Edenia Golf Outfitters

Edenia Golf Outfitters.

Edenia Golf Outfitters is a fictional, successful golf outfitter shop in Edenia. It opened because the people of Edenia just adopted the sport of golf from Earth as their own sport, after the thunder god Raiden and his chosen warriors both saved Earthrealm and freed Edenia from the evil emperor Shao Kahn.

The picture of this marvelous golf outfitters with its own advertisement can be obtained and found within the Krypt and Extras kontent gallery of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.

The spokespersons for the Edenia Golf Outfitters are the lovely Princess Kitana of Edenia and her old friend/wartime ally Prince Goro of the Shokan people from Outworld.

Edenia Golf Outfitters Advertisement

"When not helping the heroic warriors of Earth and Outworld, this Princess is dropping 40 foot putts for Birdies. Armed with her smart and sexy Activewear and state-of-the-art Lady Kitana putter made of space age metals, she can tear up any course. Shop at Edenia Golf Outfitters, and you can too!"

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