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Duty is my highest calling.


—Geras to Liu Kang

Geras is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. An immortal, artificial construct created by the former Keeper of Time, Kronika, Geras is now one of the two Keepers of Time alongside Liu Kang, and watches over the timelines & the New Era with his new master and friend.

Geras made his debut in Mortal Kombat 11 as a playable character while serving as an antagonist in the game's Story Mode.

Geras returns in Mortal Kombat 1 as a playable character while also serving as a supporting character in the game's Story Mode.

About Geras

Geras is a loyal and powerful servant of the Keeper of Time and Architect of the Universe's destiny, Kronika. As a creation of Kronika herself, Geras possesses godlike strength and the ability to manipulate the sands of time. His most notable attribute, however, is his imperviousness to death. As a "fixed point in time," he is able to recover from all manner of wounds, even fatal ones, within a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Geras has died thousands of times over, each time coming back stronger and wiser. Due to his immeasurable lifespan and apparent immortality, he has witnessed various key events throughout time, such as the Ice Age thawing and the Great Kung Lao's defeat at the hands of Goro, even claiming to have fought the former before.

Geras also exhibits the traits of a scholar, as a witness of many lifetimes in many timelines. He studies and collects knowledge of events, cultures, and people and, as a result, has an impressive knowledge of the realms and the denizens that inhabit them that he puts to use serving Kronika.

In the new timeline, while retaining the same memories from previous timelines, Geras is reconstructed by Liu Kang, no longer a bruting enforcer but his wise and cherished friend. With Liu Kang, he is the Guardian of the Hourglass after Liu Kang had relinquished his power over The Hourglass. After restoring Liu Kang's power, he later anoints Geras as the timeline's new Keeper, as Liu Kang again wanted to remain as the Protector of Earthrealm, thus making Geras one of the most powerful characters in the franchise as a result.


Geras has dark skin, glowing blue eyes, no hair on his head - some kind of energy that also is present on his chest and on his back - and has a toned physique. His whole body seems to be attached by pieces, as if he was assembled like a puzzle.

As Kronika's servant, Geras wore a white and black form-fitting futuristic armor with gold trimmings matching that of his master. Following an upgrade, his outfit was slightly altered with a face mask added to his wardrobe.

Following his recreation by Liu Kang, his outfit is changed to mostly resemble a Shaolin warrior with red pants, black boots, and a white and dark blue sash, resembling Liu Kang's color scheme from his days as a mortal. He also now bears a glossy dragon tattoo wrapped around his upper body, coiling twice around his left breast and lower back.

Combat Characteristics

Powers and Abilities

Geras possesses the ability to manipulate time and the Sands of Time. His control over time includes being able to stop its flow, teleport, rewind it and replay his previous actions. By stopping the flow of time, Geras can freely interact with his opponents who are oblivious to his next move and completely unaware of it. His ability to rewind time is useful against enemies who successfully dodge his attacks as he can simply rewind them back to the time when they have not yet moved before setting up another attack. He can also use it on himself as an escape method by rewinding himself from the moment of danger to safety. If necessary, he can erase others from existence instead of blasting them with energy that would normally freeze them in time.

As Geras is a point fixed in time created by Kronika herself, this has granted him a degree of Immortality, being able to revert time moments before his demise. Additionally, Geras grows stronger and wiser with each of his deaths, empowering him to the point that his might was on par, if not outright exceeded, the power of both Gods and Elder Gods. Only Raiden, Sindel and Shao Kahn have ever managed to defeat the construct; the former turned his immortality against him by binding him with an anchor's chain and dropping him into the bottomless Sea of Blood, while the latter two defeated Geras in physical combat within the Soul Chamber in the altered timeline. Geras' durability, alongside his healing factor makes him nearly impervious to attacks, as he was able to instantly heal from getting shot by a barrage of bullets, allowing him to simply shrug it off and continue fighting. Sustaining massive damage to his being takes longer for Geras' healing factor to restore him, as it took longer to recover from being decapitated by Kung Lao's hat. When regenerating - or even being revived - the Sands of Time themselves help rebuild Kronika's most faithful servant.

The element of sand is one of the few things he can control. He can harden sand to make it durable enough to create walls, tables and weapons for crushing and slashing his enemies such as hammers and swords. He can even become intangible by turning into sand, making him impervious to physical attacks. He can also manipulate the Earth in a way similar to Tremor such as summoning rocks to strike his opponent's feet and create metallic gauntlets by using the Sands of Time. In addition to that, he also has supernatural strength allowing him to crush heads into pieces, tear others in half, shatter his own stone constructs and throw people away over a long distance with ease.

