Better than being an old one.



— Cilene while mocking Siann on being a better servant of Quan Chi.

Cilene is a light-skinned woman with brown hair, and is portrayed by Robin Seidner. She is a character introduced in the series finale of the television show Mortal Kombat: Conquest and she is one of Quan Chi's servants.


Cilene was originally a demon born in the Netherrealm and lived there for so many years.

Years later, the sorcerer and fellow demon Quan Chi found Cilene and offered her an opportunity to both have a beautiful human form and to live among the living at his side. She accepts the offer and joined the ranks of his three top assassins as a new servant.

Cilene's Fate

Siann returns to Quan Chi's Palace with her latest report, and is startled by the arrival of Quan Chi's newest undead slave. She shows much jealousy and resentment towards Cilene.

Descending down a stairwell in his palace, Quan Chi tells Siann that once he kills Shang Tsung and Vorpax kills Shao Kahn, he will be free to travel wherever he wants and Siann can kill Vorpax. Even more, Quan Chi plans to claim the throne of Outworld for himself once Shao Kahn is no more. Quan Chi notices Cilene's all perfectly prepared meal, and is impressed by her initiative. Siann expresses her dislike for Cilene, and tells Quan Chi that Cilene does not use her head. Quan Chi removes a lid, only to find Cilene's decapitated head on a plate. Siann was happy with Cilene's unfortunate demise while her master is furious, but they were both distracted by the arrival of invading Shadow Priests. Siann and Quan Chi fight with the shadow Priests, but lose and die by their hands.


  • "Maybe you didn't do well enough."
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