Free-Fall is a fighting technique introduced in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. So far, Free-Fall hasn't appeared in any other Mortal Kombat game.


In Free-Fall, a fighter is knocked off the ledge in an arena. While falling, they will be pummeled by a barrage of attacks from their opponent. Shortly later, the victim's body will land on the ground while the opponent will land unharmed. As a result, the victim will lose a portion of health. Certain moves can be applied in a rapid succession in order to inflict a large amount of damage: punches are quicker than kicks. Fatalities can't be performed during Free-Fall.

As the two fighters fall, the instigator is able to attack their opponent, with each attack increasing the damage the opponent takes when they land. However, it is possible for the opponent to parry the attacks, reversing the two characters' positions. If enough attacks are landed, the attacker can utilize a Free-Fall Super Move, an unblockable attack that causes significant damage to their opponent and instantly knocks them to the ground.


  • Dark Kahn is the only character who's Free-Fall move is a clone move from another: his move is the same as Shao Kahn, a overhead swing with the Wrath Hammer. Dark Kahn's Wrath Hammer seems to be bigger than Shao Kahn's.


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