Signature Moves

  • Temporal Advantage: Geras flashes his hands at the opponent, momentarily freezing them in time before sending a second time blast that knocks the opponent away. If Geras is hit right as he freezes the opponent, there is a chance the opponent will be affected by hitstun, allowing Geras to attack the opponent as if they were stunned by the attack due to not performing the second blast. In MK1, this attack is called Time Stop, and instead has Geras disappear in sand before reappearing above the opponent and landing on top of them from above, knocking them to the ground. When used while in the corner of the arena, Geras will instead teleport behind the opponent, knocking them down with a powerful punch, swapping places with the opponent in the process and dealing increased damage. Geras has the option to remain in the corner, instead performing the original version of the attack, this time called Time Drop, respectively. Just like in MK11, if Geras is hit right as he freezes the opponent, there is a chance the opponent will be affected by hitstun, allowing Geras to attack the opponent as if they were stunned by the attack due to not performing the secondary attack. Additionally, when used with certain Kameo attacks, Geras can create this effect on his own. The opponent cannot perform their Breaker when stunned this way, regardless if they have the requirements to perform it. (MK11, MK1)
    • In MK11, amplifying the attack has Geras completely freeze the opponent in time and not deliver the second blast, leaving the opponent vulnerable for Geras to attack. Unlike regular stun attacks, Geras can attack the opponent with any attack while they are stunned, even if they are stuck with knockdown attacks or even uppercuts. When the effect wears off, the opponent will suffer the effects of the last attack used on them. While the opponent is stunned, Geras cannot perform any of his Krushing Blows on them until they are unfrozen. If Geras uses his Fatal Blow during this time before the effect ends, it ends the effect prematurely.
    • In MK1, the enhanced version is called World Stop, and freezes the opponent in time, setting them up for follow-up attacks in the same manner as the MK11 version of the attack. If Geras uses his Fatal Blow during this time before the effect ends, it ends the effect prematurely.
  • Sand Trap: Geras creates a sand portal underneath the opponent's feet, causing them to fall in. After they are sucked in, Geras uses the sand surrounding them to pick them up and summon two sand hammers that crush the opponent with in the air. This attack has armor breaking properties, ignoring the armor granted by specific abilities and Fatal Blows. When breaking the armor of a Breakaway, the attack deals slightly increased damage. The attack can be used at different ranges, called Close/Far/Very Far Sand Trap, respectively. Using Very Far Sand Trap can strike the opponent from full-screen distance. (MK11)
    • If the attack is used on an opponent who is blocking while standing or breaks armor, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow, causing the hammers that crush the opponent to have an increased impact, shattering the opponent's ribcage and increasing the damage of the attack by almost double the original. This Krushing Blow can only trigger if the opponent is stand blocking this attack and this attack alone and will not trigger during a combo unless it breaks armor. This Krushing Blow can only be triggered by either of these conditions once during the match. Like with the original, when breaking the armor of a Breakaway, the attack deals slightly increased damage.
  • Titan Tackle: Geras tackles the opponent and carries them a great distance before throwing them on the ground. Holding the attack's input will have Geras travel an increased distance based on hold long the button is held. If this is done, Geras can carry the opponent halfway across the arena while throwing them significantly away from Geras. If Geras uses the attack in the corner of the arena, he spawns a stone wall behind the opponent, slams the opponent into it instead of throwing them to the ground and punches them straight in the face while they are seated by the wall with his Knuckle Duster for increased damage. This will also happen if Geras travels with the opponent and manages to reach the corner of the arena in the process. This attack is capable of striking an opponent during a Getup Roll, similar to a standard Throw. Unlike most Throw-based special attacks, this attack cannot miss ducking opponents. (MK11)
    • If the attack is performed and Geras travels the maximum distance the attack offers and spawns the stone wall, the attack will turn into a Krushing Blow, where Geras slams them into the wall like normal, but when he punches the opponent with his Knuckle Duster, it crushes the opponent's skull inwards and deals double the attack's damage.
  • Big Fist: Geras forms his Knuckle Duster and punches the opponent in the face, knocking them away nearly full-screen distance. This attack can miss ducking opponents. (MK11)
    • If Geras performs the attack twice in a row on the opponent as Kounters or Punishes, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow, which has Geras punch the opponent in the chest rather than the face, shattering the front of the opponent's ribcage, dealing over three times the attack's original damage and knocking the opponent away full-screen distance.
  • Sand Simulacrum: Geras creates a sand-made clone of himself that sits on the fightline. If Geras or his opponent walk into in, the clone becomes less visible, but it does nothing to both fighters. The attack can be used at different ranges, called Close/Far/Very Far Sand Simulacrum, respectively. Using Very Far Sand Simulacrum can spawn a clone from full-screen distance. Geras can only place one clone at a time. Geras can perform follow-up effects with this attack; (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Time Warp: Geras teleports to the sand clone, replacing it and reappearing in its place. If the opponent is standing in the clone when Geras teleports, they will simply be moved out of the way.
