You may run like the wind, Kabal, but I command it. You should have devised a better plan.


—Fujin to Kabal in Mortal Kombat 11.


  • Mortal Kombat 11: "The God of Wind, Fujin serves the Elder Gods alongside his brother, Raiden, as Protectors of Earthrealm. Affable and lighthearted, he’s adept at inspiring peoples’ innate capacity for goodness and heroism to conquer forces of hatred and tyranny. Fujin believes Earthrealm’s best days are still to come, and he fights to ensure that bright future."


Mortal Kombat X (Comic Series)

In Raiden's Sky Temple, the wind god expresses his hesitance and discomfort towards Raiden using one of the Kamidogu daggers to invoke blood magic to gain visions needed to find the demon loose in Earthrealm. As Raiden is overcome by the power of the dagger, Fujin is also bombarded by the blood magic released.

Fujin is revealed to have been injured from the blood magic and is healed by Raiden. The wind god asks if the price was worth the cost of their injuries, noting Raiden's cut arm has not healed yet. Raiden dismisses the wound and helps Fujin to his feet before telling him of his visions.

Raiden reveals that Fujin is investigating the Netherrealm borders for Quan Chi's possible involvement in the corruption of the Kamidogu.

After a lengthy absence, Fujin returns to Earthrealm and the Sky Temple from the Netherrealm, flying into the temple on wind currents. He finds Raiden in the Jinsei Chamber and after the thunder god asks what news he brings, Fujin informs Raiden that the seals are untouched and that there was no sign of Quan Chi and his Revenants. Fujin tells Raiden they have a new cause for concern though, and reveals that in repairing and reinforcing the boundaries protecting Earthrealm, they have left a strategic weakpoint unguarded: Shang Tsung's Island.

Fujin asks if this may be the incursion point where the demon arrived into Earthrealm, and when Raiden suggests they go, Fujin tells him he already attempted but was repelled by a powerful shield spell similar to Raiden's own retaining seals. Letting the implication hang in the air, Fujin questions Raiden if there is something he needs to tell him. A horrified Raiden attempts to enter the Jinsei but is rejected, much to Fujin's shock.

Raiden reveals it has been rejecting him since the morning and Fujin realizes that the Jinsei can sense the Kamidogu's corruption inside him, reminding Raiden he warned him against using it. As the wind god carries the weakened thunder god away, he asks how many he has obtained, and Raiden reveals he only has three before telling Fujin they must determine if Kotal Kahn is still their ally with Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage still in Outworld.

Before Fujin can help Raiden, the thunder god is possessed once again and attacks the wind god, impaling him on a wall with a naginta before he leaves the Sky Temple with the Kamidogu. Fujin is barely conscious when Takeda returns, telling the boy of Raiden's possession before informing him that the Jinsei will heal him, all the while telling Takeda they must stop Raiden, who is not in control of his actions.

Fujin is taken to the Jinsei Chamber, and the lifeforce of Earthrealm heals all of his injuries and restores him to full strength. When Takeda asks if he's feeling better, Fujin reminds the boy he has experienced the Jinsei's effects, and boasts he could tear down a mountain after feeling their strengthening effect. When Takeda begins to talk of following Raiden to Shang Tsung's Island, Fujin quickly stops him, thanking him for aiding him, but makes it clear he is not going to the island. Fujin tells Takeda that in Raiden's absence, protecting the Jinsei is now his responsibility.

When Takeda tries to remind him of the stolen Kamidogu, Fujin writes the daggers off as being in enemy hands. Fujin admits that there will be many causalities he will mourn, but tells Takeda that to abandon the Jinsei is to abandon all life on Earth. An outraged Takeda turns his back on Fujin for letting people die, and after Fujin tells Takeda that a god's duty must be to the greater good, he clarifies to Takeda that he said he would not come with him, not that he would not help the boy.

Fujin then gifts Takeda with a traditional mask of the Shirai Ryu, and a set of high powered serrated whips, reminding Takeda that Hanzo taught him the value of striking from a distance. As Takeda proclaims that Hanzo taught him to fight for justice, Fujin orders Takeda to go forth into battle.

Mortal Kombat X

Twenty-five years before the main events of the story, Fujin fights alongside Raiden at the Sky Temple, defending the lifeforce of Earthrealm, the Jinsei, from Shinnok and his servants. Fujin fought the Oni of the Brotherhood of Shadow outside the Sky Temple using his control over the wind and his glaive in conjunction, killing several. When Quan Chi arrived with the three of the revived revenants Fujin and Raiden were forced back to the inner chamber of the Jinsei, Fujin using his wind powers in conjunctions with Raiden's lightning to hold the revenants back.

Shinnok's arrival bolstered the revenants and the two gods made their last stand. Fujin saved Raiden from Quan Chi and grounded Stryker, but was attacked by Sindel, who attempted to kill him until Raiden incapacitated her. Both Earthrealm gods were knocked into the Jinsei chamber and nearly sealed into Shinnok's amulet, only saved by Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and Kenshi's arrival.

