Daahraan (played by Hank Stone) is a character introduced in the television program Mortal Kombat: Conquest. He is a native citizen of Edenia and is said to be the keeper of the Essence of Edenia, a mystical power that holds the key to revitalize and restore his lost homeworld. He was an old friend of Princess Kitana.


The warrior Daahraan and his people were once living in a time of prosperity and peace, until Shao Kahn the Konqueror led a surprise attack upon their world and had them all enslaved.

Daahraan went into hiding and yet, he's also keeping a very important secret, one that will regain Edenia's beauty and freedom.

Years later in Outworld, Princess Kitana found and made contact with Daahraan. He told her that the essence has been hidden away in Earthrealm where it's safe.

But before Daahraan could join with Kitana again, he was attacked and murdered by Vorpax, who along with Shang Tsung, tried to steal the essence for Shao Kahn in exchange for their freedom from the Cobalt Mines of Shokan.

Kitana convinces the Great Kung Lao to go with her to meet Daahraan. When they get to the warrior, they found him dying, having been brutally attacked. As Kung Lao tries to help him, he utters his dying words--that Kitana is Shao Kahn's stepdaughter. Kung Lao finally understands that neither Kitana nor her friend Qali were responsible for Daahraan's death.

In the end, Princess Kitana and her new ally recovered the Essence of Edenia, and Daahraan's sacrifice was not in vain.


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