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The Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly is an arena that debuted in Mortal Kombat 11.


The stage is presented as a combination of sorts of a robotic assembly plant, and surgical operating room. The farthest right-hand section shows skinned bodies being carried aloft in large tubes, while a large operating room glass wall with the Lin Kuei symbol upon blocks anyone from seeing the full grisly surgeries performed on many helpless victims, sprays of blood issuing followed by a robotic hand tearing the brain and spinal column from the corpse.

The main feature of the arena shows various Cyber Lin Kuei being built in the background, the bodies carried on large rotating gyros as the cyborgs go over a final assembly before the surgically removed brains are implanted in the cranial units. The story mode reveals the factory was restored by Kronika, and that the time-displaced Sektor is using kidnapped members of Sub-Zero's own Lin Kuei clan as unwilling donors for his growing army of cyborg ninjas.


The Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly features six arena interactions. From farthest left to right:

  • A solitary large rotating saw blade similar to Cyrax's own sawblades, which can be used to smack the opponent across the face, then tear into their abdomen for an interactable Krushing Blow.
  • Two computer monitors that can be launched off of mid-jump to get across the arena.
  • Three bomb units with the following effects:
    • The grey one engulfs the opponent in smoke, causing them to disappear before falling back down into the arena, allowing a window for a follow up attack.
    • The blue one freezes the opponent solid, leaving them open to attack.
    • The yellow one explodes and knocks the opponent in the air, leaving them open to attack.


  • This stage is shown in Frost's The Cyber Initiative Fatality, where a cyborg is powered up by the victim's brain.
  • The bomb units in the right side of the arena pay homage to Smoke, Cyber Sub-Zero and Cyrax.
  • Some of the Cyborgs being worked on in the assembly line have color schemes similar to Cyrax, Sektor and Cyber Sub-Zero


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