Gem of Tetsurri.

The Gem of Tetsurri was an ancient artifact in the form of a ruby gem, yet it is a crystalized heart organ, belonging to a long dead, evil warlord from Zaterra named Tetsurri.

History and Characteristic

Its history was so deep, that even Raiden believed it to be nothing more than just a legend. The gem was located in the Realm of Zaterra where it was guarded by a magical flaming skull in the Sphere of Tetsurri. It appeared as a red oval shaped jewel, which was capable of infecting anyone who was exposed to it with blinding hatred, making friends turn against one another and armies destroy themselves due to the hatred from the gem.

Though it was called a gem, it was not a jewel, but in fact, the ancient crystallized heart of its owner. It was a demon stone, capable of darkening the soul, with its power only capable of being unleashed by an extremely powerful sorcerer. The effects of the gem only grew progressively worse, with simple arguments eventually leading to souls so dark that allies would try to kill one another. However, its effects were not limited to a person's enemies, and those who unleashed its power were also threatened to be consumed by it, and the only way they could stop the gem's powers from affecting them was to return it back to Zaterra. The powers of the gem protected it from harm, though the strongest and most skilled fighter was capable of shattering it.

Quan Chi used a portal from Earthrealm to enter Zaterra and retrieve the gem in order to unleash its powers on the defenders of Earth. It was ultimately destroyed by Nightwolf.

In Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, The Gem of Tetsurri appeared in Reptile's Lair on a claw-like pedestal in a green magic aura with a vibration sound when you are near it.



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