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The Gear is the system and customized items in Mortal Kombat 11.


Gear in Mortal Kombat 11 is cosmetic and in itself has no stats. By equipping and fighting with Gear though, two Augment slots can be unlocked.

Gear List


Arm Blades Head Gear War Banners
Baraka's Tokraka Jaws of Death Fighting Banner of Tarkata
Stabby and Gashy Fearsome Nomad Ritual Standard of Tarkatan Battle
Blood-Soaked Carving Tokraka Barbarous Tarkatan Rider Total Tarkatan War

Cassie Cage

Shades Pistols Drones
Stranded Issue Tactical Sidearm Rocker Queen Emma
Kombat Service Sidearm So-Cal Senorita Ex-Machinator
This Pistol Grabs Back Hollywood Legacy Hopper


Goddess Crowns Eternal Coronas Living Tendrils
Nature's Nurturer Phasianidae Palms of Cetrion
Sky Stones Iridesidae Struts Aeternae
Abundant Provider Seed of Life Trails of Blight
Thorndrought Wrath Eternal Bountiful Joy
Fallen Goddess Harvester Flowers of Light
Prick of Death Autumnal Yang Fading Fronds
Web of Souls Charlotte Butterfly Effect
Wings of Desire Bride of Zarak Ching Shih
Flutter Gems Jinsei Butterflies Fall Desolation
Wreath of Delchior Spring Awakener Jinsei Dreamweavers
Arch of Abraxas Sacred Rosebud Remnants of Life
Crystalline Gorgeosity Hipparchia
Angorosa Corona Cetrionis Aspasia
Verdant Clarity Dreamscaper Arms of the Jungle
Giving Branches Primordial Industry Space Odysseae
Kephalopod Pillar of Valor Eyes of the World
Shinnoxia Corallion Bioluminesciae
Tetraodontid Northern Sky Stardust Dreamer
Astral Cosmosis Mellifluous Spheres Aequorea Fatalis
Unholy Bonds Aspergillosis Entrains of Domcio
Oligocene Salmpnellosis Tentaculara
Shubb-Leggurath Third Nature Viscera of Shawkitts
Miocene Dibranchiata Expansive Growth
Serratogga Hydrostasis Goddess Octopedia
Darkness Reigns Gouger of Men Die Over Here!
Petrifex Amalasuntha Kunai Couture
Zytheoria Suiko Spring Bleeder
Circumplexor Hatred Personified Poisoned Overgrowth
Lucifina Hellborne Brunhilde Talons of the One Beast
Sign of One Being Kriemhild Death Becomes Us
Calafia Gammagen Wu Zetian
Crown of Ma'at Halo of Nephythys Sleeves of Anubis
Fexmeena Broken Halo Mnesarate
Divine Light Blood Lotus Natural Forces
Runic Song Hellfire Queen Flowing Life
Healing Ring Telesilla Shadow Wisps
Hertskell Horns of Onaga Khutulun


Ovipositors Swarm Wings
Poison-Tipped Stingers Deadly Swam Feral Wings
Toxicant Inceptors Insectoid Plague Daggerwings
Venin Stabbers Poisonous Multitude Membranous Hindwings

Erron Black

Hats Rifles Pistols
Man Without A Cause BT Elite .243 Death & Taxes
Outlander Ragnarok .30-30 Armed & Dangerous
Bourbon Straight Rottwang .243 Smack & Down
Rye on the Rocks El Dorado .243 Sweet & Sour
Old Fashioned Alphamega .243 Ham & Eggs
Tumbleweed Bearfoot .30-30 Thriller & Killer
The Dandy Vurhonga .30-30 Mack & Macky
Wandering Gunman Gemini .30-30 Scorpion & Sub-Zero
Redeeming Raider Demoralizer .30-30 War & Peace
Stick 'Em Up Humphries AimPro .243 North & South
Erron Klassic Goldheart .270 Lewis & Clark
Golden Bullet Rottweiler .270 Naughty & Nice
Silver Tongue Elkhorn .270 Blood & Guts
Dry Spell Hogwylder .270 Coral & Copperhead
Desert Stormbreaker Fernando .270 Pronghorn & White-Tail
Sand Scout Mulebuck .308 Summer & Winter
Lone Stranger Oni-Stopper .308 Spring & Fall
Abraham Van Hell London Jack .308 Death & Rebirth
Graeme's Quest Ketchikan .308 Romeo & Juliet
Daventry Fort Worth .308 Chili & Queso
Tipperary Magistrate 7MM Dream & Nightmare
Quiet Man Claims Adjuster 7MM Kitana & Jade
Hella Wicked Scrubcleaner 7MM Crime & Punishment
Ghastly Rider Caribou 7MM Samson & Delilah
Dead Eyes Layton 7MM Danger & Ranger
Harvest Moon Black Dragon .338 Coffee & Cigarettes
Repeat Offender Medved .338 Cage & Blade
Wickett's Most Wanted Snowblind .338 Whiskey & Regret
Born in the 915 Moosehunter .338 Rhythm & Blues
Cattle Rustler San Antonio .338 Strength & Resolve
Bulleteerist Abilene .375 Master & Commander
Grandmaster of Grandfalls Lawnmower .444 Christmas & Easter
Thrillmaker Grizzly Bear .444 Ceaser & Cleopatra
Dusted Texarkana .444 Ninja & Zombie
Cool Hand Black Cape Buffalo .444 Fire & Drum
Glory Plymouth Henry & Anne
Master of Mitchell Branson .444 David & Goliath
Old Man Erron Lubbock .375 Buck & Wild