    • Erase Simulacrum: Geras can amplify the attack to destroy the clone, rather than teleport to it, causing an explosion of sand in the clone's location. If the opponent is near the exploding sand, they are launched high in the air for a juggle. Geras is extremely safe if the opponent blocks the exploding clone.
  • Sand Pillar: Geras spawns a spiked sand pillar underneath the opponent, knocking them in the air and away form Geras. When used in the corner of an arena, the attack offers an extremely brief moment of combo extensions in some instances; otherwise, the opponent is knocked away. The attack can be used at different ranges, called Close/Far/Very Far Sand Pillar, respectively. Using Very Far Sand Pillar can strike the opponent from full-screen distance. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying the attack delays when the pillar spawns, in which an hourglass appears over its location before being summoned. The pillar will still summon even if Geras is attacked. Additionally, Geras recovers from the attack much faster when amplified and is also extremely safe when this version of the attack is blocked by the opponent.
  • Shifting Sands: Geras spawns a large patch of moving sand, preventing the opponent from moving out of it. The opponent can however dash out of the sand and also jump out of it, however if they are in the center of the sand, they may not entirely escape. Using movement based abilities, such as charges and teleports, are unaffected. The attack can be used at different ranges, called Close/Far/Very Far Shifting Sands, respectively. Using Very Far Shifting Sands can hinder the opponent at full-screen distance. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
  • Stepping It Back: After performing a Basic Attack, Geras can revert time and return to his original position immediately after performing said Basic Attack. Doing this requires and consumes one bar of Offensive Meter when used. Geras can also utilize this in a combo when timed correctly. Geras cannot revert time if he performs his Uppercut. This modifies Geras' Basic Attacks when equipped and requires two ability slots when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
  • Reawakened: Energy explodes from Geras after he is reduced to 0 health, knocking the opponent away. Immediately after, Geras reverts time back to where he was before the final blow, regaining health and continuing the fight. This ability can only be used once Geras has been reduced to 30% or less health and can only be activated if Geras has lost a round, whether this being the first or second of the match. The health gained back depends on how much of his Defensive and Offensive Meter he has. Upon successfully resurrecting, Geras will lose all his current Defensive and Offensive Meter. This ability requires two ability slots when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
  • Reverse Time: Geras reverts time, returning to the last position he was standing in before the attack was used. In some instances, Geras will also be returned health. This ability requires two ability slots when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
  • Lost Time & Spare Time: Depending on an input, Geras can either remove or increase the duration of the round timer. Both effects can only be activated once per round. This ability requires two ability slots when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Spare Time: Geras increases the round's active timer by 30 seconds.
    • Lost Time: Geras removes 30 seconds from the round's active timer. If the round timer is at or below 30 seconds, Geras will only reduce time to 10 seconds on the active timer.
  • Quick Sand: Geras creates a sand portal underneath the opponent, similar to Sand Trap, only instead he teleports behind the opponent, pulls them out of the portal they are sinking into by the face, forces them to their knees and delivers a powerful chop to the side of their neck. This attack has armor breaking properties, ignoring the armor granted by specific abilities and Fatal Blows. When breaking the armor of a Breakaway, the attack deals slightly increased damage. The attack can be used at different ranges, called Close/Far/Very Far Quick Sand, respectively. Using Very Far Quick Sand can strike the opponent from full-screen distance. When connecting the attack and teleporting, Geras becomes immune to projectiles. This ability replaces Sand Trap when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • If this attack misses twice in a row, the next time the attack connects or breaks armor, regardless of if it has missed or not, it will turn into a Krushing Blow, where after Geras forces the opponent to their knees, the chop to the neck now shatters the neck and nearly severs it, dealing over double the attack's original damage. This Krushing Blow can only be triggered by either of these conditions once during the match. Like with the original, when breaking the armor of a Breakaway, the attack deals slightly increased damage. This Krushing Blow will not perform if Geras performs the attack after a regular Quick Sand if the regular requirements were met.
  • Bed Of Spikes: Geras grabs the opponent by the throat, summons several stone spikes and throws the opponent onto them, impaling them. This ability replaces Titan Tackle when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying the attack has Geras change the spikes into a sand portal, in which he throws the opponent into, where they are then thrown out into the air for a juggle.
