Queen Aynos was a female tribal queen native to Outworld who appears in Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder Comic Books.


She came to be the ruler of a tribe of rock-like people that inhabited the plains of Outworld. She would encounter the Earthrealm warriors Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage who wandered into her territory. As a result, Queen Aynos ordered her forces to capture them. During their first meeting, Cage mistakenly believed Aynos was Sonya and kissed her on the cheek due to her resemblance to Blade. This resulted in the queen kicking him and shoving him aside. Before she could kill Cage, Sonya interrupts which leads to a one-on-one fight between the two. Ultimately, Aynos lost the fight and in her anger she commanded her soldiers to hold the Earth warriors still. This was with the intention of shooting an energy attack to kill the pair. However, both Blade and Cage manage to avoid the strike which instead kills the queen's own warriors. Afterwards, the two humans knock Queen Aynos unconscious with a double kick whereupon they depart the scene.


  • The character only appears in the Malibu Comics universe where she was created by Charles Marshall and Patrick Rolo.
  • Aynos bears a striking resemblance to Sonya Blade


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