Kano's Cybernetic Heart

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Kano is a man with no supernatural abilities but with his connections to the Underground Black Market, he is able to get his hands on Advanced Cybernetic Technology. He has used his connections for profit but also to constantly upgrade his cybernetics. Such as the Cybernetic "Heart" he wear on a Bandolier across his chest. This device serves as a Power Supply for all his Cybernetic Enhancements and when activated it boost his power/strength.

In Mortal Kombat 11 Kano's Cybernetic Heart is a customized Gear Item and he has a wide variety to choose from. The "Heart" features new abilities such as the: Bio-magnetic Pull, which pulls the opponent towards Kano setting up for a follow up attack. If Amplified, he can fire his "Optic Blast" for extra damage. Another featured ability is the Bio-Magnetic Trap, which Kano takes the Heart from his chest and throws it on the ground (various distances) and if stepped in, the opponent is unable to jump. This ability can be coupled with other abilities such as "Molotov Cocktail", "Chemical Burn" and "Knife Toss" for added damage.

Hsu Hao is another kombatant from the Red Dragon who also utilizes a Cybernetic Heart. Hsu Hao's "Heart" is a different variation than Kano's. Instead of his Heart being an external device like Kano's, it's an actual Pulsating Cybernetic Implant grafted to his body replacing his actual Heart. This implant when activated also enhances his strength, stamina and agility.


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