  • Gauntlet Of The Ages: Geras now charges Big Fist instead of immediately striking the opponent with his Knuckle Duster. The longer Geras charges Big Fist, the more damage it will do the next time Geras performs the attack or uses his uppercut. This damage increase also applies to the Krushing Blow version of Geras' uppercut, but not when he strikes the opponent during his Fatal Blow. Geras is completely vulnerable when charging Big Fist. Geras is also given different options while charging the attack. This ability modifies and replaces Big Fist when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • History Lesson: Geras performs Big Fist, however this version of the attack is slightly slower than the original due to its charging properties. This version has the same knockback effect when successfully connecting the attack like the original, however, when this version is blocked by the opponent, Geras is safe when blocked and the attack creates considerable pushback. As stated above, the damage of this version of the attack is dependent on how long Geras charges the attack, dealing the original damage or dealing over double the original damage when fully charged.
      • Performing the attack fully charged turns it into a Krushing Blow any time after fully charging the attack, with the punch shattering the opponent's ribcage, dealing over double the fully charged version's original damage and dealing over four times the original attack's damage and knocking the opponent away full-screen distance. This Krushing Blow can be performed during a combo unlike its original version.
    • Cancel: Geras cancels the attack while he is charging his fist. This can be done at any moment of charging the attack.
  • History Lesson/Follow-Up Exam: Depending on an input, Geras moves forward in time and grabs the opponent before throwing them either forward or backwards before following up with a lariat that knocks the opponent to the ground. When used on an opponent in the corner of an arena, performing a version of the attack that sends them out of the corner has Geras throw the opponent into a stone wall, where he reappears and kicks the downed opponent through it, dealing increased damage. This attack is a High Throw and can miss ducking opponents. This attack deals increased damage if the opponent is Up Blocking. (MK1)
  • Redo: Geras slams his fist together, marking a spot on the arena as a moment in time. After some time or if Geras were to take damage, he immediately teleports through time and back to the original location. Geras can evade any and all attacks inflicted towards him using this ability. If Geras teleports too close to the opponent, he will be susceptible to other attacks if timed correctly by the opponent. (MK1)
    • The enhanced version is called Double Time, which cost two bars of Super Meter to perform, has Geras slams his fist a second time, forming a large clock behind himself while freezing time. While Geras slams his fists, he can perform combo or attack sequences during this time, after which Geras spawns a clone of himself that performs the inputted sequences while Geras himself can attack the opponent. Geras's clone is unable to perform special attacks and his Fatal Blow if it is available.
  • Countdown: Geras releases temporal energy from his body into a miniature version of The Hourglass above him. Geras can perform this attack up to a maximum of three times, after which he is able to perform a new special attacks; (MK1)
    • Enhancing the attack immediately grants three charges.
      • Inevitable: At three charges of Countdown, Geras snaps his fingers, releasing all the stored energy and freezes the opponent in time identical to stunning the opponent with Time Stop. If this attack is used in a combo, Time Stop cannot be used afterwards to stun the opponent again, however if Time Stop was used before, Geras can perform this attack, allowing for even more combo opportunities. If Geras performs this attack from anywhere in the arena, he teleports to the opponent immediately after stunning them, reappearing behind the opponent. Gears can choose to remain in front of the opponent, called Behold The End, respectively. When used on an opponent in the corner of the arena, Geras will not reappear behind them. Like Time Stop, the opponent cannot perform their Breaker when stunned this way, regardless if they have the requirements to perform it.
      • Fixed Point: At three charges of Countdown and the cost of one bar of Super Meter, Geras can return to a pervious position, similar to his Reverse Time ability by turning into a cloud of sand before rematerializing. If the opponent is close to Geras when this attack is performed, they will momentarily freeze in time and be knocked away once Geras materializes. Geras can perform this attack while being comboed by the opponent. Geras can perform this attack in the air, called (Air) Fixed Point, respectively.
  • Denial: Geras unleashes a burst of sand and energy from his body, causing the opponent to stumble backwards. When used with juggle effects, Geras can continue combos in some instances. (MK1)
    • Enhancing the attack grants armor and deals increased damage.
  • Sandstorm: Geras creates a sand pillar that immediately erupts into a small twister of sand with differing effects dependent on the opponent's location to the funnel cloud. If the opponent is closer to Geras, the cloud launches the opponent into the air for a juggle. If the opponent is near the center or outside of the cloud, they will be knocked away and off their feet. The attack can be performed at different ranges, called (Close/Far) Sandstorm, respectively. (MK1)
    • Enhancing the attack delays the formation of the funnel cloud and spawns a miniature version of The Hourglass above its location before eventually erupting and retaining the original properties. Performing this version of the attack builds a charge of Countdown at the expense of dealing no additional damage.

