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For as long as I am able, I will lead the empress’ armies in defense of Outworld. Through strength, we will achieve peace.


—Kitana in her ending narration in Mortal Kombat 1.


  • Mortal Kombat 1: "Kitana has one purpose in life: to aid and protect her older sister, Mileena, as she prepares to rule Outworld one day. The steady handed Kitana ignores the calls of those who advocate that she should replace her impulsive sister as heir. Instead, Kitana will defend the realm by fighting to make Mileena the best Empress possible. She will also fight to hide the dark secret that could end her sister's reign before it begins."


In restarting the timeline, Liu Kang designed the fates of every inhabitant, including his old beloved friends & allies. Liu Kang ponders the thought of how he had no choice but to sacrifice his beloved in order to create his New Era. In the past, she had been Kitana Kahn for a short time. But now her redesigned older twin sister Mileena, becomes the new heir in line as Outworld's empress, with Kitana supporting her. Still, Liu Kang's feelings for Kitana still remain deep down in his heart & mind, as he his own duty as Earthrealm's protector to tend to.

Mortal Kombat 1

In the New Era, Kitana is daughter of King Jerrod and Empress Sindel and the younger twin sister of Mileena, who is heir to the throne of Outworld. Compared to her rebellious and tomboyish sister, Kitana is much more straight-laced and feminine, and takes her duty and image as princess far more seriously. It is for these reasons that Kitana is favored by some Outworlders as the better heir to the throne, something that drives a wedge between the sisters.

Despite what people may think, Kitana has no interest in the throne and, in fact, is staunchly loyal to her sister. Kitana often admonishes her twin when she does something which threatens her rule (such as having a tryst with an Umgadi), only for Mileena to ignore and resent her for it. Kitana is also one of the few who are aware of her sister's affliction with Tarkat disease, only adding to the number of worries she has and the things that drive away her sister.

At the start of the current Mortal Kombat tournament, Kitana, her sister and Tanya of the Umgadi greet the Earthrealmers upon their arrival to Outworld. The two of them take their place at Empress Sindel's side and host the proceedings. At the evening banquet, Kitana converses and is flirted with by Johnny Cage, but shows concern when her sister feels unwell. She later takes her mother's side and agrees to replace Mileena in the tournament, which upsets Mileena greatly. She is later defeated by Raiden, Earthrealm's champion, and the two compliment each other's fighting skills.

The next day, Kitana accompanies her sister to Shang Tsung's laboratory to test a new serum to treat the symptoms of Tarkat, but waits outside alongside General Shao and Goro while Tanya and Rain oversee the treatment. Hearing a battle inside, Kitana bursts into the laboratory just in time to find her sister injured and unconscious, and Shang Tsung claiming that the three Earthrealmers sought to expose her disease to discredit her rule. When Quan Chi appears and verify that these events "confirm" his prophecy, Kitana agrees to reveal this incident to the Empress and prepare Outworld for war with Earthrealm.

Later, she and her sister are present in the throne room when Liu Kang and Li Mei entreat with them, but attacks them alongside Tanya. Both her and Tanya were defeated once again. When Mileena's disease manifests again, she nearly killed their mother, Li Mei saves the Empress and defeats Mileena until she can be injected with another dose of the serum. As thanks for saving her life, Sindel hears out Li Mei and Liu, and accompanies them to Shang Tsung's lab, where Shang Tsung's true nature is revealed. When General Shao enters brandishing the Amulet of Shinnok, Kitana, Mileena and Geras are trapped inside until Sindel and Liu release them. Afterwards, the combined Earthrealm and Outworld forces travel to Emperor Ying's Fortress to confront the Deadly Alliance. After revealing that the mastermind behind everything was an alternate Shang Tsung with the power of a Titan, Empress Sindel is fatally wounded by her Dark counterpart, forcing Mileena to avenge her.

Kitana weeps for her mother not to leave them, but Sindel simply says that it's her time. Mileena is named new Empress of Outworld, and Sindel is absorbed into Ermac after her passing. The heroes are forced to escape the fortress as Shang Tsung's Dragon Army awakens, and within the foothills outside, they formulate a plan to fight back. While Liu returns to the Fire Temple with Geras to reawaken his status as Keeper of Time, Kitana and the others move to destroy Titan Shang Tsung's Dragon Army. While Raiden, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi attack the portals being used to transport the army, Kitana and the others create disarray in the troops by attacking them directly.

Ready to search for other timelines & other titans, the first one to be summoned was a Titaness counterpart of his Kitana. She is shocked by her sudden arrival, and more so by the presence of Liu and Geras, but Liu assures her that they are among friends, and explains how the battle for Kronika's Hourglass caused the timeline to branch apart into many, resulting in the one where this Kitana was the one to earn Titan status and became Keeper of Time. Overwhelmed by the revelation & emotion, Titaness Kitana realizes that since she and Liu were both part of the original timeline, that he is her Liu Kang. Liu Kang affirms this by remembering how they met and fought in Shang Tsung's courtyard, how they fought together in the Koliseum, and how proud he was when Kitana defeated Shao Kahn and became Kahnum herself. This confirms Kitana's growing belief as the two happily kiss & embrace for the first time in eons. Kitana laments that fate has split them apart once again, wondering why life's simple pleasures always seem to elude them, and Liu wonders if, in another timeline, they might not.

However, Kitana realizes Liu would not have simply summoned her for a reunion, so Liu explains the situation regarding Titan Shang Tsung, but not before summoning more of their old friends from the past timeline - Kung Lao and Raiden. They are accosted by Titan Shang Tsung and his own band of dark counterparts, who attempt to fracture Liu Kang's Hourglass in hopes of erasing the timeline from existence. Liu and Kitana team up to fend off their enemies, making good use of their synergy to defeat every one of Shang Tsung's allies and forcing them to retreat. Realizing they must press the attack, they begin gathering more allies from across timelines to assault Shang Tsung's timeline directly.

Once the Forces of Light have been assembled, they march to Shang Tsung's timeline and arrive at an imposing pyramid, atop which Shang Tsung summons his Forces of Darkness. The two sides clash in a second Battle of Armageddon, in which Titaness Kitana and many other versions and amalgamations of Kitana participate, including the one siding with Shang Tsung and an evil Kitana Kahn. Additionally, a version of Kitana who resembles the current one can be selected as the final warrior who aids Liu in defeating the Titans Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, before being sent back to Kitana respective timeline. Titan Kitana in particular aids the final warrior in their ascent to the top of the pyramid by slaying a group of evil Kombat Kids before being tackled off the pyramid stairs by another kombatant.

The current Kitana remains in Outworld and is made commander of Outworld's army by Mileena after General Shao's imprisonment and desertion. Though her skills are initially thought amateurish by some, a fierce victory over Shao and his renegade battalion reaffirms her ability to defend Outworld for her people's sake.


  • Mortal Kombat 1 (Canonical): "General Shao’s revolt left Outworld’s armies in tatters. We were vulnerable to enemies both foreign and domestic. That’s why my sister asked me to take command. To stitch her military back together and purge Shao’s loyalists within it. She trusted only me with the task. The soldiers, however, had little faith. They thought me a spoiled dilettante, unprepared and unfit to serve. That I could fight mattered little. All that mattered was that I wasn’t one of them. I finally earned their loyalty by orchestrating an epic victory over Shao and his rebels. Though the general himself escaped, his forces were smashed. For as long as I am able, I will lead the empress’ armies in defense of Outworld. Through strength, we will achieve peace."