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The Battle of Armageddon was the legendary final conflict between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. The event was even foreseen and foretold by the Elder Gods among all both mortals and immortals alike, who feared the Great Battle that would end all battles, and even all of reality itself. It took place in the southlands of the realm of Edenia as the Apocalypse begins, to decide the fate of the universe. The battle occurred next to the Pyramid of Argus.

The Battle of Armageddon is based on the same epic and legendary conflict with the same name "Armageddon" among its different aliases and names, said and foretold in many religions (both pagan and monotheistic) and doomsday prophecies that it is the ultimate battle that will end all wars, and yet even worse, destroy all traces of life forever.

The conflict was shown in the intro for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon with its aftermath being shown in Mortal Kombat (2011)'s intro.

Battle of Armageddon once again made an appearance in the final chapter of the story mode of Mortal Kombat 1. This time it is a battle between the Union of Light, assembled by Fire God Liu Kang and the Order of Darkness, assembled by Titan Shang Tsung. This battle was also fought for the fate of all Timelines.


While the two opposing sides fought, an ancient pyramid rose amidst them. Atop the pyramid was Blaze in his final form. Any individual's defeat of Blaze would grant them their greatest wish and even ultimate power. As it became a race to the top of the pyramid for every kombatant involved, two individuals made their way to the pyramid to defeat Blaze. The sons of Argus, Taven and Daegon, were assigned to prevent Armageddon by either destroying the kombatants or stripping them of their powers. One of these two results would occur when one of them defeated the firespawn, and it was determined based on the armor each of them wore, left behind for them by their mother, Delia. Eventually, Taven confronted Blaze, but was killed by him. Shao Kahn was the one who defeated Blaze.[1]

In the end, Raiden and Shao Kahn were left as the last two standing kombatants. They battled on top of the Pyramid, where Shao Kahn - who had his powers increased - easily defeated Raiden (whose powers were weakened by fighting in a foreign realm). After taunting the Thunder God that the Elder Gods no longer threatened him, Kahn prepared to finish Raiden off and consume all realms. Just before Raiden was killed, he sent a mental message to his past self warning of the impending Armageddon. As a result of this, Raiden's past self managed to defeat Shao Kahn permanently (though at a heavy cost) and prevented the Battle of Armageddon from ever taking place.

Second Battle

After Liu Kang became Keeper of Time and restarted history, his New Era was later brought under conflict by the same Shang Tsung whom he'd fought for control over the Hourglass, both having been victorious in separate timelines. Realizing that their timelines are not the only ones, both Titans scoured the multiverse for other Titans who'd won similar battles, dividing their forces into forces of good and evil. The two armies met once more at the Pyramid in Titan Shang Tsung's timeline and engaged in a second Battle of Armageddon.

During the battle, Liu Kang and an ally fought their way through the Forces of Darkness and defeated Titan Shang Tsung and Titan Quan Chi, erasing both from existence and causing his timeline to seemingly collapse. Afterwards, the timelines were separated once more. However, a Titan Havik emerged from the ashes, reveling in the chaos that the second Battle of Armageddon had wrought, and vowed that the next would be even more devastating and long-lasting.


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  • Despite what the opening scene of Armageddon depicted, the kombatants picked a side based on their strongest motives: achieving power, defeating a rival, saving the realms, or defecting based on morality. This excludes Taven, Daegon, and Blaze.
  • Raiden was the one who survived the race to the top of the pyramid the longest before being killed by Shao Kahn. The second one was Shang Tsung, who was about to reach the top first before being presumably killed by the zombified Liu Kang.
  • The people killed during the Armageddon opening scene are Li Mei, Sheeva, and Kenshi. In the MK 2011 Story Mode opening scene, several bodies are shown with weapons from other fighters lodged in them (i.e. Scorpion with Sub-Zero's Kori Blade in his spine), although it is unknown whether or not the fighter truly killed them or not, as the killing blows were never officially shown. The opening scene does show many kombatants dead, including Johnny Cage; it also specifically shows both Shao Kahn and Raiden alive and battling at the apex of the pyramid, before Raiden is killed by Shao Kahn right after sending his warning to his past self.
  • There were some inconsistencies in the aftermath scene of the Battle of Armageddon in Mortal Kombat (2011). For example, Stryker originally nearly made it to the top in Armageddon, but in Mortal Kombat (2011) he was seen further down the pyramid. However, it is possible he was knocked back down the pyramid later in the battle.
  • Due to Mortal Kombat 11's revelation of the existence of alternate timelines, it is possible both outcomes of who defeated Blaze, either Taven or Shao Kahn, took place in separate versions of events.
  • Only eight characters do not appear in the Battle of Armageddon: they are Taven, Daegon, Goro, Moloch, Drahmin, Khameleon, Meat, and Mokap.


  1. John Vogel confirmed Shao Kahn defeated Blaze