We need to have the "female characters" and "male characters" categories here.

Kharacter Stratergy?

Every Kharacter is different. Kan't we have a fighting strategy on each and every Kharacters attacks and X-ray moves? Example, Lui Kangs Bicycle kick kan deal a large amount of damage to the opponoment, or Johnny Kages X-ray move kan be hard to use, as it very unlikely that the opponoment will attack when Johnny Kage performs the X-ray move or how to with ease, make the X-Ray moves succed in kombat, such as, The Spear for Scorpion stuns the enemy allowing Scorpion to land the X-Ray attack on the opponoment much easier? Just a suggestion. Alta1r 17:26, April 16, 2011 (UTC) (Quick note: I would spell with C instead of K, but hey, This is the Mortal Kombat Wiki!)

female characters are done long ago

me and emperor scorpion made the male characters

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