The Forge is a location in The Krypt where collected materials can be crafted into powerful artifacts, including keys and Tower Konsumables. To craft an item though, a recipe is required.

Recipes can be viewed in the Kollection screen, under the Kustomize menu. Ingredient names are not listed, but icons are, which can be compared to your Inventory. To get actual recipes, play Towers of Time, explore The Krypt, and make offerings at the Shrine.

Recipes only display two out of the three required ingredients, so one must experiment to fill in the final slot. Choosing the wrong one will result in failure, but the materials will not be used or lost, though any required money will.


  • 250 Souls - Soul Essence, Soul Essence, Necromantic Runestone
  • 5000 Koins - Gold Ore, Gold Ore, Copper Plating
  • 50 Hearts - Element of Order, Coagulated Vampire Blood, Coagulated Vampire Blood
  • Amulet of Shinnok - Ensorcelled Demon's Heart, Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon, Skeleton Soul
  • Cleft of the One Being – Drahmin's Mask, Stabilized Chaos, (?)
  • Eager Partner - Element of Order, Elder God's Spark, Ill-Fitting Dull Bladed Hat
  • Ethereal Armor – Element of Order, Essence of Edenian Magic, Copper Plating
  • Intimidator - Dragon King's Heart, Netherrealm Magma, Meteorite Dust
  • Kuai Liang’s Frosty Arsenal – Cracked Lin Kuei Bombshell, Black Powder, Unbroken Fuse
  • Kunai of Hisso - Taven's Sword, Netherrealm Magma, Necromantic Runestone
  • Licensed to Fight - Krypt Spider Silk, Gold Ore, Remnants of a Broken Trophy
  • Lit Shades - Gold Ore, Circuitry Bundle, Krystalline Shard
  • Meteorite Core - Meteorite Dust, Outworld Steel, (?)
  • Mistress of Bojutsu - Mileena's Veil, Krypt Spider Silk, (?)
  • Nitara's Gemstone - Coagulated Vampire Blood, Cordite, (?)
  • Noble Kahn’s Lynx Macana – Stabilized Chaos, Splintered Machuathitl, (?)
  • Shadow Ops No-Serial Pistol – Rusty Antique Six Shooter, Copper Plating, (?)
  • Shard of Life - Coagulated Vampire Blood, Element of Order, (?)
  • Silver Dragon - Bottled Thunder, Obsidian Shard, (?)
  • Tenkunin Emergency Receiver - Frayed Wiring, Carbon Film Resistor, (?)
  • Warrior's Barbarous Face - Leather Strap, Distilled Tarkatan Rage, Battleworn Helmet


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