Masks Power Arrays Frozen Cores
Fatal Frost The Seal of Fate Kronika's Temporal Reactor
Diamondteeth White Lotus Diamond Blast-Freeze Ampifier
Daughter of Arctika Jinsei Gem Vortex Capacitor
Pro Wrestler Frost Crest of Dominion Chaotian Age Sacrament
Goldenrod Quaestor Spinal Steroid Replenisher
Chronal Rebreather Andromeda Parcifex Cold Repeater
Frozen Filter Gemma Cybertronic Endymiator
Lost Cause Corona Borealis Elder Goddess Overcharger
Mask of Neglect Libra Polarized Psychemediator
Cold Concealment Xihe Jericho 873
Cool Kombat Vega Herald of the New Era
Korruption Hepit Lin Kuei Supreme Master
Klassic Frost Beira Bionopack
Lin Kuei Tradition Birka Viking Dynamic Zordian Engine
Cyberpunk Ice Valkyrie Polar Arc Accelerator
Liquid Nitrogen Ringkvinna Queen of Death Matches
Cryomask Polaris Arctikan Sigil of Life
Resilient Assassin Flux Chronometer Crysosynthetic Processor
Lin Kuei Renegade Hourglass Node Negative Matter Infuser
Kronika's Apprentice Aquaria Jinsei Enhancement Engine
Deathmatch Champion Aquila Enerchrome of the Matriarch
Frost 2.0 Third Sign of Saido Wintermeter 9000
Speak No Evil Aria Dead in Space
Silent Ice Chang'e Overclocked Hex Drive
Defiant One Zhinu Axiom A113
Uprising Bila Discovery
Chosen Destiny Aberguwo Cold Skull End
Kronika Upgrade V1.1 Auxesia Kuratan Frostifier
Tetsuo's Daughter Khione The Eternity Battery
Metal Fetishist Skathi Anti-Kinetic Resonator


Krossbows Kusanagis Bracers
Skeiron Rudra's Blade Wind-Whipped Fists
Qebui Edge of the Elements Ukko
Bow of Eurus Edge of Enlil Ohrmazd


Knuckle Dusters Sand Batteries Temporal Anchors
Mountain Krusher Brinks of War Faithful Servant No More
Castigator of the Impatient Ticking Time Bomb Armor of the Time Traveler
Hand of the Last Titan Jinsei Time Battery Totem of Immortal Onaga

Jacqui Briggs

Right Gauntlets Left Gauntlets Shield Batteries
Right JXB-11 Kombat Gauntlet Left JXB-11 Kombat Gauntlet Ion Containment Unit
Right Ionoblasters V1.5 Left Ionoblasters V1.5 Spark Plug
Right Green Beetle Clip Left Stylin Heat Nation Station


Masks Razor-Rang Staves
Unrivaled Assassin Tirgis Claw Moonbeam of the Assassin
Imperial Bodyguard Cyclone Thrower Energy Bo of Mara Zan
Lady in Green Justice Bringer Kanthel Light Staff
Future Queen of the Osh-Tekk Makturian Razor-Rang The One-Third Grip
Pride of Edenia Ancestral Edenian Triblade Sacred Edenian Star Bo
Daughter of Prince Jobashel Elinvar Alloy Glaive Gift of Lord Raiden
Bride of Kotal Kahn Stonecutter Gilded Bokote of Kuo Shou
Edenian Revolutionary Dawnstrike Sparkspitter
Tarkata's New Ally Tri-Force Glaive Imperial Jubilee
Netherrealm Assassin Kitana's Favor Klassic Impaler
Klassic Jade Greenstone Glaive Sapphire of Death
Dead or Alive Nephritic Beast-Slayer Keeper of Goro's Lair
Green Death Deadly Hand of Bell Yim Stalker of the Living Forest
Slayer of Imperial Traitors Twist of the North Star Iris of the Emerald Dragon
Last Defender of the Kahn Netherrealm Deathclaw Deadly Blessing of Lord Argus
Kombat Courtier Furthest Cry Fiery Finger of Delia
The Imperial Gem Amethyst Killstar Stolen Thunder of Chun Hoo
Possessed by the Past Glaive of the Desert Raider Blaze's Firespawn Torch
Kitana's Loyal Friend Promise Keeper Jade's Signature Bo
Purest Jade Glaive of Dawn Staff of Majorika
Stalwart Outworld Warrior Jadefire Staff of Kai
Regent of the New Kahn Sharpened Alamel Razor-Rang Mournful Staff of X
D'Vorah's Sworn Enemy Shao Kahn's Bane Teknobeam
Mistress of Bojutsu Heartbreaker Instrument of Guardianship
Emerald Huntress Eldorval-Forged Triblade Desert Raider Yari
Onaga Hunter Ynyr's Last Hope Spark of the Dark Emerald
The Bodyguard Pyroxene Cyclone Edenian Sojourner Staff
Veil of Armageddon Jobashel's Final Gift Staff of Vanishing Winds
Daughter of Edenia's Pride Ghost of Maktur Outworld Panther's Tail
Lapis Nephricitus Imperial Executioner Last of the Edenian Knights

