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King Gorbak is the father of Prince Goro and also the husband of Queen Mai, Goro's mother, and he is the ruler of Kuatan, the kingdom and home of his people known as the Shokans.


King Gorbak is the current king of the Shokan. In the comic Mortal Kombat II: Collector's Edition published by Midway, he was angered at the defeat of his son Goro and thus sent Kintaro to aid Shao Kahn in destroying the remaining warriors from Earthrealm.


In his original appearance, King Gorbak was a much older Shokan of the Draco lineage. He had gray hair and a beard and wore a magenta cape, golden crown, and gold arm bands.

For his reappearance in the comics Mortal Kombat X, Gorbak retained much of the same appearance, though his cape was now red, and his arm guards were gray.

Combat Characteristics

Though never depicted fighting originally, Gorbak's battle prowess was revealed in the alternate timeline. Unlike Goro or Kintaro who combine their brute strength with powerful jumps and projectile attacks, Gorbak prefers close combat with weapons coupled with melee attacks, using all four of his arms in battle to his advantage.

Appearances in Other Media

King Gorbak makes an appearance in the animated film Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins along with his other son, Duroc.