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Character Variations are a new game mechanic that debuted in Mortal Kombat X.


Each character has three different variations a player can choose from after selecting a character. Variations can include a unique set of attacks, special moves, or weapons that are only exclusive to that variation. Some Brutalities are also exclusive to certain variations as a character must be capable of performing move to enact the finisher.

Though variations play a key element to the character's abilities and attributes, it is entirely optional to play without one. To do so, simply hit Up twice and then press Y/Triangle, depending on your system.

Character variations return in Mortal Kombat 11, albeit slightly revised. Each character now has only two initial variations, but the player can now make custom variations. Competitively, three preset variations can be used.

List of Variations[]

Mortal Kombat X[]

NOTE: All physical attribute additions and changes are based on the character's default attire without a variation selected.

Character Variation Description Physical Attribute(s)
Acidic Gains Exo Sting and Acid Blood. Smooth cranium based on Drone caste; Acidic blood dripping from tail.
Konjurer Gains Ovomorph and Drone Drop. Wide, jagged cranium based on Praetorian caste.
Tarkatan Gains Chop Chop, Blade Spin, and attacks utilizing Tarkatan Blades. Ridged cranium based on Warrior caste; Tarkatan blades extended.
Bo' Rai Cho
Dragon's Breath Gains Fire Spit, Up Fire Spit, and Ground Fire. Flask glows orange.
Drunken Master Gains Head Dive, Spinning Fists, Multi-Slap, and Drink. Flask glows green.
Bartitsu Gains Spinning Kane, Flying Kick, and attacks utilizing his Staff. Cane is secured to his waist.
Cassie Cage
Hollywood Gains stylish Air Akimbo Gunshots and Nut Kracker. Wears a pair of sunglasses.
Brawler Gains Take Down, Air Power Slam, and Bow Breaker. Gloves are now yellow.
Spec Ops Gains various Air Strikes and The American Way. Headset is added onto her right ear, a tactical device is secured onto the right side of her waist.
Brood Mother Gains the Krawler and Bug Blast. Hood is removed.
Swarm Queen Gains Vortex Swarm and Wasp Grenade. Insects fly around her body, stingers become black with red tips.
Venomous Gains Bug Burst and Ovipositor based attacks poison the opponent. A green, noxious substance is leaking out of her hands and from the scales on her legs.
Mystic Gains an improved Tele-lift and the Tele-Choke. Gloves and lower, inner portion of his jacket emit a green glow.
Master of Souls Gains Soul Ball and the ability to disappear to avoid damage. Three soul orbs flow around his body.
Spectral Gains the ability to fly and unique attacks from the air. A glowing, green gem is placed on his chest.
Erron Black
Gunslinger Gains Standoff Stance and multiple trick shots with revolvers. Cowboy hat is placed on his head.
Outlaw Gains unique attacks utilizing a salvaged Tarkatan Arm Blade. Tarkatan Arm Blade is secured on his back.
Marksman Gains unique Special Attacks utilizing a Long Rifle. Long rifle is holstered on his back.
Ruthless Gains the Pain and Gain ability to increase Torr's damage. Torr's mask is white in color.
Vicious Gains the Boss Toss and Gut Ripper. Red feathers are added onto Ferra's helmet. 4 sharp spikes are added to Ferra's back.
Lackey An enhanced Torr fights solo as Ferra watches from the sidelines. Ferra is unmounted from Torr's back.
Kuatan Warrior Gains powerful Ground Pound and Chest Charge. A Shokan helmet is added on his head.
Dragon Fangs Gains unique attacks utilizing Bladed Gauntlets. Bladed gauntlets are added onto his forearms.
Tigrar Fury Gains Flame Ball and Dragon Breath. Markings on his back illuminate in a fiery aura.
Jacqui Briggs
Shotgun Gains medium range Shotgun Blast and Low Shotgun Blast. Gauntlets are white in color.
Full Auto Gains long range Machine Gun and Rocket attacks. Portable machine guns are mounted on the gauntlets.
High Tech Gains short range Plasma Blasts and Plasma Gauntlet Buff. Gauntlets are now advanced, covered with white metallic plates and illuminated in blue lights.
Jason Voorhees