Fujin was knocked out by a blast of Shinnok's dark magic. Fujin is revived after Shinnok was trapped in his amulet by Raiden, and the wind god accompanies Raiden to bring the amulet to the Elder Gods.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, and Fujin return from a place that they were put in called the Void. They were able to escape after Fire God Liu Kang killed Kronika. Before working alongside Shang Tsung and Nightwolf to retrieve Kronika's Crown from an earlier point in time before it is taken by Cetrion, Fujin was called by Fire God Liu Kang to discuss something privately. Unfortunately, Fujin, Shang Tsung and Nightwolf are both arrive at the time of Kitana’s ascension into a Kahn, where their presences are caught by Kollector, alerting Kronika’s awareness of their return. After Nightwolf defeated Kollector, while both Fujin and Shang Tsung kill all two beasts which Kollector released, the three warriors manage to get out of the koliseum while the crowds cheering on Kitana Kahn’s victory.

While devising a plan to defeat Cetrion before securing Kronika's Crown, Fujin and Nightwolf initially rejected Shang Tsung’s idea about reviving Sindel from her revenant state, remembering what she did back in Shao Kahn’s past invasion on Earthrealm whereas Nightwolf, including Sindel herself were amongst the casualties. However, he and Nightwolf have no choice to stick with the sorcerer’s plan, starting from getting enough Jinsei waters from a recently compromised Sky Temple, then capture Revenant Sindel at Netherrealm. Fujin and his allies manage to dispose Frost’s new Cyber Lin Kuei and send Geras to the Chaosrealm. While infiltrating Netherrealm, they are caught by revenants Liu Kang, Kitana and Nightwolf, when the latter’s living younger counterpart sensed him nearby. Imprisoned at Shinnok’s Bone Temple, guarded by revenants Nightwolf and Sindel, Fujin wakes up Shang Tsung and Nightwolf. Just as Nightwolf manage to break free himself, he broke Fujin and Shang Tsung as well, proceeding their mission to capture revenant Sindel. When Shang Tsung absorbs revenant Nightwolf’s soul and killing him for fatally injuring the former, Fujin also dislike of seeing it happen as younger Nightwolf, but have no choice to tell him to let it be, as they still need the sorcerer in their quest.

Once revenant Sindel is captured and put her in a coffin, Fujin and his allies acquire an assistant from Sheeva. With Sheeva’s guidance, Fujin and his allies must come across Dead Pool to enter the Soul Chamber. However, they are encountered by present Erron Black, Baraka and a horde of Tarkatan warriors. Despite a minor setback after Shang Tsung accidentally pushes a Tarkatan into a toxic pool results a breakout between both sides, they manage to secure Sindel’s coffin and get through present-Erron, Baraka and Jade thanks to Sheeva. After arriving at a Soul Chamber, Fujin aids Shang Tsung on reviving Sindel to her living-self, while Sheeva prevent Kitana Kahn and a recovered Kotal from interfering. After Sindel’s resurrection is a success, Fujin and his allies is assisted by Sindel to proceed their mission to Shang Tsung’s abandoned island to find the crown before the Briggs family does, knowing Kronika will send revenants Kabal and Jade, Bi-Han (now an undead Noob Saibot) and a reluctant older Jax to assist Cetrion there. While Sindel and Nightwolf stay on the surface to kombat Cetrion, Fujin and Shang Tsung proceed to Goro’s old lair where the crown is guarded by Noob Saibot and older Jax. After finally defeating Noob Saibot in a rematch, Fujin stops Shang Tsung from killing older Jax and manage to convince the latter to return to their side earlier. With Cetrion is the only one left, Fujin and his allies uses their combined powers to surround and overpower her, sending her back to Kronika, and finally securing the crown.

Whereas Nightwolf and older Jax return with Jacqui and younger Jax, while Sindel return to Kitana Kahn, Fujin and Shang Tsung immediately goes to the Fire Garden to give the crown to Raiden. But Raiden believes that Shang Tsung has tricked Fujin in some way, so he fights them. Once Raiden realizes that Shinnok's Amulet has taken over him, he assists Shang Tsung and Fujin. Kronika later arrives to Shang Tsung, Fujin, and Raiden only to retreat after being attacked. During the time of the battle at Kronika's Keep, Fujin and Raiden fights Shang Tsung after his betrayal. Shang Tsung then drains Fujin's and Raiden's powers from them. Shang Tsung plans on draining their powers from them for eternity. Once Shang Tsung deceived everyone including Shao Kahn and Sindel, then erased Kronika from existence, it was revealed that Fire God Liu Kang tasked Fujin to ensure the sorcerer’s victory, despite the time risk on when Shang Tsung’s betrayal would occur once the crown had been preserved in his hand.

It is unknown where Fujin is in Fire God Liu Kang's ending. In Shang Tsung’s ending, Dark Fujin and Dark Raiden become the now emperor sorcerer’s enforcers.


  • Mortal Kombat 11 (Non-Canonical): "As the new Keeper of Time, I was overwhelmed by my responsibilities. Who was I to design the destinies of mortals? As their protector, I had spent eons safeguarding them. But while I had grown to appreciate mortals deeply...I understood precious little about their daily existence. So I used the Hourglass to live hundreds of thousands of lifetimes. They spanned the possibilities of realm, race, gender, and faith. Most importantly, I learned the simple joy of ending each day in the warm embrace of family. Humbled by my new wisdom, I bend the arc of history not to my will, but to the service of those who must live it. While it is beyond my power to guarantee outcomes, I will give mortals the chance to have better, more peaceful lives."
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