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Arcana is a power introduced in the 2021 film Mortal Kombat. It is an inner power awoken within an Earthrealm Champion that possesses the dragon mark. The mark, which provides the power of Arcana, can be passed to another person if they kill one of the warriors.

Known Arcanas


Cole's Arcana armor

Cole Young
Cole's Arcana awoke when his family was threatened by Goro. His Arcana gave him a golden armor, that allows him to absorb and release the kinetic energy of his opponents attacks as heat or increased striking power. Along with the armor, he is able to manifest a set of tonfas, one of them bladed.

Mortal Combat 2021 EW Stills 05

Jax's arms upgraded with Arcana

Jax Briggs
Jax's Arcana awoke after he tried to save Sonya Blade from a giant rock. His Arcana upgraded his prosthetic arms, which became much stronger than before.


Kano's laser eye

Kano's Arcana awoke after an argument with Kung Lao and Liu Kang during dining. His Arcana allowed him to shoot a Laser from his right eye.

Kung Lao
Though not specifically explained, Kung Lao's ability to remote control his Razor-Rimmed Hat at will and teleporting are possibly his Arcana.

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Liu Kang using his Arcana

Liu Kang
Liu Kang's Arcana awakening was offscreen and happened after he killed a man who trafficked orphans, thus gaining his dragon mark. It gave him the ability to manipulate fire, including shooting Dragon Fire and using Enter the Dragon.

Sonya Energy Bolt

Sonya shooting Energy Ring

Sonya Blade
Sonya's Arcana was awakened after she killed Kano and got the dragon mark. It allows her to shoot Energy Rings.