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Mike Christopher as the Edenian Warrior.

Can you face death, too?


— Words of the Edenian Warrior

Though his name is unknown, this Edenian Warrior (played by Mike Christopher) is a character introduced in 20th episode "Balance of Power" of the television series Mortal Kombat: Conquest. He is from the realm of Edenia, the same as the servant girl Maya who were both murdered by the Shadow Priests, royal sorcerers loyal only to Shao Kahn the Konquerer as victims of his never ending cruelty. But like Maya, he is as old or maybe a bit older than Princess Kitana whom he also served as one of her guards.

This young man who was a skilled fighter, once served as one of the royal guards serving the Royal Family of Edenia long ago, but when his king's warriors failed in ten Mortal Kombat tournaments against Kahn's fighters, a war broke out between Edenia and Outworld, and Edenia was lost. It results in his homeworld being conquered and annexed with Outworld, and his people enslaved by Shao Kahn's army.

The Edenian Warrior held deep resentment and disgust towards Shao Kahn and all who followed him.

The Edenian Warrior last seen at a torture room within Shao Kahn’s Palace as he was being questioned regarding the claims of treachery involved hiding Queen Kreeya and her army.

After the Shadow Priest makes a threat against the man’s life during his interrogation, he breaks free and challenges the priest to a fight. Fast and furious, the warrior is no match for the Shadow Priest as the hot coals burn his face before his body is kicked into a chair that has a blade protruding from it from earlier in the fight, he has died his noble death.