Slasher Gains Bloodshed, Machete Toss and Psycho Slash. Machete is wielded in his right hand.
Relentless Gains Pursuit and Lake Mist. Mask is metallic and darker in color.
Unstoppable Gains Punishment, Rise, and Resurrection. Chain is placed around his neck, with the lower portion of it draped.
Heavy Weapons Gains a Rocket Launcher and Submachine Gun. Rocket launcher and submachine gun are secured onto his back and waist, respectively.
Pumped Up Gains enhanced Ground Pound and interactive Gotcha Grab. Purple lights pulsate throughout his cybernetic arms.
Wrestler Gains the Multi-Slam, Back Breaker, and Grab Kombos. Orange lights pulsate throughout his cybernetic arms, which are darker in color.
Johnny Cage
Fisticuffs Gains Fist Bump, Flashy Kombos, and Normal Attacks. Brass knuckles with "CAGE" engraved on them are placed onto his hands.
Stunt Double Gains the ability to create Stunt Double Mimics. Sunglasses are green in color.
A-List Can charge Normal and Special Attacks for increased damage. Bandages around his forearms are now black.
Cutthroat Gains damaging Knife attacks and Power Up move. Cybernetic equipment and grenades emit a blue glow.
Cybernetic Gains multiple Eye Laser and grenade attacks. Cybernetic equipment and grenades emit a red glow, Bowie Knives are removed and combat knives are secured on either side of his waist.
Commando Gains the Choke Grab, Power Slam, and High/Low Parry. Cybernetic equipment and grenades emit a yellow glow.
Balanced Gains the ability to project images of himself to attack. Hilt and sheath of Sento are blue.
Possessed Gains the ability to summon Demons from his shattered blade. Sento is cracked with a red, glowing hue covering the cracked portions of the sword, sheath is removed.
Kenjutsu Gains Telekinetic Push, Slam, and Toss. Blindfold is removed, revealing his blue, glowing eyes.
Royal Storm Gains Fan-Nado, Bounce Back and Square Boost. Mask is removed, hair sticks emit a blue glow.
Assassin Gains Assassin Strike, Princess Parry, and Sharpen. Attire is now prominently black, black eye shadow is added around her eyes.
Mournful Gains unique Special Attacks utilizing Jade's Glaive and Staff. Jade's glaive and staff are secured on her back and waist, respectively.
Kotal Kahn
Blood God Summons Crystal, Obsidian and Blood Totems. Tattoos and eyes emit a red glow, a set of sickles are secured on the back of his pauldrons.
War God Gains crushing Macuahuitl based attacks. Tattoos emit a blue glow, a macuahuitl is placed on his back.
Sun God Gains God Choke Command Grab and Soul Burn. Tattoos and eyes emit a yellow glow, a set of sickles are secured on the back of his pauldrons.
Kung Jin
Ancestral Gains the ability to empower arrows with ancestral spirits. Quiver is larger and the nock of his arrows glow white.
Bojutsu Gains unique Staff based Special Attacks. Dragon ornament on the staff end of his bow illuminates in a fiery glow.
Shaolin Gains Chakram based Normal and Special Attacks. An illuminated chakram is secured on his right hip.
Kung Lao
Tempest Gains an Orbiting Hat Shield for offense and defense. Bladed brim of his hat emits a blue glow.
Buzz Saw Gains multiple Hat Grinder Special Attacks. Spiked razors are added around the brim of his hat.
Hat Trick Gains the ability to place Hat Traps that can be recalled. White Lotus symbol on his shirt and kanji on his loincloth emits a blue glow.
Killer Gains Berzerker Stance. Wears a dark grey shirt and a beige mask.
Butcher Gains Gut Slice, Blood Bath, and attacks utilizing his Mallet. Wears a dark red shirt with a brown mask and black arm wraps.
Pretty Lady Gains Saw Toss, Up Saw Toss, and Low Saw Toss. Wears a business suit and a white mask with makeup on it.
Liu Kang
Flame Fist Gains Dragon Parry, Windmill Punch and Shaolin Flame. Forearm guards are red.
Dragon's Fire Gains Empowered Dragon Fireballs and Flying Kick. Black, distinctive face paint is added onto his face.
Dualist Can switch between Light and Dark forms to heal or harm. Headband and belt are gray.
Piercing Gains unique attacks utilizing her Sai. Sais emit a purple glow and are secured on her back.
Ethereal Gains the ability to Teleport forward, backwards, or in place. Skin complexion is paler in color, red markings are added onto her arms.
