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  • Deception: "I am Darrius. There are many in the Realm of Order who would call me a terrorist. But to the true patriots of Seido, I am a hero. I fight against the rule of an oppressive regime. I am the leader of the resistance movement. Our numbers are ever-growing. One day I will lead the charge against the establishment. Until then, I wait... and plan... and scheme. One of the best recruitment tools I have discovered is the law itself. If my ranks are in need of a powerful warrior like a Seidan Guardsman, for instance, I will hire an outsider to kill the man’s family in the hope that his rage will lead to a violent altercation with the assassin. Once he is imprisoned for the attack, I free the Seidan Guardsman and easily recruit him to our cause."
  • Bio Card: "Leader of the resistance in the Realm of Order, Darrius lives a life in the shadows. His ambition is to overthrow the oppressive regime that strangles freedom. To some he is a hero... but to others he is nothing more than a terrorist."


Darrius is a Seidan who became disillusioned with Seido's oppressive nature. As a result, he defected, and began to lead a resistance movement to overthrow Orderrealm's Senate, which took advantage of the Laws of Order to manipulate residents into participating in the movement. One tactic was to have a Guardsman's family murdered, who would then retaliate and be expelled from the Guard. They were then ripe for induction into the swelling ranks. Others joined him of their own volition, such as the Cleric of Chaos, Havik.

He hired Dairou, a fellow Seidan guardsman, to kill Hotaru, the leader of the Seidan Guard. It is unknown if Dairou succeeded, though the three returned in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Also, Darrius was responsible for starting massive riots in Orderrealm.

Darrius joined the battle of Armageddon, siding with the Forces of Darkness, where he died along with almost every kombatant.


  • Deception: "The mercenary Dairou had succeeded in stealing the Declaration of Order and was paid many coins for his efforts. After Darrius hid the document, he announced its capture to the world and heralded a new beginning for the realm of Seido. As Darrius had predicted, officials were outraged that the resistance had stolen the most prized possession of the Seidan government. Hotaru was ordered to lead the charge against them. He underestimated their numbers, however, and the resistance defeated him and his men. The senate would soon be in the hands of the revolutionaries."
  • Armageddon: "Upon defeating Blaze, the Pyramid shrank and transformed into a golden ring. The ring granted Darrius access to my vault, wherein lay the treasure rightfully due my sons Taven and Daegon. The powerful artifacts allowed Darrius to finally defeat Hotaru and conquer the Realm of Order. But the items were meant only for my lineage to wield. I have now sent Taven and Daegon on yet another quest. They must work together to defeat Darrius and retrieve what he has stolen."
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