Jax Briggs

Bionic Arms Buckles Thumpers
Kolossal Forces Special Forces Commando Purple Pain
JB-23 Synth Muscle Fibers Eagle Vision Cybernexus 3.1
Bomb Squad Forever Striving Wasteland Camo

Johnny Cage

Shades Hand Wraps Buckles
$500 Sunglasses Cage Bands by J. Cage Klassic Cage
Final Countdown Buckle Up Buttercup Johnny X
Hammer Dropper Winter Wonder Hands Challenge Accepted

The Joker

Disguises Kanes Jack in the Boxes
Soldier of Misfortune Fun Truncheon The Joker's Surprise
Peddler of Anguish Setup and Payoff Joke in the Box
Smooth Criminal Merry Maker Curiousity Kills


Face Shields Hook Swords Gas Canisters
Respirator Racer Blades of Vengeance Xenon Gas
Bat Outta Hell Crooked Cop Second Wind
Rapid Raider Klassic Hook Pure O2
Double Time Mavado's Torment O2+Black Dragon Enhancer
Supersonic Thief Mokap Decapitators Ubiquinone
Klassic Kabal Slice & Dice Chromium Picolinate
Klassic Kabal Redux Better Shred Than Dead Amino Recovery Pack
Kano's Secret Weapon Mavado Is Dead Caffeine
Avarice Accelerated Choy Lay Fut Guarana-Ginkgo Vitality
Kira's Mentor Fu Tao Erron Black's Magic Bullet
Spike Hu Tou Gou ATP Energizer
Deathgrin Shuang Gou Ca-Mg-Zn
Fatal Faceless Dong Dynasty OG Dymethyl Sulfoxide
Bound to Run Qian Kun Ri Yue Dao Thyroid Optimizer
MK9219 Spider Eyes Shepherd's Crook Insulin
Black Dragon Slickhelm Trip, Catch, Slash Cannabinoids
Armored Vault Dweller Crescent Guard Erythropoietin
World of Darkness Seven Star Mantis Human Growth Hormone
Mothman Baguazhang EC Stackers
Plague of Point Pleasant Deer Horn Knives Argon Gas
Black Dragon Landhawk Northern Praying Mantis Beet Juice
Bullet Pacer Shandong Praying Mantis NSAIDs
No Cure for Sadness Chicken Sickles Glycerol
Weeping Nightmare Warring States Pickle Juice
Emotionless Killer Nanquan Meldonium
Experimental Jetrunner Guo Lou Cai Shou Anabolic Infusion
More Machine Than Man Razors of Armageddon Androstenedione
Dark Dome Trilogy Trophy Creatine
Hardcore Black Dragon Gift of the Shaolin Monks Bromantan
Man of the Sand Twin Scissors of Doom Ephedrine
Partner in Crime Blazing Fury Albuterol
Hypersonic Oxygenator Fatal Deception Pentetrazol
Breathe In Breathe Out Kabal's Return Adrafinil
Racing the Wind Brutal Revenge Modafinil
Smile for Me Black Dragon Best Seller Propanolol
Race Against Time Ultimate Duology Turbo Kerosene
Officer Kabal Double Tiger Klaws Sibutramine


Eye Shields Cybernetic Hearts Shanks
Me Mad Eye BD-MKX Solar Iris Blade Dragon
Eye Destroy You Big Red Magnifier Twisted Whittler
Maxitronic Catalyzer Laser-Blade Circular Saw Definity Blade
Black Dragon Supreme Hubcap Style Me Knife
EKSK-54-83 Special Turbo Laserfan 619 Serated Laser Edge
Russian EKSK Outlaw Molten Heat Stolen from Quan Chi
Cold Chiseled Model II Snake Eyes Warlock Dagger
Downhearted Solar Plexor Outworld Naturalist
Yer Boy Lights Up Ogre Blaster 9219 MK Tournament Keepsake
Bed Burner Crunch Pad Lethal Lightwing
Hunter Kollector Klassic Bolted Iris Darksheather
Red Eye Mine Photovoltiac Lockdown Black Dragon Utility Knife
Midnight Oil Maurader Photovoltiac Lockdown 9219 Irradiated Carbon Blade
Mental and Everything Infared Pyramid Fisherman's Pal
Multiocular Razor Delta of Inifinity Goldslitter
Mister Dirty Deeds Dragon Stalker Now that's a Knife
Shot Caller Heart of the Crossworlder Kano's Kustom Sticker
Live it Up Reflectomania Me Mum's Old Chib
Berserk Cooker MKII34DADEAR9X11 Yakkety -Yak Stopper
Cruel Sensation Motherboard & Shield Red Trilium-Edge Knife
Living in the 90's Ruby's Riot Shield Cancer Blade
Eye-Hooks Klassic Pad 9219 Red-Bellied Black Snake
Kill.u.tonight Card-Carrying Gangster Lowlands Copperhead
Jack's Epic Eye KANO-9000 Stolen from Kotal Kahn
Klassic Kano Prime Non-Compliant Osh-Tekk Serpent's Tooth
Simply Killer OG Black Dragon Phablet Killer-Barber
Klassic Kano Redux Future According to 1994 Three Stabs Forwards
Black Dragon Merc Ceraminc Encased Polyheater Rationer of Power
Upgraded Kano BD-MKX Focused Triphasic Borer Snaggletooth
Scanning Darkly Skin Toaster Face Carver
Odessa's Eye Thermolnucleaic Heart Bloke Bleeder
Evil Eye Heart of Amazon Peixeira
Optic Dagger AI Kano Kannon 6-5000 Basic Deadly
Execution Immenentizer Rage Factor 11X9 Nasty Time