Fatal Blows

  • Stasis Assault: Geras uppercuts the opponent into the air and then reverses time, placing them in front of him again. While they are frozen in time, Geras punches them in the stomach and slashes their throat and chest with his sword before burying it in their shoulder. Finally, he cracks them over the head with a rock-covered fist before unfreezing time and punching them to the ground. (MK11)
  • Colliding Worlds: Geras phases through time to get close to his opponent. Once he reaches the opponent, he breaks the opponent's neck allowing the Kameo fighter to take over. As the portal opens, Geras punches the opponent through it, then catches another version of the opponent and slam them to their skulls. (MK1)

Other Moves

  • Throw (Forward): Geras clotheslines his opponent, then hurls them skyward. He teleports in front of them, catches them as they fall, and slams them into the ground head-first. (MK11)
  • Throw (Backward): Geras grabs the opponent and throws them onto a sand anvil behind him. Before they can get up, he forms a sand hammer that strikes the anvil, hitting the opponent. (MK11)
  • Matter Of Time: Geras performs a series of punches with the final uppercut knocking the opponent away. When used in the corner of an arena, Geras can continue combos. The final strike of this combo is capable of being Flawless Blocked by the opponent, leaving Geras vulnerable to Flawless Block Attacks. (MK11)
  • Out Of Time: Geras performs two punches followed by an overhead punch that knocks the opponent to the ground, where he then picks them up effortlessly and delivers a back breaker over his knee and tosses them away in the opposite direction. (MK11)
    • If the only the third punch of the combo connects, the rest of the combo turns into a Krushing Blow should Geras continue the rest of the combo. If done correctly, when Geras performs the back breaker, it will crush and shatter the opponent's ribcage and spine over his knee and deal almost double the combo's original damage. This Krushing Blow cannot be triggered on opponents left open for a free hit by interactables.
  • Xuid & Guid: Geras shoulder rams the opponent, grabs and spins them in the opposite direction and kicks them in the chest, knocking them away. When Geras grabs the opponent after shoulder ramming them, he re-stands the opponent. (MK11)
    • If this combo is performed on an opponent who is in the corner of the arena, the combo turns into a Krushing Blow, with the final kick shattering the opponent's ribcage and dealing over double the combo's original damage.
  • Dangerous Chronology: Geras punches the opponent in the thigh and trips them by summoning a rock from behind. As the opponent is down, Geras grabs them by one of their legs and stomps on the opposite leg, after which he walks away. The rock that Geras summons to trip the opponent before grabbing their leg is considered a projectile. Additionally, the rock that Geras summons is capable of being Flawless Blocked by the opponent, leaving Geras completely vulnerable. (MK11)
    • If this combo is performed on the opponent as a Kounter or Punish, the combo turns into a Krushing Blow, with the stomp breaking the opponent's leg and dealing over double the combo's original damage.
  • Outside Help (Backward Throw): Geras grabs the opponent in a headlock and turns around to perform a bulldog before another Geras drops down with a sword, stabbing it into the opponent's back as the previous Geras crumbles into sand. (MK1)
  • Shattered Sands: Geras punches the opponent in the face, follows up with a strike to the gut and elbow drop that drops them to the ground before picking them up and smashing them face first into a model of The Hourglass before throwing them through it. Successfully performing this combo in its entirety builds a charge of Countdown. (MK1)
  • Slab Returnal: Geras thrusts the opponent with his chest, forms a wall of stone behind them before tackling them through, dealing damage. Geras can delay when he tackles the opponent, which in turn separates the combo into two different attacks, allowing the opponent to block the attack. The final tackle of this combo is capable of being Flawless Blocked by the opponent, leaving Geras completely vulnerable. (MK1)
  • Smash: While in the air, Geras punches then uppercuts the opponent. This is an Aerial Attack and can only be performed in the air. This combo has follow-up attacks; (MK1)
    • Stay Put: Geras follows up by grabbing the opponent by the face and slamming them down on the back of their head.
    • Erect A Status: Geras follows up by grabbing the opponent and piledriving them into the ground in the opposite direction.
  • Gut Check: Geras punches the opponent then delivers a gut punch. This is an Aerial Attack and can only be performed in the air. This combo has follow-up attacks; (MK1)
    • Atomic Driver: Geras follows up by grabbing the opponent by the face with both hands and delivering a powerful knee strike, knocking them away.
    • To The Stone Age: Geras follows up by grabbing and lawn-darting the opponent head-first into the ground in the opposite direction.


  • Phasing Through Time: Geras disappears into sand and reappears behind his opponent, punching a hole through their pectoral. He then appears in front of his opponent and performs an uppercut to create a gash in their other pectoral. Finally, he appears behind the opponent again and strikes the back of their head with a powerful palm strike, causing their face to fly off and their brain to fly out of their skull. (MK11)
  • Peeling Back: Geras summons a sand wall behind the opponent and punches them to the wall with his sand fist, who bounces forward from the impact. Geras kicks his opponent into the sand wall, immobilizing them. Geras then grabs the opponent's hand and rips the flesh off their arm, proceeding to finish the victim off by completely tearing off the front half of their body, spilling their internal organs in the process. (MK11)
  • Sand Storm: Geras summons a sand tornado around him and the opponent and closes it in, forcing the opponent to Geras. He then grabs the opponent and grinds the opponent's left side against the sand tornado, removing their left side of their body. Geras then slams them overhead into the ground with one hand, splattering their entire upper body and leaving only their upside-down legs behind. (MK1)
  • Temporal Execution: Geras conjures a time portal behind himself and pulls off the head and spine of another version of the opponent, smashing the opponent on the jaw with it and breaking it off. He then hands the head to the opponent who look at it in disbelief, as the head's jaw has already been broken off. A time portal soon opens behind them, and the past Geras pulls their head and spine out and closes the portal. (MK1)


Mortal Kombat 11

  • The Klassic: Geras performs his uppercut, decapitating the opponent with a rising uppercut with his Knuckle Duster with their spine still attached.
  • Pulled Apart: Geras performs his Dangerous Chronology combo and rips off the opponent's leg after stomping on the opposite leg.
  • Back Blown Out: Geras performs a Titan Tackle, carrying the opponent to the corner and forming the stone wall, only this time, he punches the opponent in the face three times with his Knuckle Duster before delivering an overhead slam that completely crushes the opponent's head.
  • Evil Anvils: Geras performs a Throw (Backward), only this time, the opponent is crushed by the stone hammer on the stone anvil, destroying their entire upper body in the process.
  • Trapped: Geras performs a Sand Trap, only this time, when the opponent sinks into the portal, their legs are ripped off in the portal and they are launched into the air where they are crushed by the sand hammers with the force so strong, their head pops off.
  • Sinking Feeling: Geras performs a Quick Sand, only this time instead of forcing the opponent to their knees after teleporting, Geras puts them in a rear-naked choke with enough force that causes the opponent's eyes to fly out of their sockets.
  • Stick It Out: Geras performs a Throw (Forward) with the head-first slam killing the opponent on impact. Their lower body sticks out of the ground and twitches as Geras performs his Brutality Victory Pose.
  • Paused in Time: Geras performs a Temporal Advantage, causing the opponent to disintegrate by each layer of their body after being frozen in time.
  • Break Down: Geras performs a Bed of Spikes and keeps the sand spikes up. After a second the spikes tear the opponent's body apart.
  • Unstoppable Force: Geras performs an amplified Sand Pillar, leaving the opponent confused. After a short period of time a giant sand fist falls from above, smashing the opponent with several blows.
  • Breaking Out: Geras performs his Out Of Time kombo, ripping the opponent's spine from their chest with a final hit.

