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Augments in Mortal Kombat 11 are items that can be equipped on Gear to modify or enhance a character's abilities. Augments can be obtained by:

To use an Augment, a piece of Gear must first have a slot unlocked by using it in combat. Then, in the Kustomize menu, go to the type of Gear to open the list of applicable Augments.

Augment Types

  • Generic - Can be socketed into any gear piece and any character for slots one and two. These slots will default to the Soul type. Augments of the same name cannot be stacked.
  • Soul - Improves rewards earned in Kombat
  • Nether Flame - Increases offensive capabilities
  • Order Krystal - Increases defensive capabilities
  • Chaos Energy - Enhances elemental powers
  • Dragon Blood - Grants a variety of unique bonuses
  • Jinsei Essence - Character-specific bonuses

Jinsei Essence

A third augment slot has been added to all gear which utilizes new Jinsei Essence character specific Augments. There are 12 unique Jinsei Essence augments per character. Jinsei Essence Augments can change the behavior of special moves, grant character-wide bonuses, and more.

Augment Re-Rolls

Instead of random re-rolling of Augment slots, players can now spend Koins and Souls to choose which generic socket that they want on their gear piece. Players cannot re-roll slots one and two to Jinsei Essence slots, and the third slot cannot be changed.

  • Soul: 10,000 Koins
  • Nether Flame: 250 Souls
  • Order Krystal: 250 Souls
  • Chaos Energy: 250 Souls
  • Dragon Blood: 50 Hearts

All players should note that augments can only be used in single-player modes and do not provide a competitive advantage in online or ranked modes.