The Edenian Necklace.

The Edenian Necklaces are silver necklaces with blue sapphire gems embedded in them that belonged to the treasury of the people of Edenia. They first appeared and featured as collectible items within the Konquest Mode of Mortal Kombat: Deception, though one of them is called a "Dead Man's Necklace".

These special medallions were often used as somewhat good luck charms by the Edenian people and even given to their children and their loved ones to ensure a safe journey and protection for them, especially in a time of war.

Shujinko during his travels in Edenia, is asked by one of its citizens to locate his missing son. Shujinko went and search for the man's son, or the young man's necklace on the possibility that he is dead. Shujinko almost gave up the search until he stumbled across the body of a dead Edenian soldier and found a necklace of Edenian design indicating that unfortunately, this was the old man's son. Shujinko returned the necklace to the dead soldier's father who feared that his only son was killed, slain at the hands of Shao Kahn's invading army. Shujinko was rewarded with 500 koins from the deceased soldier's father as a reward for locating him and the necklace.

The Edenian Necklaces look similar to the ill-gotten Chaos Pendants from the Realm of Chaos but are completely different from them.


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