Masks War Fans Sai
Edenian Princess White Lotus Blossom Mileena's Favorite
Sindel's Daughter Predator Plume Krelborn's Thorn
King Jerrod's Pride Outworld Fantasy Deathhawk
Outworld's Queen Elder Bird's Talons Clean Cut
Vengeful Princess Tears of the Stars Manslicer
Earthrealm's Ally Edenian Rose Mileena the Merciless
Outworld United Arch of the Coven Tarkatan Bone Sai
Royal Mask of the Kahnum Unholy Deathblade Ancient Edenian Relic
Kitana's Imperial Visage Tactical Surgeon Gillitian Fishmonger
Regal Daughter of Edenia Deadly Flow Kharon's Crew Blade
Rain's Enemy Windmill of Fate Stab in the Dark
Empress of Tomorrow Fatal Autumn Poisoned Pricker
Fifth Horsewoman Agonizer Hotaru's Dagger
Lady of the Shadows Razorback Breeze Measured Cuts
Soul Saver Kitana's Training Fan Old Faithful
Troubled Daughter Radial Killer Regal Revenant
Barbaric Beauty Butchering Butterfly Shinnokian Bliss
Air of Mystery Bloodletter Reliant Thrust
Blue Dream Winds of Destiny Two-Strap
Herald of Grace Artful Massacre Finger of Delia
Vow of Silence Kombat Knives Claw of Onaga
Kitana Kahn Regal Assault Mileena's Final Curse
Empress Assassin Flaying Shears Tareesian Slayer
The Rightful Heir Pointed Question Needler
Handmaid of Delia Scissor Kisser Sindel's Letter Opener
Dread Oni Assassin Netherrealm Tormentor Skeleton Sai
Faerie Embroidery Fishfin Spinalizer Purple Passion
Diplomatic Immunity Wind Widower Skarlet's Blood Sai
Kombat's Kiss Jerrod's Funeral Fan Shao Kahn's Gift
Poise and Power Sharpshearer Cetrion's Enchantment
Priestess of Ashrah Steel Butterfly Wings Assassin's Sister
Klassic Mask Assassinatrix Kat's Paw
Face of Blue Death Jade's Jagged Edges Edge of Nowhere
Outworld Kat Liu Kang's Treasure Mileena's Favorite Poker
Lady Kitana Eternal Sindel's Serrated Scalpels Points Break
The Girl in the Iron Mask Headtaker Mirrorred Edge
Sun Shade Tropical Breeze Gashing Gal
Future Empress Lethal Breeze Face Stabber
Visage of Time Queen Kronika's Eternal Gift Sayonara
Sonic Vengeance


Satchels Mystic Beacons Chained Balls
Tobalor's Stachel All-Seeing Eyetower Parapraxis
Rain's Ransom Bloodbearer's Gaslamp Triumph of Motaro
Skythrian Vynil The Spy Glass Faces of Taven

Kotal Kahn

Macanas Hooks Totems
Bloody Sunrise Macana Bloody Sunrise Slash Hooks Blood God Sunstone Idol
Cougar Macana Gleaming Osh-Tekk Slash Hooks Wild Tepeyolloti
Margay Macuahuiti Jaguarundi Sickles Sun God Jaguarundi Idol

Kung Lao

Razor Hats Bracers Insignias
Prideful Warrior Klassic Shaolin Gauntlet Kombat Dragon
Confident Monk Fists of the Master Mortal Kombat Champion
Sharp-Dressed Man Klassic Gauntlet Redux Drowning Sorrow
Second Best Shaolin Windy Palm The Pain of Death
Liu Kang's Comrade X Shaolin Armguard Hungry Guardian
Self-Righteous Monk Revenant Lord Bracers Shishi
Protector of Light Snake Fist Scales Jinsei Guide Me
Fortune and Glory Loyal Fist of Yue Fei Holy Zhenyan
Tournament Ready Lance Arms of Li Bing Indomitable Fighter
Perennial Challenger Tooth of Cao Fang Dragon Mantra
Boastful Adversary Shaolin Boxer Animality
Wu Shu Master Wu Shi Red Guard Savagery of Liebao
Hainan's Favorite Son Battle Scarred Bracers Clarity of Mingdao
Legacy of Lao Boxing Tortoise Shells White Lotus Blossom
Eager Partner Rubyfingers Church of Almighty Lao
Born to Fight Blood Stone Defenders Exorcism of Zhao Mencius
Tireless Striver Double Plated Destiny Early White Lotus Carving
All Fired Up Gauntlet of Crazy Gi Great Kung Lao's Medallion
Razor Sharp Brilliant Fists of Han Xin Huangyu Shen
Yearning Spirit Gift of Lafy Mu Guiying Chant of Qinglong
Shaolin Ace Talons of Ao Guang Ghost Lantern
Maestro of Spin Bashe's Lead Claws True Word of Great Huiguo
Positively Fearless Scales of Jiaolong Bo' Rai Cho's Whiskey
Brash Brother Monk Fists of Unholy Death Thousand Nights of Prayer
Untamed Spirit Heavenly Maker of Pain Compassion of Dabei Zhou
Keen Kompetitor Knight of the Holy Mountain Learned Soul Destiny
Undaunted Netherrealm Man-at-Arms Evil Head
Intrepid Kombatant Wrists Bound by Nitara Shrunken Head of Dairou
Indomitable Ninth Son of the Dragon Lie of Damashi
Unflinching Shaolin Roaring Fists of Pulao Moloch's Favorite Charm
Keen-Edged Steel Shaolin Steel and Cord Favor of Li Mei
Haughty Kombatant Baku Nightmare Guards Shujinko's First Lesson
Swaggering Shaolin Spiralbound Warrior Lucky Witch Hunter
Dauntless Fighter Kutabe Mountain Fighter Humble Thyself
Zeal for Kombat Caro's Nails Exorcism of Zhao Weishan
Boundless Ambition Bracers of the Grandmaster Blanche's Pride
Endless Moxie Funerary Arms of Bixi The Dragon Prevails
Prideful Youth Wu Shi Mountain Fighter

