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The Dark Prison, a secret dungeon located at Shang Tsung's Palace in Outworld. This hidden, underground and grim dungeon called the Dark Prison was a stage that first appeared in Mortal Kombat: Deception.


The Dark Prison is located deep below Shang Tsung's Palace Grounds. The prisoners were not criminals, but merely the next victims. The lucky ones had a quick death in the spiked human compactor for the amusement of the guards. Others pointlessly struggled for their lives out in the courtyard, serving as fodder for the skilled fighters during Mortal Kombat tournaments. The unlucky ones still died, but if Shang Tsung claimed the energy of their souls, they served him for all eternity.

When knocked to the lower level, the player can see prisoners in each of the 8 cells. The prisoners are unplayable characters, including various characters from the previous game Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and every other non-playable Deception character that appear in Konquest. If an opponent was knocked against a cell door, the occupant would grab and hold them for a chance for a free hit or combo. The stage also had a Stage Fatality that was a spiked wall compressor that activated once the opponent was knocked into it.


The prisoners in the eight cells of the Dark Prison are all characters that appear in Deception's Konquest mode that are not playable themselves. Some of them are under Onaga's control. The line-up changes each time the stage is selected, and includes the following:

  • Kintaro (Gamecube and PSP versions only)
  • Motaro (Gamecube and PSP versions only)
  • Reptile (in his MKII and MK4 appearances)


  • In the Gamecube version of Deception, as well as in Unchained, Goro, Shao Kahn, Frost, Jax and Kitana are no longer present (being that they're playable in these versions). Goro and Shao Kahn are replaced by Kintaro and Motaro, respectively.
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