Ravenous Gains High/Low Pounce and additional biting attacks. Mask is removed.
Warrior Gains Yautja Strike, Dread Slam, and Self-Detonate. Bio-mask is removed.
Hunter Gains Medi-Kit and Snag. Armor plates are metallic and darker in color.
Hish-Qu-Ten Gains Plasma Shot and Plasma Caster. Plasma Caster is secured onto his shoulder.
Quan Chi
Sorcerer Gains magical fields that augment self or cripple opponent. Eyes and markings emit a purple glow.
Warlock Gains the ability portals to attack from all angles. Glowing, green skeletal hands are secured on his back, skull within his chest armor emits a green glow.
Summoner Gains the ability to summon a Netherrealm Bat to attack. Eyes and spikes on his pauldrons emit a red glow.
Thunder God Gains additional hits to electrical attacks and Enhanced Lighting. Lightning surges throughout his gauntlets.
Displacer Gains the use of Teleport and Sparkport. Lightning surges throughout his body.
Master of Storms Gains the ability to place Static Traps. Glowing symbols and electricity emits from his hat, which has been altered to a different variant.
Deceptive Gains various stages of Invisibility. Mask is removed.
Nimble Gains the ability to increase speed and slow the opponent. A snake is enfolded around his waist.
Noxious Gains a persistent Noxious Cloud that inflicts unblockable damage. A green, insect-polluted noxious cloud surrounds his body.
Ninjutsu Gains unique attacks utilizing Dual Swords. A pair of swords are secured onto his back.
Hellfire Gains the Fire Ball, Hell Fire, and Flame Aura. Arms emit a fiery aura.
Inferno Gains the ability to summon a Demonic Minion. A skull is draped on the right side of his waist.
Impostor Gains the ability to steal his opponent's Special Attacks. The gems throughout his attire emit a red glow.
Bone Shaper Summons various deadly skeletal weapons. A green, glowing staff handle is secured to the right side of his waist.
Necromancer Gains unique Special Attacks utilizing a giant skeletal hand. Flesh of his forearms is removed, exposing the bones within.
Sonya Blade
Covert Ops Gains the Garrote Parry and Military Stance. Black, camouflaged face paint is added onto her face.
Demolition Gains various Explosive and Disruptor Grenades. Grenade cartridge bands are secured on either thigh.
Special Forces Can call in a Special Forces Drone for additional attacks. Tactical armband emits a green glow.
Cryomancer Gains the ability to create Ice Weapons. Arms illuminate in a blue aura.
Unbreakable Gains defensive Frozen Aura and Barrier of Frost. Mask is covered in a layer of ice.
Grandmaster Gains an Ice Clone that can be thrown or used as a shield. An illuminated Lin Kuei medallion is fixed onto the right of his torso.
Shirai Ryu Gains Shirai Ryu inspired attacks, such as Quick Phase. A gray, skull embellished mask covers his mouth.
Lasher Gains attacks utilizing Charged Energy Whips. Whip equipment pulsates an orange glow.
Ronin Gains unique attacks utilizing Dual Pulse Blades. Yellow Pulse Blade hilts are fixed onto his gauntlets.
Kobu Jutsu Gains Tonfa Toss, Blade Dive, and attacks utilizing her Tonfas. Tonfas are secured on either side of her waist.
Dragon Naginata Gains Staff Stance, Swing Kick, and attacks utilizing her Staff. A Naginata is secured on her back.
Pyromancer Gains Dark Shroud, Low Fireball, and High Fireball. Orange, glowing streaks are marked throughout her body.
Aftershock Gains Earth Shake and Air Earth Shake. Mask is removed.
Metallic Gains Lava Skin and Gold Skin. Rock formation throughout his torso and arms are gold in color.
Crystalline Gains Krystallization and Summon Krystal. Rock formation throughout his torso and arms emit a glowing, teal aura.
Sektor (LK-9T9) Gains Sektor's Specials and Abilities. Takes on the appearance of Sektor (red body with blue lights).
Cyrax (LK-4D4) Gains Cyrax's Specials and Abilities. Takes on the appearance of Cyrax (yellow body with green lights).
Smoke (LK-7T2) Gains Smoke's Specials and Abilities. Takes on the appearance of Smoke (gray body with red lights).
Cyber Sub-Zero (LK-52O) Gains Cyber Sub-Zero's Specials and Abilities (hidden variation). Resembles Smoke but is blue with blue lights.