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Jen Reyland.

Geneviere "Jen" Reyland was the daughter of Baron Reyland and the girlfriend of Kung Lao in the television series Mortal Kombat: Conquest. Jen is portrayed by Jennifer Renton.


Jen was a beautiful girl who has apparently known Kung Lao for many years, as well as Siro, her father's personal bodyguard. Her father, Baron Reyland, was completely against his daughter's interest with the Temple Warrior, claiming that since Jen was his "property", she can only be "taken" by a man with wealth. The reason for her father's grievance about his daughter having to marry a rich man was later revealed in the episode "Debt of the Dragon": the Baron was in great debt from borrowing money from the Black Dragon (it is never revealed whether his daughter knew about this or not) and had to have her marry a rich man in order to help pay off the debts.

Jen was in love with Kung Lao, so much so, that she defied her father's wishes and attempts to elope with him. She helped freed Taja from shackles and the two rescued Kung Lao from being executed. However, she was captured by her father's henchmen and used as a bait to lure Kung Lao, who was planning to pick her up in the night.

During the night, Kung Lao stepped into the trap and fight Takeda, possessed by Scorpion, who was sent by Shang Tsung to kill Kung Lao for his soul. The fight ended up with Jen being taken away by Takeda and Baron Reyland was killed by accident.

Jen was brought to the Temple of Order of Light and Takeda, now fully transformed into Scorpion, brainwashed two monks and waited Kung Lao's arrival.

Kung Lao arrived the scene and fought Scorpion. Jen tried to interfere the fight by attacking the spectre with a candlestand. Unfortunately, she was mortally wounded by Scorpion with a hellfire ball. After Scorpion was sent to the Netherrealm by Kung Lao, Jen parted her lovers and died in his arms.

Before her death, Jen passed the key of her house, the trading post, and asked Kung Lao to inherit it as her final request. Later on, Kung Lao used it as the base of operation along with Taja and Siro.

In "Unholy Alliance", Shang Tsung and Quan Chi created an illusion of Jen to confuse Kung Lao.