Kano wins! You fuckin' beauty!


—Kano after ripping out Reptile's heart

Kano is a character in the 2021 Mortal Kombat film. He is portrayed by Josh Lawson.


The leader of the Black Dragon and a ruthless, loud mouthed scoundrel, Kano was a mercenary on the run before his capture by Sonya Blade. After stealing a Dragon Marking off a target Sonya was tracking, Kano inadvertently became an Earthrealm champion, unknown to him that the forces of Outworld have come to kill him before the traditional Mortal Kombat Tournament can begin.

Combat Characteristics

Kano possess competent, if not unorthodox fighting skills, as shown when fighting opponents like Reptile or training with Cole Young. Like his video game counterpart, Kano carries large bowie knives wherever he goes and uses them in kombat to gruesome effect. However, unlike his video game counterpart, and even his past television and film counterparts, this version of Kano lacks a bionic eye entirely. Instead, after stealing a Dragon Marking and later getting annoyed with Kung Lao, Kano unlocks his Arcana, allowing him to shoot lasers from his wounded and damaged right eye, being able to cut through nearly anything. The eye laser is even strong enough to damage Raiden's staff, disabling the electric field around Raiden's Temple and allowing Shang Tsung and his forces to storm the Temple.

Behind the Scenes

Josh Lawson enjoyed the role of Kano, describing him as a fan-favorite that people "love to hate." Although he played the Mortal Kombat games as a kid, he admits that he never played as Kano, having chosen characters such as Sonya Blade and Lord Raiden, and thus brought no pre-conceived notions to the role. His tattoo took 40 minutes to apply and then lasted for three-four days before needing to be reapplied.[1] In HBO Max's "Meet the Kast" featurette, Lawson expressed appreciation for the way the fight element that is part of the games is brought to life on screen stating, "And it's not just CG, I promise you."


  • During a confrontation with Reptile, who attacks Sonya, Cole and Kano, Kano kills him using his signature Heart Rip Fatality from the first Mortal Kombat video game.
  • Kano is captured by Sonya, who reveals that he had slit the throat of a "chosen" warrior, leading to more of Sonya's ire towards Kano. This may be a possible reference to Sonya's obsession to catch Kano in the game series after he killed her partner.
  • Kano's bowie knives in the film have Black Dragon markings alongside the blades.
  • Inside Raiden's Temple, Kano steals Shinnok's Amulet before being told to put it back by Liu Kang. This is a possible reference to Mortal Kombat X, in which Kano stole the amulet to give to Mileena.



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