Mortal Kombat 1

  • The Klassic: Geras performs his uppercut, decapitating the opponent with a rising fist coated in sand.
  • From Another Time: Geras performs his Backwards Throw, only this time, he opens a portal to another timeline and retrieves Shao Kahn's Wrath Hammer and viciously beats the opponent to death with it, similar to how Shao Kahn did to Geras in a previous timeline, until the opponent's head explodes.
  • Sand of Time: Geras performs his Shattered Sands combo, only this time, he holds the opponent in front of the model of The Hourglass as it reduces them to sand and absorbs them.
  • Just Rip It Off: Geras performs a Sandstorm that reduces the opponent to a skeleton.
  • Unstoppable Force: Geras performs his Slab Returnal combo, destroying the opponent entire body when he tackles them through the stone wall.
  • Time Will Tell: Geras performs either a History Lesson or Follow-Up Exam while the opponent is in the corner of the arena, throwing them into the stone wall, only this time, he kicks their head into the wall, stunning them before delivering a second kick that destroys their head on impact with the wall.

Other Finishers

  • Friendship - Beach Party: Geras walks up to a pile of sand and uses his abilities to move through time to rapidly make a sandcastle in the sand. (MK11)


Mortal Kombat 11

Story Mode

Part 1: Mortal Kombat 11

  • "They said you'd come." (To Liu Kang)
  • "You should've listened to your Revenant counterparts."
  • "With this power, Kronika will remake history."
  • "I, Geras, am a fixed point in time. With every death and rebirth, I grow stronger."
  • "Kronika has a keen interest in you. It's why she recruited your revenant self." (To Liu Kang)
  • "Serve her, she will bless you."
  • "You're good, but you're no Great Kung Lao." (To Kung Lao)
  • "He stood a chance against me. You have none."
  • "You Shaolin monks exceed your reputation. I respect your spirit, but Kronika's will must be done."
  • "It's dangerous to let them live." (To Kronika about Liu Kang and Kung Lao's past selves)
  • "You will see." (To Past Kano)
  • "Can you restore him?" (Asking Past Kano to restore Sektor and the Cyber Lin Kuei)
  • "Once he is repaired, can he be replicated? Hundreds of times? Thousands?"
  • "Serve Kronika and she will provide."
  • "Sonya Blade. Mother of Cassie Cage."
  • "Cassie Cage defeated Shinnok, son of Kronika."
  • "I am his mother's vengeance."
  • "I have died a thousand deaths to prepare for this battle. My defeat is impossible."
  • "Yours, inevitable." (Geras to Raiden before the final fight with him)
  • "Drowning cannot kill me, Raiden." (Final words before being dragged into the Sea of Blood)

Part 2: Aftermath

  • "Shang Tsung, Fujin, Nightwolf. All were seen in the Koliseum. How is that possible?"
  • "If Shang Tsung were to--"
  • ​​​​​"Nightwolf, Shang Tsung... Come. Kronika is keen to question you."
  • "I am eternal, Fujin. My will and my strength, infinite." (Replied to Fujin)
  • "Of all the Nightwolves I have fought, you are the fiercest."
  • "You are also anomalous."
  • "No one has ever escaped the Void."
  • "Shao Kahn, Sindel. Come with me. Kronika has need of you."
  • "As she has done billions of times before." (After the player chooses Sindel)
  • "Each time, the perfection of her design grows closer."
  • "Do not invoke Kronika's wrath, Shao Kahn." (After the player chooses Shao Kahn)

