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Essence of Edenia

The Essence of Edenia contained within this red pouch

The Essence of Edenia is a mystical orb made up entirely of vast natural energy contained in a red regal-looking pouch and this immense natural energy is actually belonged to the ancient and majestic realm of Edenia. It first appeared in the 5th episode "The Essence" of the TV series Mortal Kombat: Conquest.

This very concetrated life essence was created through magic in hopes of rebuilding the Edenian people's home, thus bringing back Edenia to its former glory.

The Essence is hidden away within a garden in the ruins of a temple located somewhere in Earthrealm.

Once the Great Kung Lao learns of Princess Kitana's true mission after what happened to her friend Darhaan, he agrees to help her by hiding the Essence somewhere in Earthrealm. A series of double-crosses (some well-intended, some not) leads Qali, Vorpax and Kung Lao to a face-off over the Essence. In the middle of this, Shang Tsung appears (having temporarily left the Cobalt Mines), grabs the pouch containing the essence and escapes back to Outworld with Vorpax close behind.

True Essence of Edenia

This beautiful flower of Edenian origin is the true form of the Essence of Edenia

Kitana is despondent when she learns that Shang Tsung made off with the Essence. What she does not know, is that the pouch Shang Tsung has is a decoy and Kung Lao had successfully managed to protect the Essence, thereby preserving the hope of the Edenian people. Furthermore, to both Princess Kitana and Kung lao, the Essence of Edenia actually revealed to be a flower because Kitana told him that it was a seed that the warrior named Daahraan planted. Kung Lao realized it when it was on a strange vine within the ancient garden. The essence itself is within the flower's pollen & there is a very good chance that it can be planted again. The spirit of the realm of Edenia is within this not-so simple flower. Now the Essence of Edenia is within Princess Kitana's safe keeping where it belongs, thanks to her new friend and ally.

The Essence of Edenia and the power it holds, is also important as the Kamidogu of Edenia.