Pay? The Black Dragon doesn't pay.


Jola, played by Andreea Radutoiu, is the daughter of Bannak, the leader of the Black Dragon, and the younger sister of Kebral in the episode "Debt of the Dragon" from the television series Mortal Kombat: Conquest.


Jola and Kebral were the highest in command of the Black Dragon, second to their father. Kebral, as the first child of Bannak, was the one who would inherit the throne after Bannak's death, something that made Jola extremely jealous of her older brother, and it led to great bitterness between them.

The Trading Post that was home to Kung Lao, Siro, and Taja was owned by The Black Dragon as its previous owner, Baron Reyland, lost it to them by gambling. However the three warriors refused to give up the Trading Post and this led to an angry feud, with Jola caught in the middle. She badly wanted to take the trading post by force, and she also wanted to be the first heir to the throne.

Remembering the legend of her family's ancient, albeit dangerous powers, she sought help from the sorcerer Shang Tsung, her old flame, who made a deal with her: if she were to have access to the powers, it would mean the death of Kung Lao, so she agreed without hesitation. At first, she murdered her father to get the meallion in which the Black Dragon had sealed the powers and brought it to the Cobalt Mines where Shang Tsung activated the dragonflame.

With her earth-shattering new abilities of the Black Dragon, she murdered her brother, before heading to the trading post to claim the lives of her enemies. Jola was completely invincible during her fight with Kung Lao and Siro. However, as Shang Tsung had warned her before, the powers of the Dragon were nearly uncontrollable. Just as the powers began to drain the life from Jola, Shang Tsung transported her back to the Cobalt Mines and took them from her. The sorcerer told Jola that he would keep her prisoner until she learned to harness and control the Dragon's powers properly.


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