Mortal Kombat 1

Story Mode

  • "Likewise, Lord Liu Kang."
  • "I have watched you with the Hourglass. You are relishing your role as Earthrealm's Protector."
  • "You created me in your own image. Duty is my highest calling."
  • "With something it has shown me."
  • "When you restarted history, you altered the destinies of certain malefactors to neutralize them. At least one of them is defying that destiny: Shang Tsung."
  • "He has escaped his meaningless life and is on his way to becoming a powerful sorcerer. He has already infiltrated Sindel's court."
  • "Your vision of peace may already be compromised."
  • "And your work was flawless. Such would their lives have been, had someone not interfered."
  • "Both sorcerers were visited by this person. It is her intervention that bent the arcs of their lives."
  • "Unknown. Her identity has been obscured from the Hourglass."
  • "Impossible. Titans, once destroyed, cannot be revived."
  • "It is the only plausible theory."
  • "Ha ta!"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "Impossible." (Shock with the revelation of Shang Tsung's benefactor)
  • "In scrutinizing Shang Tsung's first meeting with his benefactor, I made an important discovery."
  • "Her life essence, the very time crystals that make up her being... are not of this timeline."
  • "That cannot happen."
  • "All evidence points to the presence of a second timeline, which exists concurrently with ours."
  • "Never in a billion lifetimes have I seen this. But that does not make the other timeline any less real. There can be no doubt that Shang Tsung's benefactor hails from it."
  • "That will require revealing to her your prior role as Keeper of Time."
  • "Your Majesty. Your Highnesses." (Greets Sindel, Kitana, and Mileena)
  • "This timeline was preceded by billions more, though this is the first of Liu Kang's design. The others were designed by his predecessor."
  • "Kronika was obsessed with equalizing good and evil. When a timeline veered too far to one or the other, she would halt it and restart history. Tinkering with lives and events in hope of achieving her golden balance."
  • "But someone has interfered with Liu Kang's design. Shao, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi... all have been groomed by an unknown entity to be the villains they were in previous timelines."
  • "It should not exist. Its maker is powerless, as Liu Kang designed."
  • "It is possible. But as I am only the Hourglass's steward, such a search is beyond me. It can only be undertaken by the Keeper of Time."
  • "You may be able to regain it."
  • "When you gave up control of the Hourglass... I worried that, one day, you would find you needed it."
  • "So rather than let your power dissipate, I collected it... To this day it remains safely stored."
  • "Because the process of restoring your power is likely irreversible."
  • "Returning to the life you have now as Earthrealm's Protector, a life you cherish, may be impossible."
  • "Correct."
  • "It is at the Fire Temple. Stored in the jade jaguar gifted to you by the Great Kung Lao."
  • "Once we retrieve the jade jaguar, we will proceed to the Hourglass. There we will transfer the temporal power stored within it to you."
  • "Because I have faith in your vision for this new era. I am content to be its guardian." (Answers Liu Kang why he refuses to have the title as Keeper of Time)
  • "As sure as I can be of one that has been neither tried nor tested."
  • "But even if successful, it is not guaranteed that you will find any other timelines or allies. They may not exist."
  • "Your champions will bolster their strength against the Dragon Army. It is sure to be the mother of all battles."
  • "Are you ready to begin the search?"
  • "He is not yet aware of any beyond his and Liu Kang's."
  • "We have little time. The Hourglass is failing."
  • "Yes, Liu Kang."

Dark Geras

  • "Liu Kang has proven more resilient that anticipated. He and his comrades have escaped the fortress."

Armageddon Geras

  • "It is time you die."
  • "I shall wipe you from history."
  • "Be forgotten."
  • "Your timeline is near its end."
  • "Time is not on your side."
  • "Thank you, Kitana."
  • "I am privileged to serve. And now to complete our last task."
  • "We are in danger."



  • Geras' sand and time-control powers are likely based on the idiom "sands of time", which refers to the passage of time as being like sand in an hourglass.
  • Geras and Kronika are the first characters (except Taven in the Konquest mode of MK Armageddon) in the Mortal Kombat series with the complete ability to manipulate time.
    • While other characters such as Raiden and Shang Tsung can also alter time, they do not have full control over it like Kronika and Geras who can completely affect the overall timeline.
      • While Raiden changed the timeline in MK 2011, he never had total control like Kronika and Geras.
      • Shang Tsung can restore himself to his youth while also bestowing longevity towards others[3], as he did to Erron Black, but just like with Raiden, he never had actual control of time itself.
  • Geras shares his name with the Greek god of old age, Γῆρας (Ancient Greek: Geras).
    • Additionally, the word 'geras' in Ancient Greek refers to the virtue where the more geras a man acquired in his life, the more fame, excellence and courage he was considered to have.
  • Geras is the first character with the ability to affect the match timer.
  • Geras is one of the few characters in the series' canon that cannot truly die, the other notable ones being Shinnok, the Elder Gods, and Geras' creator, Kronika. However, he is one of the few immortal characters not of a Godly ranking or origin.
    • Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Spawn also share this trait, however they are non-canon guest characters.
    • Kung Lao decapitates Geras in Mortal Kombat 11's Story Mode, only for the latter's head to turn into sand and rematerializes itself on his body.
    • Geras also directly states that he exists at a fixed point in time, and thusly can never truly be eliminated.
    • This is further supported more with interactions with Cassie and Skarlet.
  • In a Kombat Kast #1, Geras was stated by Stephanie Brownback to be the MK11 equivalent of a mini-boss character like Goro, Kintaro, Motaro, Moloch and others.
  • In early builds of Mortal Kombat 11, Geras had blue-colored blood. In later builds, the color of his blood is red like most of the other characters. No official statement explaining this change has been released.
  • When the roster section was first added to the Mortal Kombat 11 website Geras was referred to as Terminas. In the files for Mortal Kombat 11, Geras is labeled as "Ter", this suggests that Geras' original name was Terminas before being changed at some point through development.

