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Yeah, he's the reason I live in an iron lung.


—Kabal to Shang Tsung

Kabal is a character in the character in the 2021 Mortal Kombat film. Kabal is portrayed by Daniel Nelson, who performs the stunts and fight scenes, while Damon Herriman provides the voice for the character.


A police officer-turned Black Dragon enforcer, During his time working with the Black Dragon Kabal was betrayed by Kano during an incident which left Kabal physically burned and scarred for life and requiring a respirator to continuing to live, Kabal is recruited by the sorcerer Shang Tsung as one of his Outworld champions to stop Earthrealm from gathering their own champions for the upcoming Mortal Kombat Tournament in exchange for a wealthy reward.

Combat Characteristics

Like his video game counterpart, Kabal possesses superhuman speed, allowing him to overwhelm his opponents with his inhuman speed and agility, however it is never explained how he acquired it nor is it suggested that Kabal gained it as an Arcana. Additionally, he uses his signature hookswords when fighting, using them when confronting the Earthrealm champions and most notably Liu Kang, using both his swords and speed to easily deflect and be unharmed by the Shaolin Monk's fireball attacks.

Behind the Scenes

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  • Kabal wears police kevlar as part of his attire, hinting at his past as a former police officer.
  • While it is explained that his video game counterpart's reasoning for joining the Black Dragon was because Kano paid him off, it is never explained why he is in the Black Dragon in the film.
    • Kabal remarks to Kano the reasoning why he is working for Shang Tsung in the film, however the exact reward is never explained.
    • Kabal has Kurtis Stryker's police badge attached to the right side of his Police Vest.
    • Attached to Kabal's belt is a weathered shroud with a Black Dragon Clan symbol .
    • Although the exact details of the incident that left Kabal burned was never specified, Kabal blames Kano for his current state.
    • A Gold Talisman is hanging on Kabal's belt, according to member of the design team it's meant to be a trophy from an unknown battle.
    • it's unknown why Kabal is holding Stryker's police badge, in the behind the scenes extras head of the costume design team Cappi Ireland mentioned Stryker was Kabal's fallen partner.



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