Liu Kang

Headbands Nunchakus Bracers
The Chosen One Dragon's Fury Fists of Fury
Earthrealm's Warrior Paws of the Emerald Tiger Fists of Flame
The Legend First Heaven Defenders Bajiquan


Masks Klaws Sai
Mistress of Tharrakada Assassin's Arrikalum Unbreakable Arvedi
Ravager of Shrisakku Kuravan Kombat Gauntlets Nakherkol Blades
Aralmikan Berserker Battle-Worn Chertakla Spoils of Lakasaro
Eyyavazian Vandal Talons of Orkkatori Anaikuda
Kavolom of Davo Prefecture Nodamokan Death Fingers Edged Ghoraki
Vadaltok Huntress Chakrakal of Manikur Sai of Tharkalum Alloy
Annihilator of the Keervali Gathatzlan Warrior Claws Purakbar Slayers
Surankari Warrior's Mask Claws of Pillakira Viransi Steeled Blades
Potravam Raider Flesh-Ripping Perarkada Enchanted Kahndwah
Visage of the Parkkon Goddess Tavanurian Battle Talons Peruran Hunter's Sai
Famsikan Plunderer Edged Thevakura Forged by Tigamarko
Murugran Empress Qazhkalian Beast Talons Cursed Emrevati
Despoiler of Tadakvir Hunter's Namakardu Makkadal Royal Sai
Kattoran Ceremonial Mask Alamkhazi Rippers Sarasan Fangs
Duchess of Zikandur Kanichar Nadaval Konokgari
Rumaparum Destroyer Vakayor-Tipped Slicers Ancient Rishdev
Nizhul Predator Deadly Chiramanga Sai of the Neyalan Order
Victor of Harohoro Uzhamlak Talons Varankasi
Blessed by Alunkotai Blood-Stained Vilapilik Blades of Nishak
Kianthan's Exterminator Mananukku of Ankar Svankarian Short Swords
Manakunda War Mask Takkamom Gauntlets Thrilkilkult
Veteran of the Thozhi Wars Severing Uzkavoor Khatee's Teeth
Princess of Mesthan Dorgho Tapered Enatkhu Madalkara
Pillager of Najagara Kanjalkran War Claws Sai of the Third Rasjand
Sadakui Kombat Mask Mulanvali Slashers Ferocious Firoza
Devahmar Warrior Nail Claws of Matcha Tusks of Bedval
Vanquisher of the Arakmagu Attunkal Killing Hands Gleaming Chitrakat
Divine Ragakam Lethal Palumial Vaikon Bloodied Kadru
Pazhav Assassin Weathered Mithrakura Sharpened Korotagi
Konqueror of Bogolkat Kattokul Claws Nagarashok
Kahnum in Waiting Talons of Tarkata Deadly Fakulah Piercers
Perfect Clone Flesh Shredders Point of Attack


Headdresses Gunstock War Clubs Tomahawks
Fearless Face Wolf's Fang Goshawk
Saddle Ridge Dead of Night Forefathers' Axe
Spirit Walk Warrior's Wrath Speeding Raptor

