are dressed in riches and gold, have multiple arms, collect body parts (most notably heads) and wield multiple different weapons, including a sickle, a knife and the mystic beacon (Kali sometimes uses a head which she holds by their hair instead).
  • In an interaction with Raiden, it is to be suspected that it was him who gave Kollector his name.


  • When Kollector performs his For The Kollection fatality, at times when ripping the opponent to shreds, his secondary arms do not move when performing the finisher, making it as if the opponent is ripped to shreds by nothing.
  • If a Brutality is performed on Kollector that has him sitting/laying next to a wall, both his smaller arms and bag clip into said wall that his opponent creates.
  • When a fatality is performed on Kollector, his item bag falls off his back, however, his smaller arms will not go limp like his larger arms, but rather remain in place as if the bag is still there.
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