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The Black Dragon Fight Club is an arena that debuted in Mortal Kombat 11.

This is Kano's hideout where he conducts his illegal fight circuits and other illegal activities and outside is the Black Market Alley.


A caged arena centered inside a Russian bar with dozens of onlookers peering through the fence links, cheering and jeering at the kombatants while Kano (if not one of the fighters) observes from the far back atop a couch. The make-shift arena itself is filled with dozens of random items and objects, ranging from folded metal chairs, beds, beer bottles and empty food containers, garbage bags, to a sledgehammer and bloody chainsaw. The Black Dragon logo can be seen painted on the support pillars, while bloody hooked chains hang from the ceiling above alongside blood splattered shredded clothes and other fabrics.


The Black Dragon Fight Club features four arena interactions. From farthest left to right:

  • A sledgehammer used to strike the opponent over the head, then across their right side, smashing their ribs.
  • A chainsaw used to slice their face, then tear into their abdomen. Can be used for a Stage Brutality.
  • On both ends of the stage, the players can run and jump off the support pillars to change positions with their adversary if backed into a corner.

Stage Brutality

  • Using the chainsaw on the opponent when their health is at 10% or lower, press the down button three times on the final hit to trigger the Brutality, cutting the opponent in half diagonally.


  • Kano can be seen in the background sitting on a couch making several gestures throughout the match.
  • If you play as or against Kano on this stage, he will no longer be present in the background.
  • A small 'wanted' poster is displayed on the left side with Hsu Hao on it.
  • According to an intro between Kano and Johnny Cage, it is located in Russia.
  • This stage and Tank Garage Bunker are the only MK 11 stages to have a playable character be present in the background unless they are fighting (with Kano and Johnny Cage respectively).

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