Noob Saibot

Masks Sickles Shadows
Darkness Grim Reaper Servant of Gong Tau
Noob Saibot Onaga's Nail Nightmare of Yangui
Lord Sithbot Iron Age Lust of Bagui
Dark Automata Blacksmith Decay of Ligui
Ghost of MK Future Arctikan Jag Korruption of Wangliang-Gui
Purgatorial Pursuer Snagglepick Achievement of Yishi-Gui
Netherrealm Marauder Gillitian Rib Consumption of Yaoguai
Hell's Knight Fishhook Cleft of the One Being
Kilgore 10,000 Agonies Exorcism of Bi-Han
Shadow Streamer Tormentor Lin Kuei Spirit Walker
Gao Yang Lin Kuei Meathook Deathmagnet
Muzzle of Drahmin Precision Snare Blade Terminus of Skiljar
Silent Tormentor Oni Relic Noob the Ripper
Banished Last Summer High Sign of the Copycat
Shadowhawk Killer Jewels Shackle of Sin
Noran the Diffuser Blade of the Sun Emperor Mourning Mileena
Apocryphex Tarkatan Peasant Tool Punishment of Krampus
Cold Shadow Oni Snarebeast Fang Demonicus Reptilicus
Black Ice Damien Recycled Soul Core
Zhenwu Nightmare Hound's Tail Dust of Great Kung Lao
Oni Guardian Brundle Bone Hellfire Arthropod
Oni Champion Desiccated Scapila Blade Hanzo's Stolen Honor
Klassic Noob Saibot Titanium Nightmare Guilt of the Warlord
Xuanwu Crook of Shinnok Wrath of Genghis
Cyber Bi-Han Barbed Striker Evil of Quan Chi
Hubei Tentablade Force of Sindel
Hunan Shadow of Arctika Dances with Havik
Onyx Emperor Ice Pick of Bi-han Lin Kuei Fighting Spirit
Zhuanxu Primordial Kombat Soul of Immortal Victory
Night Watchman Oni Shark's Tooth Heart of the First Lin Kuei
Diao Xue Gui Shadowcatcher Demonic Conspirator
Jiangshi Joy of Pain Rabid Robin Summoner
Han Ba Aggressive Brother Gong Tau Sacrifice
Crazed Laughter The Black Crescent Redemption of Kuai Liang
Dark Veil Inner Darkness Valor of Guixiong
Tu Wei Ba Li Hei Dynamic Insistence Copy and Paste
Mogwai Hex of the Demon
Zhou You Ling Exit Handler
Shu Jing


Hats Staves Medallions
God of Thunder Firebolt Thunder Vestment
Face of the Guardian Lightshower Consecrated Peacemaker
Boundless Thunder Guardian Thunderblack Stave Paladin of Light


Masks Katars Shoulder Guards
Outworld Rebel Gift of Krioneri Honored Pauldron of Taris
Commander of the Sixth Raxa Neleti's Blade of Thunder Gefiran Shoulder Armor
Veteran of Melian Campaign Tegean Edge Menerisan Spaulders
Holy Squall Mask Divine Blade of Argus Dragonscale Orino
Savior of Vounena Asea's Elemental Blade Plata's Resplendent Pauldron
The Artist Sharpened Kalachi Armor of the Rightful Regent
Kingly Protector Heirloom of Greikas Edenian Shoulderwrap
Eyewall Mask Protian Soul Cutter Velinaldan
Glorious Torrent Blade of Orin Hero of the Cyclan Conflict
Scheming Prince Thunderstrike Parnan's Regal Pauldron
Regnant Protector Serrated Nemata Skyfall Shoulderwrap
Dropsonde Royal Agraino's Edge Token of Kato's Affection
Hero of the Divian War Prianian Blade Aggalenan Kombat Mantle
Heir of Argus Keen-Edged Nasteni Vaskonan Shoulderguard
Maiakasian Regent Blessed Aidonio Tsikelian Regal Pauldron
Mists of Elatas Edged Trikarfa Victor of Pariastros
Hailstorm Mask Goranian Piercer Lakas-Steeled Shoulderwrap
Regal Mist The Megaran Mantle of the Akradikan Victor
Tornadic Prince Chalaran Weatherblade Pauldron of Taven
The Third Storm Edge of Mystrus The Skalamitra
Man of War Consecrated Lagyri Spaulders of the Night Storm
His Majesty Derecho Blade Drielian Shoulderguard
Prince of Isobar Antcharian Wind Mantle of the Half-God
Divine Monsoon Skapio's Stormblade Deluge Pauldron
Edenian Bastard Caro's Talon Taltanta War Guard
Baron of the Elati Plains Thonikian Gilded Knife Richean-Forged Mantle
Hidden Son Omalan War Trophy Thunderhead Shoulderguard
Crashing Thunder Knife of the Weather Mage Passavis Battle Wrap
Imperial Visionary Whetted Kelafa Fokanion Armor
Fallen General Mavraki Tempest Protector's Divine Pauldons
Water Born Katar of the Hydromancer Edenia's Prodigal Son


Headbands Survival Knives Bows
Home Front Amando TRL Warrior Bow
Scarred By War Velencia Hope Mountain Outfitters A-Type
Fog of War Kitt Peak Knight & Smith T2040


Helmets Pistols Rifles
Superior Officer 09.621 Experimental Firearm 97.PQ Light Cannon
OCP Property Torr Ferra TS-041 1941 Democracy Defender
On the Beat Model BB.714 Handgun 1865 Emancipator


