Cryomancers were a race native to Edenia who had the ability to control, shape and manipulate ice. Bi-Han (the former Sub-Zero), his younger brother Kuai Liang (the current Sub-Zero), and Kuai Liang's former apprentice Frost are the only known descendants of the Cryomancers themselves.


Cryomancers were a race native to Edenia. For unknown reasons, they were banished from the kingdom by Queen Sindel and had to move to Outworld. During the earlier period of Shao Kahn's reign as emperor, it is believed that the majority of the population was exterminated, and as a result, it is believed that no pure Cryomancers survived into the present day. Appearance-wise, Cryomancers have resemble humans, although their actual lifespan is unknown. Their most defining characteristic is that they have the ability to control the moisture in the air around their bodies and cool it into ice, as such, they have the ability to control and manipulate ice. As a result, Cryomancers can use their powers in combat and even form weapons shaped out of ice. Additionally, some Cryomancers seem to have a covering of frost or ice forming on their arms. This particular characteristic may be a result of age as well as level of cryomancy, as the most well known Cryomancer, Kuai Liang, developed this feature only recently, whereas Bi-Han, who was killed at a younger age, and Frost, a younger and less powerful Cryomancer both lacked/lack this feature, however this is purely speculation. Most likely, this is just an ability Sub-Zero uses to strengthen his blows, as he is seen without the ice-sheet in his costumes in Mortal Kombat: Deception. Although, a major factor that contributes to this empowering is the ancient artifact known as the Dragon Medallion, which possesses the power to enhance a Cryomancer's powers to their maximum potential. Some Cryomancers are shown to have very pale skin that varies to an ice-blue toned complexion, a trait shared by Kuai Liang after his interaction with the Dragon Medallion, and his apprentice, Frost. It is possible that the pure Cryomancers shared this trait.

In her Mortal Kombat: Armageddon ending, Sareena was also said to have gained the Cryomancer freezing ability, maybe even hinting she herself had become one.

In Mortal Kombat 11, in the new timeline, it is revealed that Sindel had banished the Cryomancers from Edenia long ago during her rule with King Jerrod.

Known Cryomancers


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