Mortal Kombat 11

  • Due to his immense lifespan, Geras has many interesting interactions in the Arcade about different parts of history.
    • Geras is aware of the Tarkatans's well-known, long-standing servitude within the Outworld Empire.
    • An interaction with Erron Black has Geras state he was shot by American lawman Wyatt Earp in 1881.
    • An interaction with Cassie Cage shows Geras likening her to Joan of Arc.
    • Interactions with Cassie and Erron reveals Geras has died over a billion times.
    • Geras is aware of what happened to Jade during the Outworld invasion of Earthrealm.
      • Geras is also aware of who Jade's parents are and them giving her away for "freedom".
    • An interaction with Johnny Cage has Geras state he has interacted with Cage's ancestors at one point in time.
    • Geras is aware of Liu Kang's death by Raiden in every timeline.
    • An interaction with Sub-Zero reveals he has vast knowledge of Lin Kuei history.
      • Additionally, Geras experienced the thawing of the Ice Age.
    • Despite not being present during the event, he is aware of Kung Lao's death at the hands of Shao Kahn.
    • He has fought Nightwolf across many timelines, including different Matokan warriors that carried the mantle of Nightwolf.
    • He is aware of Argus' infidelity when interacting with Rain.
      • Geras is also aware of who Amara is.
    • Geras is aware of Sindel betraying Edenia and her rising corruption of greed and power.
    • Geras' knowledge of history and timelines expands to the guest characters as well;
      • Geras indirectly knows The Terminator's motives and creators from his respective timelines.
      • Geras of aware of The Joker's real identity, however he never reveals it.
      • Geras has fought other versions of Spawn, though prefers the Hellspawn's Medieval counterpart.
      • Geras is aware of RoboCop's demise and his suffering after being remade.
      • Geras is aware of who Sheriff Teasle is and disapproves of Rambo's retaliation against him.
        • Geras has also witnessed all of Rambo's past battles.
  • An interaction with Scorpion reveals Geras escaped the Sea of Blood after his defeat by Raiden thanks to a passing leviathan that tried to eat him.
  • Geras is the second character in the Mortal Kombat series that can resurrect after losing a round. The first being the guest character Jason Voorhees in Mortal Kombat X, and the third being D'Vorah in MK11 with Geras.
  • Both Geras and Shao Kahn share the same name for two separate finishers called Back Blown Out. Geras' is a Brutality while Shao Kahn's is a Fatality, respectively.
  • Geras is the first character with a delayed stun ability, this being his Temporal Advantage ability. Unlike most stuns, Geras can land certain attacks that would otherwise end a character's combo should they use a traditional stun ability.
    • Due to this, Geras is the third character with a non-traditional stun ability, the first being Jason Voorhees and the second being Leatherface.
  • Despite using a stone sword during his Fatal Blow, Geras never uses one during gameplay.
  • The way the opponent disintegrates during Geras's Paused In Time Brutality may be a reference to the Marvel Superhero film Avengers: Infinity War, where the main antagonist Thanos disintegrates half of all life in the Universe after amassing all six Infinity Stones in the films ending.
  • In the character select menu and using Johnny Cage's Announcer Voice Pack, Johnny Cage will nickname Geras "Busta Tymes", this nickname is a reference to fellow real-life American rapper, Busta Rhymes.
  • In the Arcade, many characters question where Geras is from during interactions, to which he always responds by saying he "hails" from Kronika's Keep, where Kronika created him.
    • This Keep is never seen in the Story Mode, however it makes its debut as part of the Aftermath DLC Expansion.

Mortal Kombat 1

  • Geras' virtue is presented as "Service".
  • Geras is one of three characters from the previous timeline that is not redesigned with a new destiny by Liu Kang, the others being Liu Kang and the alternate version of Shang Tsung.
    • He is however reconstructed by Liu Kang, however he still retains the same memories from the previous timeline like Liu Kang and Shang Tsung.
  • Geras becomes this timeline's new Keeper of Time, succeeding Liu Kang.


  • Despite its listing in the Kustomization for the ability, there is a chance Geras can still be struck by projectiles after performing Quick Sand.
  • When Geras sustains damage and receives in-game battle damage with certain Kosmetics, he will be left with blue blood stains on his body at times despite him having red blood. This is likely due to him having blue blood in the Beta, but it being changed before release.
  • When Geras performs his Bed of Spikes attack, he grabs the opponent by the face, but they immediately reposition to where Geras grabs them by the throat.
  • The frame data for Geras' Sand Blaster combo is significantly incorrect, stating it is -13 on block when it is really -6. The only time the combo is truly -13 is when Geras performs it at the maximum range the combo is capable of being performed. The frame data when the attack is Flawless Blocked is still correct however, regardless of the distance performed.
  • On random occasions, despite being a Low Attack, Geras's Sand Trap and Quick Sand can be blocked by a standing opponent. Why this occurs is currently unknown.
  • When performing his From Another Time Brutality, another Geras appears on screen.



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