Ninja Masks Katanas Spears
Blazing Face of Hanzo Hasashi Ageru Tsuki Anmo Blade Burning Akunin Hell Spear
Fiery Grandmaster Dojigiri Demon Dart of Furious Reckoning
Fury of the Nekunin Fiery Daito Grandmaster's Hellish Ishi Spear
Tachijutsu Master Avenging Blade of the Ansatsunin Hanzo's Flaming Kunai
Visage of Blazing Anger Grandmaster's Uchigatana Demon Dart of Furious Reckoning
Deathstalker Honanmai Hellfire Katana Donryu's Fire
Fudoshin Warrior Juzumaru Hellfire Kunai
Practitioner of Kusarijutsu Baku Heated Nether Blade Fiery Hell Spear of the Meijin
Blazing Face of Hanzo Hasashi Blazing Gomai Daito Vengeance Kunai
Furious Akuma Muramasa Flaming Rope Dart of Goko
Red Claw Scorpion Burning Blade of Netherrealm Rage Furious Kudakai Demon Dart
Bujutsu Mask of Fiery Revenge Katana of the Revenant Gojun's Teeth
Furious Revenant Avenger Folded Makuri Katana Grandmaster's Righteous Fury
Burning Shirai Ryu Makuragami Wani's Tail
Vengeance Bringer Hizamaru Kunai of Hisso
Demon Face of Takeda's Mentor Shihozume Katana Sharpened Scales of Mizuchi
Face of Flaming Retribution Soshu Kitae Flaming Sword Mizugumo's Bite
Master of Fudotai Fury Uchigatana of Burning Ire Rope Dart of the Revenant
Grandmaster's Godai Mask Vengeance Daito Rope Spear of the Shirai Ryu
Hanzo's Face of Heated Anger Onimaru Ryujin's Claws
Heated Kenjutsu Look Higekiri Demon's Gate Key
Heated Hasashi Demon Blade of Kuro Fangs of Gojun
Kazan Inferno Hitodama Homura Kunai
Look of Fiery Reckoning Kechibi Hell Blade Kougijo Kakuto Dart
Maguma Mask Hellish Kitsunebi Daito Shinobi Spear
Mask of the Furious Revenant Oni KIller Talons of Watatsumi
Miho Demon Tengu Hellfire Katana Kunai of Blazing Retribution
Path of Fire Wariha Tetsu Devil Edge Revenant's Devil Dart
Sama of the Shirai Ryu Fumio Hasashi's Wrath Hell Dart of Glowing Ire
Visage of Netherrealm Wrath Grandmaster's Makuri Uchigatana Hokkaido Ablaze
Harumi's Protector Yomi-no-kuni Edge Klassic Shirai Ryu Spear
Face of Scorched Retribution Nether Blade Suzaku
Faithful Shirai Ryu Gift of Asrah Spear of Death
Demon Warrior of Nekros Yomotsuhirasaka Chains of Watatsumi
Satoshi's Avenger Moloch's Bane Genbu Dart
Wrath of the Fallen Ninja Sword of Izanami Righteous Fury of the Grandmaster
Hapkido Meijin Gift of the Lin Kuei Grandmaster Vritra Chain

Shang Tsung

Bracers Ancient Scrolls Soul Phylacteries
Conjurer's Fists Sorcerer Carleforden's Magic Pinched Lin Kuei Essence
Fists of the Spirit Tamer Lord Shinnok's Bane Poached Will of the Matoka
Ulratarian Mystic Bracers Wisdom of the Elementals Lost Souls of Gebrendan

Shao Kahn

Wrath Hammers Emperor's Helmets Lances
Realm Crusher Bane of Earthrealm Lance of the Great Kahn
Wrath Hammer Commander of the Tarkatan Horde Kuhlan Peacemaker
Deathbringer Supreme Conqueror Heartpiercer


Helmets Shields Tiger Claws
War Hawk Nokkhan Mountain Shield Gauntlets of Rykono
Jewel of the Kabarask Bonded Takovla Talons of Tankik
Liberator of Korkano Ontashkin Kintaro's Claw


Glitz & Glam Boots Kwan Daos
First Lady of Outworld Kicking and Screaming Hankaga Blade
Born to Privilege Spoils of Kombat Jervanpek
Queen of Queens Vassal Tramplers Litkurio


Masks Daggers Blood Vials
Goddess of Gore Blade of Clotted Blood Krimson Flask of Vaeternus
Ancient Blood Magic Gushing Blood Dagger Thrombosia
Reiko's Devotee Goremonger Splatters of Royal Blood
Red-Streaked Acolyte Plasma Dripper Crimson Sorceress' Vial
Cleric of Chaos Krimson Vein Slicer Flask of Nourishing Plasma
Outworld Waif Skarlet's Stiletto Havik's Liquid Chaos
Bloody May She Reign Butcher of Meat Blended Meat Juice
Stealthy Sanguinare Bloodbather's Blade Vaeternian Heart Extract
Dripping Blood Dagger of Hemophilia Bloody Breath of Beata
Nitara's Envy Lacerator of the Blood God Sacred Seed of Shao Kahn
Ravenous Ravager Vaeternian Warblade Vial of Red Zaterran
Queen of Bloodsuckers Lesionmaker Solar Blood of the Osh-Tekk
Blood God's Blessing Cruel Krimson Steel Mileena's Bastard Blood
Dark Art of Blood Witchery Red Dragon's Fang Sudden Heart Attack Vial
Blood Bewitcher Bloodmaster's Handblade Blood Mage's Deadly Phial
Ensnaring Sorceress Reiko's Ritual Blade Bloodmaster's Ichor
Arcane Blood Witch Kamidogu of Chaos Ichor of Dead Lovers
Daywalker's Visage Blood Phage's Ruby Stinger Essence of Bloodlust
Bewitching Bloodletter Nitara's Bloody Fang Distillation of Dark Magic
Gory Gamine Arterial Incisor Outworld Warrior Extract
Daughter of Outworld Tormentor's Apprentice Edenian Kidney Extract
Bloodmaster's Gore Guard Cursed Blade of Bathory Shokan Flesh Concentrate
Kannibal Ferox Sliver of Vaeternus Blood of the Damned
Heart-Attack Assassin Key of the Blood Code Sacrament of Shinnok
Ruby Red Mistress Carotid Sawblade Spirit of the Blood God
Krimson Vessel Burster Krovvy Cutter Syrup of Septicemiac
Apprentice of Shao Kahn Shao Kahn's Imperial Gift Liquified Neatherrealm Ruby
The Lady in Red Avenger of Shao Kahn Daegon's Red Dragon Ichor
Kamidogu Witch Ruby Rectifier Sudden Rush of Death
Skarlet Invictus Red Widow's Tear Krimson Korruptor's Phial

