Badass suit, Dad.


—Emily Young, admiring her father Cole's new arcana armor, Mortal Kombat

Emily Young is a character in the 2021 film Mortal Kombat. Emily is the daughter of Cole and Allison Young. She is a descendant of Scorpion through his infant daughter raised in Raiden's Temple.


Considered wise beyond her years, Emily Young is the daughter of Cole and Allison Young. She is a firm believer in her father, having witnessed numerous MMA bouts in which he has fought. She serves as his "cornerman" and is the driving force that keeps him fighting, even when winning seems impossible. She believes in him and his abilities, even when he might not believe in himself.


Emily Young was present along with her mother, Allison, as her father, Cole Young was preparing for his latest MMA bout, putting on a show at $200 a match. When the referee asked who Cole's cornerman was, he indicated Emily. He asked, laughing, if Cole was serious. In reply, Cole told him if he did not like it, he could find somebody else who would do this at a moment's notice for $200. While Allison refused to stick around to watch the fight, Emily did, seeing every blow. She encouraged Cole to throw his uppercut, but he did not, though he did manage to keep Ramirez, the other fighter, on the ropes for a bit. Emiliy shouted out him, pleading with him not to tap out, but eventually it got to be too much and he did.

Following the fight, Emily presented Cole with a string bracelet matching one she already had. She put it over his hand, which caused him pain, and he admitted that he probably should have thrown the uppercut. The two were then approached by Jax Briggs, who expresses an interest in the unusual dragon "tattoo" that on Cole's chest. He asked where he got it and Emily told him that it was a birthmark. She said it was pretty cool and had Cole show it to Jax.

Later, the Youngs went out for dinner, where Emily told Allison that Cole was "this close" to beating Ramirez. While Allison and Cole were inside the restaurant, Emily marvelled at the unusual phenomenon of snow in July. Their dinner was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Sub-Zero, a Cryomancer who launched an icy attack upon them. Allison and Cole realized that Emily is in mortal danger and run to her. They were then intercepted by Jax, who took them away in his truck. Jax explained that the dragon marking meant that Cole had been chosen to fight. Following Jax's advice, Cole took his family back home. He tucked Emily into bed for the evening before leaving to seek out Sonya Blade per Jax's words and discovered his destiny in training for the tournament known as Mortal Kombat.

Ultimately, things did not go as hoped for Cole as he failed to unlock his arcana in training and was sent back home to his wife and daughter by Lord Raiden, who told he was the descendant of the legendary ninja Hanzo Hasashi, but he no longer seemed to carry any of his power. Back at home, Cole and his family heard a strange whooshing noise. They went to the door to investigate, but Cole warned both Allison and Emily to stay there. From the family's shed appeared Goro, a massive four-armed Shokan champion of Outworld. "Back inside," ordered Cole, but Emily shouted "Dad!", held back by her mother and forced to watch her father take pain once again. She and Allison both watched in terror as Goro threatened to tear out Cole's spine. Allison, finally tired of just watching, grabbed an ax and whacked Goro in the back, but got tossed back. Emily helped her to her feet and they both retreated to Jax's truck as Goro came after them. Goro then began slamming the truck's roof and tore off one of the doors. As Emily cried out "Dad, help us!", his daughter's distress became the catalyst Cole needed to unlock his arcana, materializing a suit of armor and a set of tonfas. "Dad, use your uppercut!" shouted Emily as Cole went at Goro and he did so, finally taking control of the fight. Using his newfound power, he tore Goro from limb to limb, then run over and gave Emily and Allison a big hug. "Badass suit, Dad," complimented Emily.

Following this, a doorway appeared that lead Cole back to Raiden's Temple. There, he devised a plan for the champions of Earthrealm to each individually fight Shang Tsung's forces of Outworld before banding together to take on Sub-Zero. Unknown to him, however, while the Champions of Earth were fighting, Sub-Zero invaded his home while Allison and Emily were busy packing. Emily worried as to whether Cole would be able to find them. Allison assured her that it would be okay, but she wanted to get out before another four-armed monster shows up. Instead, it was Sub-Zero that shows up. He then paed a visit to Cole, showing him Emily's frozen string necklace and shattered it as a taunt to Cole, telling him that his family in danger and luring him into following him back. "Emily!" shouted Cole, racing forward into the black smoke left in Sub-Zero's wake.

There, he found himself at the gym, where Sub-Zero has brought both Emily and Allison, turning it into a palace of ice with Emily and Allison entombed within. Cole struggled in vain to try to free both Emily and Allison. Unable to, he instead fought Sub-Zero. In the process, he unexpectedly summoned his legendary ancestor, now become the spectre Scorpion. The two managed defeat Sub-Zero together and Scorpion used the fires of Hell to free both Emily and Allison. Following the battle, Cole hugged them both then wrapped them in a towel to warm them up. Lord Raiden then appeared with the other champions and Cole introduced them as his friends. Liu Kang had them both sit, using his own power over fire to warm them, and they smiled at him.



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