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The Doctor as shown in Kabal's ending in Mortal Kombat (2011).

The "Doctor" is the person who implanted Kano's Bionic Eye.

In addition to Kano's Bionic Eye, the Doctor also made Hsu Hao's artificial heart.

In Kabal's ending from the Mortal Kombat (2011), it is mentioned that Kabal tracks down Kano to learn the whereabouts of the "good doctor" who developed Kano's eye laser.  He was able to repair Kabal's respirator and made him stronger and faster than he was before.

Appearances in other media

Mortal Kombat (novel)

In the novel Mortal Kombat, the Doctor is named Dr. Rotwang, who lived in Munich, Germany. He was responsible for doing the surgery for Kano replacement eye. He was able to replace an ear or a hand for Kano if needed.[1]

Mortal Kombat: Legacy

The Doctor in Mortal Kombat: Legacy

In Mortal Kombat: Legacy, the Doctor plays a prominent role in both episodes he appears in. Chronologically appearing for the first time in the ninth episode, the Doctor is responsible for overseeing Sektor and Cyrax's conversion into Cyborgs, and during the episode he makes several video documents detailing the upgrades the two are receiving over Hydro, the first Lin Kuei Cyborg. The Doctor, along with the Grandmaster and Kano, then observe Cyrax and Sektor's battle against Hydro, with the doctor confident in the two latest Cyborgs.

Though the two struggle at first, they ultimately manage to overcome Hydro and Cyrax delivers a Fatality on him, proving the two the superior models. The Doctor urges the Grandmaster to fully convert the Lin Kuei into the Cyber Initiative.

He appears for the first time in the second episode of the series in the final shots, overseeing the operation that gives Kano his cybernetic eye implant.


  • His Novel counterpart's name "Rotwang" could be a reference to C.A. Rotwang from Metropolis, a character influential in the iconography of the mad scientist archetype.