Sonya Blade

Head Gears Power Gloves K.A.T. Turrets
Four Star Armbar War of Attrition
Mean Mugger Total Knockout Iron Sides
Trailblazer Hand-to-Hand Kombat Black Flash


Battle Greaves Vambraces Brooch & Mantles
Pithius Hell Hath No Fury Immortality
Belial Wretched Future The One
Xaphan Seir Hell to Pay


Ninja Masks Battle Axes Belts
Seeker of Mythologies Arctikan Elders' Axe Arsenal of Atonement
Zhuan Zhu's Snowblinder Axe of the Grandmaster Frozen Brother's Arsenal
Lin Kuei Grandmaster Winter Axe of Argus Sareena's Momento
Cryomancer's Calling Glacielbreaker White Diamond Arsenal
Mantle of Black Ice Hoarfrost Ice Axe Arsenal of the Lin Kuei
Brother's Keeper Axe of Bitter Cold Death Arsenal of Sektor's Killer
King of Ice Masks Arctikan Blizzard Xian Winter Arsenal
Cold Skull of Bi-Han Lín Gui Snowstorm Cold Day in Dì Yù
Grandmaster's Hoarfrost Death by Whiteout Snowburst Arsenal of Arctika
Tongbèiquán Master Kuai Liang's Tempest Snowbound Lín Gui Arsenal
Dong Dàshén Assassin Lin Kuei's Snowblinder Reiko's Stars
Frozen Tengu Ice Storm Executioner Rimed Arsenal of Xueshén
De of the Hailbringer Tengu Snowburster Shanshén's Winter Arsenal
Lin Kuei Assassin Bingdian Blazer Hero's Hypothermic Arsenal
Icy Tears of Atonement Tundra's Blizzard Blade Kuai Liang's Frosty Arsenal
Dào of Kuai Liang Frosted Decapitator Bi-Han's Frozen Arsenal
Stone Cold Redeemer Blade of Bingdianxià Arsenal of the Bitter Arctic
Grandmaster's Icy Mask Redeemer's Ice Axe Arsenal of Infinite Snowfall
Bitter Hoarfrost Grandmaster's Qi Blade Cold Gang Arsenal
Sub-Zero Reborn Infinite Dongzhì Battle Axe Han's Hoarfrost Arsenal
Face of Winter Wind Ice Blade of Sektor's Killer Zhuàng Liè Sentry Arsenal
Master of Cold Justice Mercy of Zhang Zhongjing Hydro's Thundrous Arsenal
Arctika Whiteout Bi-Han's Burial Axe Active Remnant of Cyrax
Cyber Rimer Breath of Bìxiá Yuánjun Lín Gui Gang Arsenal
Sektor's Adversary Stormbreaker of Arctika Dàshi Cì Kè de Arsenal
Endless Winter Kuai Liang's Black Ice Axe Cold Comfort Arsenal
Polar Visage of Death Chilling Wrath of Xueshén Xueshén's Cursed Arsenal
Enemy of Shirai Ryu Axe of Extreme Yin Ice-Tempered Arsenal
Cryomancer of War Rimed Axe of Shanshén Grandmaster's Deadly Arsenal
Vrbada's Vapors Polar Squallmaker Frozen Monkey Paw
Bambang Taio 1993 Vintage Axe Penglai Island Arsenal
Vegas Remix Honorable Death Blade Phantom Snow Arsenal
Sleet Survivor Reborn Master's Axe Psycho Co-Shi's Arsenal
Bo Lin's Rainmaker Deceiver's Reaver Phantom Tempest Arsenal
Outworld Cryomancer Glacial Blade Arsenal of Maktora
Rogue Hailstorm Lost Blade of Arctika Thunderstorm Arsenal
Snowmaster Reclaimed Soul Blade Order of Calabash Arsenal
Venerable Kuai Liang Legacy of Bi-Han Yan Wang's Arsenal of Fate
Dragonglass King Lin Kuei Rectifier Zhuge Liang's Arsenal
Master of the Medallion

The Terminator

Sunglasses Shotguns Grenades
Kill Vector Pumped Iron Banker Model CD02 Heavy Grenade
Nice Night Neo Ketz 250 Bengstorm Firestorm Armament
Uncertain Future 12 Gauge Auto-Loader MKDC - Crossover Armament


Arm Blades
Head Gear
War Banners
Cassie Cage
Goddess Crowns
Eternal Coronas
Living Tendrils
Erron Black
Power Arrays
Frozen Cores
Knuckle Dusters
Sand Batteries
Temporal Anchors
Jacqui Briggs
Right Gauntlets
Left Gauntlets
Shield Batteries
Jax Briggs
Bionic Arms
Johnny Cage
Hand Wraps
Jack in the Boxes
Face Shields
Gas Canisters
Eye Shields
Cybernetic Hearts
War Fans
Mystic Beacons
Chained Balls
Kotal Kahn
Kung Lao
Razor Hats
Liu Kang