King Tsung is one of the five Outworlders who founded the lost city of Sinkiang in Outworld. He is mentioned, but never seen, in Mortal Kombat: Special Forces.


Altars of Sinkiang

On the right is the Altar of King Tsung, one of the 5 founders of the lost city of Sinkiang in Outworld.

Not much is known about Tsung, other then he, along with his fellow native citizens of Outworld, constructed the subterrain city of Sinkiang in Outworld. His four fellow compatriots were named Adrina, Kang, Eliza and Rihiana. While residing in the underground city of Sinkiang, the five all lived in prosperous times when Outworld was a glorious empire and a unified realm under the leadership of its first ruler.

Unfortunately, Shao Kahn's rise to power had plunged Outworld into a state of oppression and chaos. The founders devised an important plan to escape Kahn's tyrannical reign by retreating to an unknown realm with the aid of a secret portal they created. The women used the portal to escaped to the other side while King Kang and King Tsung stood behind to defend the city and its people.

Kang and Tsung died of either natural causes or were slain at the hands of Shao Kahn. Either way, they died protecting the underground city of Sinkiang.

Memory of King Tsung

Many centuries have passed since the city of Sinkiang had been abandoned and long forgotten. Major Jax Briggs of the Special Forces, while hunting down the Black Dragon crime lord Kano, entered the ruins of the underground land in the realm of Outworld after he passed through a portal in Sinkiang's counterpart in Earthrealm. Within that city, he stumbled across the two old altars next to the last door. These altars were built to honor two of the five founders of Sinkiang. He used the two kings' crystals from their altars to open the door to continue his pursuit of Kano.

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