Hybrid Dragon

Hybrid Dragon

Hybrid Dragons were a species made from Humans with Dragon and Saurian DNA, who only made their appearance in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.


These hybrid creatures were created by the Red Dragon clan under orders from their Grandmaster Daegon. Using genetic material from his dragon guardian Caro along with that of the Raptor Reptile, the clan was capable of creating creatures, using their own clan members as test subjects, who were humanoid dragons. These creatures had reddish scales and a lizard-like head as well as being capable of firing greenish liquid at their enemies that burnt them, much like Reptile. It is not known why Reptile helped the Red Dragon create these creatures, though it could be that, in his eyes, this was a way to help rebuild his Saurian race.

Caro vs. the Red Dragon Clan

Caro, Daegon's former guardian, breaks free from his wrongful imprisonment and takes his retribution against Daegon's cultic Red Dragon clan and their Hybrid Dragons.

Taven discovered the existence of these creatures in Daegon's stronghold in the Charred Mountains. He, along with the freed Caro, were responsible for killing many of the creatures. It can be assumed that since Caro remained behind, he killed the last of the Red Dragon clan members, and the Hybrid Dragons among them.

Kano was found in the Red Dragon stronghold by Taven after escaping his transformation into a Hybrid Dragon. Kano immediately leaves him after he encounters him.


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